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A Greninja TF
“Don’t go into the basement.”  That’s what Will’s brother Jason had told him day after day.  Will, being a typical 8-year-old, was only made more curious about the basement by his older brother’s insistence that he keep out.  Jason had been known to spend hours down in the cold, sparsely furnished rooms below, bringing all sorts of strange packages and tools down there, and rarely bringing them back up.
Will had asked his parents about what Jason was doing down there, but they hadn’t been too helpful.  His mother told him that Jason was “just wasting his time and money down there.”  His dad, meanwhile said he was “chasing fairy-tales and pseudoscience,” saying that the only reason he allowed it was “Jason’s got to be allowed to make his own mistakes so he can learn from them.”  Both parents had gone out of their way to make it clear to will that he would be better off ignoring his brother’s work.

Needless to say, this only made Will that much more curious.  So when he heard his brother would be gone for several hours one evening, Will was determined to sneak down and get a look. After his brother had left, Will snuck up to the basement door.  Giving the handle a quick jiggle, he found that Jason had left the door unlocked.  Not wasting any time, Will opened the door and ran down the stairs.

Looking around, Will saw several whiteboards and papers with charts, graphs, and mathematical formulas, hanging from the walls, or strewn about the floor.  On one of the room’s two tables had a computer and monitor sitting on it, still turned on and running some sort of calculations while Jason was out.  Also plugged into the computer was a device that looked like one of those heart rate monitors Will had seen on TV, not displaying anything at the moment due to being turned off.

The other table was covered in piles of various electronic bits; microchips, wiring, motherboards, and a bunch of other parts Will didn’t recognize.    As he looked over the table, two other objects quickly stood out to will; a small handful of Super Smash Bros. amiibo figures, and a pin with the Smash Bros. logo, the circle with two perpendicular lines running through it, were also on the table.  Will, picked up this little pin to examine it further.  Its diameter just happened to match the diameter of the amiibo’s “trophy stands,” the symbol on the pin even perfectly aligning with the symbol on the stands.  From the front, it looked like any normal pin, with its smooth, flat surface.  When he flipped it over, however, he saw that in addition to the standard safety pin, the back surface also had a number of connected microchips welded to the back.

Figuring the pin must have had something to do with the amiibos, will picked up his favorite of the figures, the quick and cool Greninja.  Touching the figure to the pin, he heard an electric, crackling sound.  Looking at the back of the pin, Will could see the ends of the chips glowing briefly.  “I wonder if this means something cool will happen if I put it on…” Will said, opening the safety pin, and slipping the sharp end through the front of his shirt, before closing it again.

He suddenly felt a jolt from the pin, like that one time he rubbed his socks against the carpet before touching a doorknob, but a lot stronger.  Will jumped and let out a yelp, but the pain quickly subsided.  The sensation was replaced with a cold, clammy feeling, starting in his chest, under the pin, and slowly spreading across the rest of his body.  Pulling up his shirt a bit to take a look, he saw to his great surprise that the front of his chest and belly had turned a crème color, while his back and sides turned a navy blue.  What’s more, his skin looked slightly slick and shiny, as if it had been covered in a thin layer of slime.

“Not slime, it’s mucus.”  Will recalled the quote from a Disney movie.  He guessed that was what it was, anyway.  Seeing how the pattern of his skin’s colors matched Greninja’s he put two and two together as to what was happening to him rather quickly.  “I’m turning into Greninja?  Awesome!  That’s one of the coolest Pokemon out there!”

Will felt an uncomfortable pressure in his skull, as if it was being tugged and pressed into a new shape, like clay.  The slime started to spread over his head as his face’s skin turned the same crème color as his chest, blue spreading over the rest of his head.  His eyes starting to move to the sides of his head, and it felt as if his head were getting a bit shorter, as well, his eyes nearly at the top of his new head.  He felt his nose and mouth stretching a little in front of him, his nose shrinking down to little nostrils just above his mouth.  He had a bit of a hard time looking around, given his eye’s new positions.

His ears wiggled and stretched, growing nearly double the length of his head as they took a triangular shape behind him, and his hair seemed to shrink and recede.  In place of his hair, a single ride rose up across the center of his head, starting at his nose, and trailing an inch or two off the back.  A blue webbing formed between this ridge, and will’s longer ears.  Will felt around the back of his head as best he could to get a feel for what he looked like now, seeing how there were no mirrors around.

Next, Will felt that clammy feeling spreading down his arms.  He found himself involuntarily stretching his arms out in front of himself for a moment, feeling a slight pulling as they became longer and thinner than he was used to.  As the dark blue color reached his forearms, he felt a strange, sloshing sensation in them.  He watched a spot on each forearm swell up like a bubble, the skin turning clear to reveal a reserve of water underneath.  Will then felt a twitch in his thumbs and pinkies, and watched as they shrank down to nothing before his eyes.  A flexible webbing formed between his remaining fingers as their skin turned blue, the fingernails seeming to dissolve into nothing as the tips of each finger swelled up and rounded out.

