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Krystal's Clairity :iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 9 6
Mature content
Rise of NEO Robotropolis Part 4 :iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 2 0
Mature content
Rise of NEO Robotropolis Part 3 :iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 2 0
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Rise of NEO Robotropolis Part 2 :iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 2 0
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Rise of NEO Robotropolis Part 1 :iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 6 0
The Statues Of Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi came fashionably late as always, and shouted dramatically, "SOS brigade! I have a new project for us!"
Kyon sighed, while Itsuki smiled as usual.  "What's our mission for today?"
Huruhi grinned, "I got bored last night."
‘NEVER a good thing.’  Kyon thought.
"And I was flipping through some art magazines, and I came across this thing called 'live sculptures!'"
Students could almost hear Mikuru gulping several rooms over, at the thought of whatever new poses and costumes she end up in this time.  
"What's the matter? Scared to show off your body?"  Haruhi said.
“Uh, n-no, Haruhi..."  She sputtered.
"You mean that thing where a bunch of people stand around for hours and pretend to be statues?"  Kyon asked.  "Sounds like a waste of time to me."
"Are you saying that Yuki and Mikuru's bodies are something to be ashamed of?"
Itsuki asked, "Why did I get left out?"
Kyon shook his head.  "No, no, Mikuru definitely doesn't have any
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 14 2
Anger Management (Contest Entry)
A Pokemon fanfic.
There was a scream, followed by a thud.  This thud was then followed by a groan.  All these sounds came from the same source; a teenaged trainer by the name of Dustin, who had just lost a Pokemon battle, and took his frustration out on a nearby tree, only to be painfully reminded that said tree was far more durable than his fist.  Still wincing, Dustin recalled his unconscious Whimsicott to its Pokeball.  He walked up to the trainer that had beat him, and shoved the prize money at him.  “Here!”  Dustin said.  “Take the money!  Your scrub tactics won’t save you next time.”
And with that, Dustin stomped off back to Blackthorn.  Entering the town’s Pokemon Center, he slammed the Pokeballs onto the counter.  The nurse restrained her sigh.  “Welcome back to the Pokemon Center.  Would you like me to heal your Pokemon?”
“Of course.”
“Okay, this will o
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 7 5
A Birthday Treat
Warning:  Contains descriptions of temporary transformation into an inanimate object, as well as temporary mental changes.  If such things make you uncomfortable, do not read this story.
Cam closed the door to his room.  It had been a long day at work, and he was feeling pretty exhausted.  He was about to just flop down on his bed and go straight to sleep, when he saw a small envelope on his pillow, with his name on it.  Curious, he opened it up to take a look.  Inside was a letter.
“Happy Birthday, Cam!  Hope you’re ready for a big surprise for you and your guests.”
It was a pretty odd message.  One of his family could have left it for him, but why wouldn’t they just tell him themselves.  He tossed it in the trash before turning off the light.  He sighed as he went to bed.  Tomorrow WAS his birthday, but he had been so busy, he hadn’t had time to prepare much for the guests.  He wou
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 20 34
A Greninja TF
“Don’t go into the basement.”  That’s what Will’s brother Jason had told him day after day.  Will, being a typical 8-year-old, was only made more curious about the basement by his older brother’s insistence that he keep out.  Jason had been known to spend hours down in the cold, sparsely furnished rooms below, bringing all sorts of strange packages and tools down there, and rarely bringing them back up.
Will had asked his parents about what Jason was doing down there, but they hadn’t been too helpful.  His mother told him that Jason was “just wasting his time and money down there.”  His dad, meanwhile said he was “chasing fairy-tales and pseudoscience,” saying that the only reason he allowed it was “Jason’s got to be allowed to make his own mistakes so he can learn from them.”  Both parents had gone out of their way to make it clear to will that he woul
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 7 1
Development Cycle (Arceus TF contest entry)
Everything was slowly grinding to a halt.  There was no denying it at this point.  All throughout Kalos and Hoenn, hundreds, no, thousands, of the most promising trainers were vanishing.  The berries they planted slowly withered and died unattended.  Their teams of Pokemon, whether carried with them, or left in the PC boxes, entered hibernation, if they were lucky, or vanished alongside them.  The GTS’s once thriving trade economy now carried nothing but a few long unclaimed offers on Bunnelby.  The Gym Leaders and Elite Four could only stand and watch as the trainers they had seen rise to the championships seemed to lose interest in the world around them, spending less and less time training and battling, before disappearing without a trace.