Will felt a twitching in the back of his pants, followed by a tugging.  Pulling at the back of his pants, will got a glimpse of a short, thin tail.  Next, will felt an aching in his legs, his thighs growing thicker and wider, muscles aching as they grew larger, more fit for long leaps.  The skin on his knees turned a clear color, and began to swell like the bubbles on his forearms had.  And though Will couldn’t tell due to his shorts, another change was taking place on his thighs.  On each one, wide, X-shaped indents were forming, the skin in these indents taking a lighter shade of blue.  Several new glands opened at the edges of these indents in order to release water into them, to create Greninja’s signature Shurikens in a flash.

Will nearly feel over due to the unfamiliar weight distribution of his new legs, his calves becoming far thinner, as if to make up for how large his thighs had become.  He felt a twitching in his feet as the two end-toes on each foot grew out longer, while the middle three each shrank away to nothing.  Between the remaining toes, webbing formed, and, like with his fingers, the tips of his toes swelled and rounded out.

Finally, will felt his tongue starting to grow.  And grow.  And grow.  It felt thick, long, and sticky as he tried to hold it back, in his mouth, before he finally had to let it out.  He maneuvered the sticky pink mass around his neck a couple times as best as he could with his thumb-less, webbed fingers, letting the rest of its length drape behind him.  Will felt his tongue drop against the back of his shirt and pants, giving him an awkward taste of fabric, which he tried to ignore.  

Will looked over his new body slowly.  “This is so cool!”  He tried to cheer, though his massively elongated tongue made producing comprehensible words a challenge.  He decided to strike some cool Ninja poses… And as his body hit the floor, knocking several pieces of equipment off the table, he quickly realized how different his body proportions were, and how unfamiliar everything felt.  And having a good long taste of the basement’s concrete floor wasn’t helping things much.  He awkwardly managed to get on all fours, sitting in a squatting position seen in real world frogs, and tried to get his bearings, when he heard the door to the basement opening.  “Oh no!”  Will thought.  “I hope mom and dad don’t see me like this!”

Looking up, Will saw light pouring in through the door, as it opened to reveal Jason, who had apparently come home early.  Jason stared at the Greninja at the bottom of the stairs, a look of confusion on his face for a few moments.  This look of confusion faded, replaced with a look of frustration, which was summarily covered by a facepalm, when Jason realized the frog was wearing Will’s clothes.

“Will…  Didn’t I tell you to stay out of the basement?  You’re lucky I hadn’t gotten around to programming the mental transformations yet, or you’d be sitting around looking for a Pokemon Trainer to take orders from.”  Jason closed the basement door behind him, and walked down the stairs.  He sighed as he looked at the mess of electronics Will had knocked over.  “I’m not changing you back until you help me clean up this mess.”
Wow, it's been a while since I've written this many short stories in a relatively short amount of time.  Don't get your hopes up for it lasting though, to anyone still watching me.

Anyway, I had gotten a little pin with the Smash Bros logo on it a while back, from some event promoting Super Mario Maker, I believe.  I noticed it had the same diameter as an amiibo base, and thought to myself how interesting it could be if a pin like that could be used to give oneself some sort of amiibo boost based off the character.  And being the shameless TF fanatic I am, I then started to imagine using it to transform into the non-human characters.  It didn't really go further than that for a while.  Eventually, though, a friend of mine unintentionally reminded me of the concept, and I decided to write about it, and here we are.
Everything was slowly grinding to a halt.  There was no denying it at this point.  All throughout Kalos and Hoenn, hundreds, no, thousands, of the most promising trainers were vanishing.  The berries they planted slowly withered and died unattended.  Their teams of Pokemon, whether carried with them, or left in the PC boxes, entered hibernation, if they were lucky, or vanished alongside them.  The GTS’s once thriving trade economy now carried nothing but a few long unclaimed offers on Bunnelby.  The Gym Leaders and Elite Four could only stand and watch as the trainers they had seen rise to the championships seemed to lose interest in the world around them, spending less and less time training and battling, before disappearing without a trace.

Arceus sighed as it watched the world it had created slowly wind down.  It no longer had the power to keep this world lively and enjoyable on its own.  Shakily rising to all fours, it psychically reached out into other worlds, looking for people with the creative spark, and a care for humans and animals alike.

Trillions of life stories across space and time flashed before the powerful Pokemon’s eyes.  Even with so many worlds full of so much evil, Arceus felt a sense of relief at the presence of a near infinite number of good people as well.  Even narrowing them down to just the most creative of the good left more people than a human could count in a lifetime.

But one of them caught the ancient Pokemon’s eye; a human in a world much like ours.


Akira Kondo could barely restrain his joy as he hung up his phone.  Since the series had started when he was ten, Akira had been a huge fan of Pokemon.  He’d caught them all in the games, he’d traded the cards, he’d watched the anime and its movies for many more seasons than he would admit, and had even designed his own original monsters and regions for the series.  And now, starting tomorrow, he would be an employee for Game Freak, the company that started it all.  

His role would be a programmer, rather than a designer, a position he had long since resigned himself to.  His parents had pushed him away from studying art in his teen years, figuring that a degree in computer science would be more likely to result in a job.  He certainly didn’t begrudge them this.  After all, he still got to live his dream, if in a different way than he expected.

He broke out a little tub of Ice Cream from his fridge to celebrate the moment, when he suddenly started to feel light-headed.  The world around him seemed to turn a pure white, everything in his apartment seeming to vanish.  Akira shook his head and looked around, trying to make sense of what was happening.  Had he lost consciousness in his excitement?  Was he dreaming?

“I assure you, Akira Kondo, this is no dream.”  A powerful voice boomed, speaking in a language that, while unlike anything he had heard before, Akira couldn’t help but understand.

Turning around, Akira gasped in shock.  Towering over him was a white, four-legged figure he recognized instantly.  “A-Arceus?”  he stammered.

“Correct.”  Arceus replied.  “I have come to tell you, that my world, the world of Pokemon, is dying.  And my power alone is no longer enough to save it.”  

Akira’s eyes widened.  This was too much to take in.  Not only did he learned the world he spent so much of his childhood watching was real, but mere moments after, to be told that it would be coming to an end?  “This was a cruel twist of fate.”  Akira muttered.

“Do not worry, young one.”  Arceus assured him.  “The world may be dying, but there is a way it may be reborn.  With your help.”

Akira nearly fell back in shock.  “I?  I can help restore it?  I’m honored, but-”

“You are just an ordinary man?”  Arceus interrupted.  “That is indeed true.  However, you also possess significant creativity, and a heart that cares for humans and animals alike, particularly the ‘animals’ of my world.  I believe you can create a grand, new world of Pokemon, for millions to enjoy, once you are given my power.”

Akira smiled.  “I thank you very much for your encouragement, Arceus, and I would be happy to…  Wait…  Given YOUR power?”

“But of course.”  Arceus said.  “To maintain a new world on your own will require a significant power.”  Arceus’s body began to fade as it said these words.  “A power I now pass on to you.”  Arceus’s body vanished, replaced numerous small spheres of light.  Before Akira could say anything in response, these spheres flew straight through his body, and he felt an overwhelming weight all over, dropping him to all fours.

His body started to grow larger, taller, broader… Everything was gradually expanding, and his clothes were starting to strain.  Long, white hair grew over Akira’s arms and legs, spreading over his torso, and even partially replacing the black hair he had as a human.  His black hair did not disappear completely, however, and was lining what would now be his underbelly.

Akira felt a cracking sensation in his hips as the suddenly shifted position dramatically, preventing him from truly standing upright on what were now his hind legs, even if he had the strength to.  He felt more vertebrae forming at the end of his spine, extending past his hips.  Muscle, skin, and hair formed around the extension, becoming a relatively short tail.  This seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Akira’s pants, as they tore down the middle, and were easily kicked off by akira’s growing, strengthening legs.  As his legs were freed from each pant leg, each feet began to cramp, clenching and fusing together, into a pointed golden hoof.

A golden ring formed around either side of Akira’s midsection, and from it, four golden rods extended at ring forty-five degree angles, a green gem appearing in the tip of each.  These rods tore Akira’s business wear asunder further, leaving him naked.  Not that there was anything to cover; a creator being such as Arceus had little use for traditional reproductive methods.  From each of the green gems, a stream of gold formed, merging with a second gem, and creating a golden semi-circle on either side of Akira’s body.

Akira’s shoulders and collarbone both slowly shifted into new positions, allowing the man-turned Arceus to look ahead from a four legged stance, while restricting the range of motion in his arms.  His arms, like his legs, bulked up as they were covered in hair, giving him the strength to lift his larger body.  As his toes did before, his hands started to cramp and merge together, reshaping into pointed golden hooves.  

His neck stretched longer, and wider at the base, tufts of fur curling at the sides as it grew, raising his head almost five feet about his shoulders.  Black hair, with a splotch of green on each cheek, grew thickly over Akira’s face, covering his nose, mouth and ears.  The whites of his eyes turned a deep green, while his irises turned red.

Akira struggled awkwardly to stand on his new legs, his whole body feeling alien and wrong to him.  It was then, that he felt an aching in his head, his brain growing larger, rewiring itself.  In addition, he started to feel unfamiliar memories entering his mind aside his old ones.  As he thought about these intrusive memories, he realized that these were the memories of the Arceus he had been speaking to, and that the ancient pokemon’s memories were supplementing, rather than replacing, his own.  As more knowledge entered his mind, his new body felt more and more familiar; walking on four legs seemed even natural than walking on two, telepathay took virtually no effort.  Nearly any Pokemon move could be put to use.  The secrets of creation itself became his.

Akira shook his head, and stood up with confidence.   He knew what he had to do.

Teleporting himself to the original Arceus’s world, he found himself in an endless, featureless void.  A trivial matter to fix.  Focusing his energy, Akira programmed the physics and logic systems of this world.  A type chart was decided, the systems of battle recreated.

With the basics in place, the fun could really get started.  Akira thought about what to make for his world’s first region.  An island, perhaps?  No, wait, a series of islands, based off of Hawaii!  With an effortless stomp, the water and landmasses put themselves together.  And these islands would not have traditional Gym Leaders, but Trial Captains.  As Akira plugged in the values to make the Pokemon of previous generation appear in various bits of tall grass, he pondered what old Pokemon designs he had made before pursuing programming over art might be worth adding in.  Perhaps a haunted sandcastle?  A rock-type pup?  Maybe even some new spins on older Pokemon?

Whatever he went with, one thing was certain; Akira would never regret his own change.
Development Cycle (Arceus TF contest entry)
And that's how Pokemon Sun and Moon were made.

My entry for deathbustereudial103's contest, found here: deathbustereudial103.deviantar…

I already claimed Arceus on my Omega Ruby and X game cards, though.  So if, for some reason, I win, I'll just ask that my code be passed to a runner-up.  I mostly entered because the journal gave me an idea.

Anyways, let me know what all of you think about it.  Any comments/Critiques are appreciated.

“Prepare for trouble!”

“And make it double!”

Ash and his friends sighed as the familiar theme tune played in what had once been the quiet background noise of the forest.  He never actually figured out the source of the music; it was probably coming from the well –worn hot air balloon Team Rocket had leapt out of, but he never really had a way to check.

“To protect the world from devastation!”

“To unite all peoples within ou-“

“Come on, you guys, it hasn’t even been a day since the last time you tried to kidnap Pikachu.  Would you just give it a rest?”  The irked trainer muttered. 

“Ugh, how rude!”  Jessie dropped her pose.   “We spend hours every night practicing this routine!  The least you can do is not interrupt.”

“Woooo-bbuffet!”  The blue Pokemon agreed.

Brock attempted to reason with them.  “Look, you’ve tried to capture Ash’s Pikachu seven times this week alone, and each time, you went ‘blasting off again.’  What makes you think it will be any different this time?”

“What makes it different?  What makes it different!  Hah!”  James laughed, and then suddenly paused.  “What does make it different?”

“Because this time we’re gonna win!”  Meowth chimed in.  “Come on guys, we gotta keep our eyes on the prize!”

“Wobbuffet!”  Wobbuffet concurred.

“Yeah, your cat’s got the right idea.” A childlike voice echoed.

“What?”  James glanced about nervously.

“Who’s there?”  Ash called out.

  “If you’re gonna steal someone, you gotta go whole hog and never look back.”  The voice continued.  “Like this!”

No sooner did James hear these words then a large, golden ring appeared on the ground around him, growing wider to encircle Jessie, Meowth, and Wobbuffet as well.  Before any of them could so much as open their mouths to ask what was going on, a swirling pool of darkness formed within the ring, dragging them down into it, and out of the sight of Ash’s friends.

“Wh-what?”  Ash said.  “What did you do to them?  They may have been world-class jerks, but this is too much for them.”

“Hey, relax, Mr. Big-Shot-Chosen-One.  Your little hangers-on aren’t gonna be hurt.”  The childlike voice spoke again, as its owner, a tiny gray and purple Pokemon, floated down, and came to a stop hovering a few inches above the shifting mass.  A golden ring dangled from one of its horns as it spoke.  “The Big ‘Mon Upstairs just has some big plans for James.  I just thought I’d ring up some travel plans for his friends too, so they could give some moral support.”

Brock and Misty groaned as the little djinn pokemon giggled.  Ash, having missed the pun, wasted no time asking the Pokemon more questions.  “Big plans?  ‘The Big ‘Mon Upstairs?’  What on earth are you talking about?”

“Let’s just say one of Team Rocket’s members is about to blast off into the pages of myth, playing the role of nothing less than a legendary Pokemon!” 

Ash’s jaw dropped. 

Brock stammered for a moment, trying to find the right words to express his shock.  “A member of Team Rocket?  B-becoming a legendary P-Pokemon!  And James, of all people?  Th-that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!  Ash, we’ve got to stop this!” 

Brock grabbed Ash and Misty’s hands, and ran to the ring, which suddenly started to shrink.

“Oh look at the time!”  The little Pokemon chuckled “Looks like the press conference is over!  Sorry to keep you all out of the loop, but Arceus like to keep mortals to a minimum in his meetings.”  The Pokemon sank almost completely into the darkness within the shrinking ring, only one of its hands remaining visible, just long enough to give the three a wave.  “Here’s hooping we meet again!”

The three trainers desperately leapt to the shrinking ring, only to hit the rough dirt road as golden ring shrank out of sight.  They could only hope that James becoming a fundamental part of the balance of nature wouldn’t end with everyone horribly dead.



When James slowly came to, he could see the stars shining above him through a clear, crystal roof.  He shook his head and looked around, quickly spotting Jessie, Meowth, and Wobbuffet.  He leapt to his feet and gently shook each of them awake.

“Oooh, did anyone get the license number on that Whirlipede?”  Meowth muttered as he slowly rose to his feet.

“James?”  Jessie blinked a few times.  “Do you know where… we… are…” Jessie’s voice went quiet as she stared behind James, a look of shock on her face.  James turned around to look and nearly fell backwards, as he laid eyes on dozens of mythical Pokemon taking seats at the side of the gem-lined hall.  And at the end, a massive white Pokemon, standing atop a tall crystal pillar on four golden hooves.  James had never seen a Pokemon like this before, but somehow, he knew its name instantly.  “Arceus.” He whispered timidly as he bowed down on his hands and knees, Jessie and Meowth following suit.  Wobbuffet, meanwhile, saluted far more sternly than it ever had in its life.

“Welcome, James of Sunnytown, to the Hall of Origin.  Do you know why you have been summoned here?”

Before James could answer, a ring like the one that brought him here opened up in the ceiling, revealing a small gray and purple Pokemon.  The ring shrank down again, and landed on the Pokemon’s bare horn  “Hey guys! Sorry I’m late!  You know how it can be with mortals, am I right?  Don’t want bring everybody along and needlessly expand the Hall of Origin’s inner circle.  He said with a grin, as he caused one of the rings on his horns to grow disproportionally large.

Arceus glared at the diminutive Pokemon.  “Thank you for finally arriving, Hoopa.  You may be seated as the court continues.”  The white Pokemon returned its gaze to James.  “James, you have been called here to fulfil your true destiny.  In the early days of your world, humans and Pokemon were as one.”

“Yep!”  Hoopa chimed in.  “Back in the days of that Great and honorable warrior, Sir Cumference.”

Arceus gave Hoopa a menacing look before continuing.  “Species was a fluid thing, a Pokemon in the morning could be a human in the evening, and a human in the morning, a Pokemon by evening.  As such, the two did everything together, even joining in marriage at times.”

“Cause I don’t know about you,” Hoopa grinned “but when I see a Beedrill, my first thought is ‘I’d put a ring on that!’”

“Hoopa…”  Arceus growled, “One of these days…  Pow!  Straight to the moon!”

“I don’t want to deal with him!” Lunala groaned.

Arceus shook its head and continued.  “But as time passed, humans and Pokemon began to grow more separate, and their relationship changed.  But within each human remains an ‘inner-pokemon’ that may be called forth, in the proper circumstances.”

“I wanted everyone’s inner-Pokemon to be Wynaut, but the other legends said that my reasoning was circular!” Hoopa said with a chuckle.

“Hoopa, if I hear one more awful attempt at a ring or circle pun, I will double the binds on your form!”

“Eh. It’s only another eighty from my BST.  Conkeldurr and Gliscor get by with worse stats.”

“And give you Slow Start.”

Regigigas’s hand began to rise as it spoke in a gravely voice. “Hey!”

“You wouldn’t!”  Hoopa gasped.

“Try me.”  Arceus said sternly.

Hoopa went quiet.  Though Regigigas gave a couple of prolonged words, which were ignored by the other legends. “…I… resent…”

“That’s what I thought.”  Arceus muttered.  “Regardless, James, you have a particularly special inner-Pokemon, that you may remember discovering, those many years ago.”

“My inner Pokemon?  From the fortune book all those years back?  But that was all part of Botch and Cassidy’s ruse.”


Meanwhile, at one of many secret Team Rocket warehouses across Kanto and Johto, a lone Rocket operative had a sudden, inexplicable, and undeniable urge to scream:

“It’s Butch!”



“Their book might have indeed been a ruse, but it’s not uncommon for humans to unintentionally stumble upon hidden truths, and up being right, for the wrong reasons.”

“But…  Why…  How could my inner Pokemon possibly be Moltres?  I’m part of the biggest team of failures in all of Team Rocket.”

“Speak for yourself James!”  Jessie growled.

“Eh…  He does kinda have a point there.”  Meowth said glumly.

“Are you truly failures?”  Arceus asked.  “Or have you simply failed to find your true calling?  As I recall, when you put your efforts toward helping those ‘twerps,’ as you call them, or made an effort to stand against other criminals, you had far greater success.” 

“You’re right…  We did do a little better when attempting to do good.”  James said.  Meowth and Jessie nodded.

“To say nothing of your skills when you believed you truly believed your inner Pokemon was Moltres.”  Arceus said.

“Yeah, even your Victreebell actually listened to you when you told it not to eat your face.”  Meowth added.

“If you are purified of your selfish and criminal ways, James, I shall grant you your true form, and true place in the world.”

“I… I… acc-  Wait…” James paused.  “What about my friends, and my Pokemon?  I don’t want them to be left alone.”

“Meowth, that’s right!  This trio’s not gonna just let one of our own be taken from us.”

“Team Rocket sticks together no matter what!”  Jessie added.  “Not even legendary Pokemon have the strength to separate us!”

“Woooobbuffet!” Wobbuffet cried out in affirmation, as Jame’s Weezing, Cacnea, Chimecho, and Victreebell all burst from their pokeballs, and hugging and nuzzling their owner affectionately, much to his chagrin.

Arceus grinned. “Who am I to destroy such clear bonds?  Your Pokemon may join you at your future shrine, as may Jessie and Meowth, if they are purified as well.  Jessie may even have her inner Pokemon brought forth, if she wishes.  Though her inner Pokemon may not be a legend, it would still be one worthy of respect, and would be able to live easily in the harsh conditions a Moltres resides in. ”

James’s Pokemon released him from their painful displays of affection, and James looked to his partners.

“I don’t really want to give up a life of crime…”  Jessie sighed.  “But I did say that we will stick together no matter what.  And if I have to let that go to keep the team together, so be it.”  She looked away.  “And, I suppose if our team is going to the Houndooms, I may as well go as a Pokemon too.”

“I’m sticking with Jessie and James too.”  Meowth nodded.  “It don’t matter what we gotta go through.”

“Very well.”  Arceus said.  Judgement is passed!  His voice boomed as a pillar of fire descended on James.

“I hope this doesn’t melt my bottle cap collection!”  James screamed before he was enveloped in flame. 

When the flames hit, James felt much less pain than he expected.  He still felt an intense heat all around him, but it seemed to be dwarfed by the heat he felt within.  He felt his bones becoming hollow, and lighter, as his torso grew longer, seemingly melting into a more aerodynamic shape.  The heat grew, hundreds of thin shafts extending from his skin, each spreading out and becoming a soft, yellow feather.

His legs felt a harsh pressure all around them, both of them becoming thinner and more nimble, with a covering of brown scales.  His feet, too, became thinner, though all but one of his toes grew longer to compensate, one toe on each foot shifting to the back of said foot, while his little toes shrank away entirely.   The bones in each toe extended outward through the skin, the nails melting away to make room for the growing talons.

James grunted as his jaw stretched out the front of his mouth, his teeth merging into a pointed beak.  His ears became smaller and smaller, soon leaving only small holes in the side of his head.  His eyes burned as they grew more sensitive and his eyesight more acute, his skull shifting to move his eyes to the side of his head.

He then felt a burning sensation in his mind, a new sense of confidence filling him as his old nature passed away.  His desire for the thrill of thievery turned to cinder, replaced by a desire to protect nature.  His need for the sense of belonging being in Team Rocket provided melted to slag; he knew just where he belonged in the world, now.  His love for his partners and his Pokemon was stoked into a greater flame.  And his passion for collecting bottle caps…  Well, some parts of one’s personality will endure any flame unscathed.

Finally, his fingers shrank away as his arms grew wider, becoming a graceful pair of wings.  With sheer force of will, his new wings burst into flame, tufts of flame also growing out into a crest on his head, and a tail at his backside.  His changes complete, he dispersed the pillar of flame around him, looking at his new form with pride, and kicking the ashes of his old Team Rocket uniform aside.

“Daddy!”  A familiar voice, but one James had never understood before, chimed in.  James felt a familiar tail gently hugging his neck, and smiled to see that his Chimecho still recognized him.

“Dude, this is awesome!”  Cacnea cheered, hugging James as well.  The needles didn’t seem to sting his new fire/flying type body nearly as bad.

“That’s right!”  Wobbuffet added.

“Boss!”  His Victreebell shouted as it jumped for Jamess’ head.  He stopped mid-air at the sight of James’ new flame crest.  “On second thought, I think I will now be expressing my affection for you with words, rather than bites.”  Jame’s Weezing nuzzled up to him as well.  And, while its smell may not have improved, James still appreciated the thought.

After his Pokemon had finished their group-hug, James turned around to see two similar pillars of light around his teammates.  They soon dissipated however, revealing Meowth and a red-maned Noivern.

“Jessie?  Is that you?”

The Noivern nodded.  “I’ll be honest, I was hoping my inner Pokemon might be something like a Milotic to represent my unparalleled beauty, or an Arbok or Seviper to represent my cunning, but I suppose this is fine, too.”

“That’s right!”  Wobbuffet said.

“Yeah.”  Meowth nodded.  “It represents your loud and screechy nature perfectly!”

“That’s right!” Wobbuffet agreed.

What?!” Jessie roared with such incredible force that it blew Meowth back and caused him to crash into Hoopa.

 Meowth slowly and dizzily stood up.  “Woah…  the sound’s still playin’ in my head…”

“I guess you could say, that his ears are r-ffff”  Hoopa was stopped by Arceus’ hoof finding its way into his mouth.

“Remember:”  Arceus whispered, “Slow Start.”  Hoopa remained silent after Arceus’s hoof was removed.

As Meowth regained his bearings, he recalled something he hadn’t in ears.  “Wait a minute…”  He posed his front paws for a moment, before suddenly throwing a flurry of coins.  “I remember payday!  And other moves!  And I can still talk like a human too!”

“Consider that a gift for rejecting Team Rocket.”  Arceus said.

“Thank you for our new chance at life, Arceus.”  James said as he gave a respectful bow.  “I promise you, we won’t waste it.”

“That’s right.”  Wobbuffet concurred.

“Can you say anything besides ‘that’s right?’”  Jessie asked.

Wobbuffet saluted.  “That’s the way it is.”  Jessie sighed, and then returned her attention to Arceus.

“You are welcome, Jessie and James.”  Arceus said.  “I have one request before you attend to your new duties, however.”

“But of course, Arceus.”  James nodded.

“I need you to prove your loyalty to us, over Team rocket.”


Giovanni leaned back in his chair, in one of his many secret Team Rocket warehouses, feeling quite content with life.  No ten-year-olds had attempted to dismantle his team in months, the new “protective services” from “accidental fires, bombings, and dismemberment” that Team Rocket was selling the local shops was ensuring a steady income and he hadn’t heard from his most irritating subordinates in a whole seven days.

“We truly are living the good life.”  He said to his Persian, stroking it gingerly.

All of a sudden, there was a harsh buzzing.  His Persian leapt away in surprise, scurrying out of the room.  “The fire alarm?  Hmph, what a nuisance.” Giovanni sniffed, and snorted.  There was definitely a scent of smoke in the air, and certainly not from a careless grunt lighting their cigarettes in a no-smoking area.

 Giovanni got out of his chair and took a portrait of himself and his Persian off of the wall, revealing a safe behind it.  He had no intention of losing the physical backups of his blackmail data and warehouse maps if the fire grew out of control.  Or worse, having the police cleanup crew investigate the cause of the fire, and stumble upon the half-burned remains of these documents.  As he double checked to make sure they were all there, he heard a voice from outside his office.

“Prepare for trouble!”

“And make it double!”

They sounded different, but the tone, the way they spoke…  Something about it reminded him of…  Them…

“To protect the world from devastation!”

“To unite people and Pokemon in celebration!”

“To denounce the evils of lies and hate!”

“To extend good will without any wait!”

“Jessie!  James!  Is that you?” Giovanni growled. “Are you the ones responsible for the fire?”

“Our teamwork’s not limited to the speed of light!”

“Surrender now, you can’t win this fight!”

There was a powerful screeching sound, blowing the door to Giovanni’s off its hinges and across his desk, embedding itself in the wall.  Giovanni stared at it in shock, before nervously turning around, seeing in his doorway, a Moltres, a Noivern, and a…

“Meowth!  That’s right!”

“How…  How could those two…  incompetent…  mindless…  idiots get control of a legendary Pokemon and a dragon?”

Giovanni’s surprise only grew when he heard the Pokemon speak in voices not unlike the ones he had come to despise.

“Perhaps we came to have better control of ourselves, once we realized that a life of crime was only holding us back.”  The Moltres said.

“We just needed a little something to get us on the right track.”  The Noivern added.

“I gotta say, ‘boss,’ those files you’re holding onto look pretty important.”  Meowth grinned. There was a surge of darkness, a move Giovanni had seen his Pokemon use a dozen times before; Thief.  The files he had held so tight were now in Meowth’s paws.  “How would you put it?  ‘It would be a shame if someone were to find out about them…’”

“Y-you…  c-cannot threaten me…”  Giovanni stammered as he reached for his Rhyperior’s Pokeball.  Unfortunately for him, as he pulled it off his belt, a blast of sound shook his world, the ball being blown out of his grip.

“That’s funny,” the Noivern grinned, “because you look very threatened.”

“I have to thank you for being so paranoid about those papers’ discovery.”  The Moltres added.  “You saved us and the police a lot of guesswork.”  The three Pokemon made their way back through the office door, though the Moltres stopped just before leaving.  “Don’t worry, I just tend to set off fire alarms now, nothing’s actually burning.  But we did call the fire department… and the police.  If you hurry now, you might get to escape and live another three years on the run while Team Rocket falls apart.”

As the Pokemon stepped out of his office, Giovanni stood stock still.  Of all the people to bring his criminal empire crashing down around him, it was… Them…


The End















Meanwhile, in the Hall of Origin, Regigigas finally got its act together!  He completely raised his arm, pointing where Arceus had been only days before!  “…the implication that my ability makes me useless!”  He looked around.  “Oh…  They all left already…”  He sighed wistfully.  “Back to dreaming of Skill Swap.”

Former Foes Find Freedom in Flaming Flight
So, I had been reading a couple of :iconalexwarlorn:'s one-shots, when I stumbled upon his entry for a "reverse corruption" contest. <da:thumb id="597916677">  

The idea of the contest, heroes transforming a villian into a creature or character on the side of light, reminded me of an old story idea I had years ago, but never got around to actually writing due to writers block plauging me, and making me almost give up on any kind of writing entirely.  I figured I might as well give it another shot; while the contest was already over by the time I had red alexwarlorn's entry, having a sudden burst of actual inspriation after all this time wasn't something I could ignore, even if it was only to be a semi-silly short story.  And here we are.

A couple disclaimers, while I'm here:  First, I mostly follow the Pokemon series though the games.  I've seen a lot of anime episodes thanks to my siblings love for the series, so I have a good grasp on a number of the characters, but lose track of a lot of other details, such as which non-Pikachu-and-Meowth Pokemon Ash's friends and Team Rocket leave behind when a new game comes out and they need to advertise the newest generation's entries.  As such, there may be some Pokemon listed as being on the same team, despite them never working together canonically.  Second...  I think I may have gone overboard with Hoopa's puns, and Arceus's reactions to them.   I guess I'll let the readers decided if it worked or not, and possibly edit it accordingly.

Even if this doesn't get any comments or attention, I'll just say I'm happy to have finally written SOMETHING again.  Especially since it's been more than four years since my last deviation.

Incidentally, Wynaut is number 360 in the National Pokedex.
So yeah, decided I'd try to put something up here during collage, even if its small.  Anyway, took this from :iconcalvinandhobbespwns: because as I was reading through his responses, I decided to let my own playlist go, and got some amusing results:

The rules:
1. Put your music player on shuffle.

2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!

1.)How do you feel today?
Cannon Ball (Megaman Zero 3)
(Yep, I pretty much feel like college is hitting me like a cannon ball.)

2.)What's your outlook on life?
Shooting Star (Megaman Star Force 3)
(That's a bit more optimistic than I am...)

3.)What does your family think of you?
Subway Trainer Battle (Pokemon Black and White)
(Well, that's what my brother thinks of my Pokemon playing habits.)

4.)What do your friends think of you?
Inside a Flame (Megaman Zero 4)
(This could be interpreted a lot of ways...  Am I burned out?  Am I overly obsessed with trying to keep warm in the winter?  Am on fire with passion?  Probably not the last one.)

5.)What do strangers think of you?
Turnabout Sisters (Ace Attorney Orchestral)
(Well, I've had sisters that certainly "turned about," but I don't think that defines me to strangers all that well.)

6.)What do your ex think of you?
Doppler Stage Boss (Megaman X 3)
(I don't actually have an ex, but this is probably amusingly fitting of what a hypothetical ex [or X] might think of me.)

7.)How's your love life?
Chill Penguin (Megaman X)
(So, my love life is frigid?  Seems accurate.)

8.)How will your love life be in the future?
Music of the Spheres (Portal 2)
(Um...  I don't know what to make of this...)

9.)Will you get married?
Crystal Snail (Megaman X 2)
(Erm...  Maybe it symbolizes a wedding ring diamond?  *Shrugs*)

10.)Are you good at school?
Doopliss battle (Paper Mario TTYD)
(So, a struggle that seems to have been going well for the first half, then turns pear shaped at the end due to unexpected circumstances and nobody believes you until it's too late to change anything?  That sums it up pretty well.)

11.)Will you be successful?
Positive Force (VVVVVV)
(This is one I'd hope is true.)

12.)What song should they play on your birthday?
Darkness (Rayman)
(I know I get depressed from time to time, but come on!)

13.)What song should they play at your graduation?
Storm Eagle (Megaman X)
(I am okay with this.)

14.)The soundtrack of your life?
Black Hole Server (Megaman Star Force 3)
(A song that starts off sounding empty and meaningless, with occasional bursts of the main riff from very upbeat and hopeful "Shooting Star" mentioned earlier, before repeating...  I guess I could see that fitting.)

15.)You and your best friends are?
Celestial Gardens.  (Megaman Zero 4)
(Huh, another one I don't know what to make of.  "Celestial" certainly sounds nice, but how would we be "gardens?")

16.)Happy times:
Blizzard Man (Megaman 6)
(I guess it does sound sorta happy?  I enjoy snow, at any rate, so there's that.)

17.)Sad times:
Overloaded (Thetis's stage) (Megaman ZX Advent)
(I wouldn't describe the music itself as sad in any way, but Thetis has a pretty miserable view of humanity...)

18.)Every day:
Shamar - Arid Sands Night (Sonic Unleashed)
(Well, it's a very jazzy tune.  Doesn't really fit my everyday life though.)

19.) For tomorrow:
Virtrification Order (Portal 2)
(That does NOT sound promising.  The tune and the name are equally menacing.)

20.)For you:
Spreading Darkness (Megaman Zero 2)
(There's definitely some darkness spreading in my life.)

21.)What does next year have in store for me?
Mystic Cave Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
(Apparently, things are gonna start getting mystic.  Or, if the tone of the song is any indication, 2spooky4me.  Maybe even 3spooky5me.  Or I'll gain ultimate power, then get stuck in a spike pit and be forced to wait until said power wears off before death comes to relieve my boredom.)

22.)What do I say when life gets too hard?
Escape From The City (Sonic Adventure 2)
(Well, I want to escape from SOMETHING.)

23.)What song will I dance to at my wedding?
Wave Battle (Megaman Starforce 2)
(It'll be a very geeky wedding, I gather.)

24.)What do you want as your career?
Crystaline Caverns (Yoshi's Island cave theme remix)
(So, either a miner, or genderless, near-invincible, continually happy dinosaur.  I think I know which one I'd pick.)

25.)Your favorite saying?
Road to Victory (Megaman Star Force 2)
(Not by a long shot...)

26.)How will I die?
On the Edge (Megaman Zero 4)
(So, cliff diving then.  Kinda disappointing that Cave Story's "Running Hell" or something similar was not picked.)
  • Listening to: The music listed here.
  • Reading: English assignments
  • Watching: Two Best Friends Play
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: My words
  • Drinking: Water


Zachariah [REDACTED]
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything without lyrics.
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Sanza
Shell of choice: Koopa
Skin of choice: Scales
Favourite cartoon character: Yoshi
Personal Quote: If you aren't willing to dig through a lot of dirt, you'll never find a gem.

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