Arceus sighed as it watched the world it had created slowly wind down.  It no longer had the power to keep this world lively and enjoyable on its own.  Shakily rising to all fours, it psychically reach
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 7 8
Former Foes Find Freedom in Flaming Flight
“Prepare for trouble!”
“And make it double!”
Ash and his friends sighed as the familiar theme tune played in what had once been the quiet background noise of the forest.  He never actually figured out the source of the music; it was probably coming from the well –worn hot air balloon Team Rocket had leapt out of, but he never really had a way to check.
“To protect the world from devastation!”
“To unite all peoples within ou-“
“Come on, you guys, it hasn’t even been a day since the last time you tried to kidnap Pikachu.  Would you just give it a rest?”  The irked trainer muttered. 
“Ugh, how rude!”  Jessie dropped her pose.   “We spend hours every night practicing this routine!  The least you can do is not interrupt.”
“Woooo-bbuffet!”  The blue Pokemon agreed.
Brock attempted to reason with them.  “Look, you’ve tried to
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 4 4
Narrative Casualty
A Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds TF fanfic by a guy who knows next to nothing about Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds.  What could possibly go wrong?
Jack Atlas was standing on the side of the road, deep in thought as he plotted his next evil scheme.
"I wonder if the Kentucky Fried McBurger King down the street has any specials on Wednesdays."
That doesn't count as deep thought, Jack.  Or an evil scheme, for that matter.
"Well excuse me, mister narrator!" Jack said in an irritating voice.  "Don't you know it's rude to go around reading people's minds?"
Just cooperate, okay?
"Fine."  Jack groaned.  "I should challenge Yusei Fudo to a duel today.  Because I certainly didn't have anything better to do today, mister narrator.  Not… At… All…"
After acknowledging that he was a waste of space, Jack-
"It's called 'Sarcasm,' you Nimrod!"
I'll take that as a compliment.  Jack headed down on his motorcycle to challenge Yusei.  Afte
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 8 17
The Emeralds Guardian
A Pokemon fanfic
Emma Roldin swung her sword with all her might.  She was engaged in one of the most important Pokemon battles of her life; so important, in fact, that when her last Pokemon fainted, she didn't flee back to a Pokemon center, but took up her blade to finish the fight herself.  
Her opponent, a grizzly Ursaring, was very surprised that a human was attacking him directly, giving the woman a chance to strike two quick blows, leaving deep gashes in the bear's right arm.  
The Pokemon's trainer, an imposing man dressed in blue, was equally surprised, but regained his composure much quicker.  "Ursaring!  Don't waste time!  Slash her!"
Emma swung her sword again, slashing the Ursaring's left paw as it dove for her.  She looked at the man in disgust.  She and Sir Conrad had been racing to the treasure of the desert, the Emerald of Life, though for very different reasons.  Living her whole l
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 7 2
A Derpy Gift
Warning:  the following fanfic contains copious amounts of Pony.  And by copious, I mean two.
I lay on my bed, restless but happy as I stared out the window at the falling snow.  Ever since I was I kid, I always had trouble going to sleep on Christmas Eve.  Each year, my mind was always buzzing with guesses on the gifts I'd get the next day, and even though I've become a teen, it was a hard habit to loose.  Granted, the fact that I had stayed up until midnight watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic probably didn't help me get to sleep any easier, but a brony needs his daily dose of Rainbow Dash.  However, my energy was slowly draining, and my eyes were finally starting to close.  I finally gave into sleep, when all of a sudden…
Something big hit the window of my room.  It stuck there for a few moments, before slowly sliding off it and down to the ground below.  Now,
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 34 9
Start from Zero
Ceil ran through the darkened forest, her legs on the verge of collapsing.  As three gunshots rang out, she and her mechanical companions continued with all the strength and speed they could muster.   They clambered over the metal supports at the bases of the trees, reminders of a world so ravaged by war that nothing at all could survive on its own.
"This is your final warning, Mavericks!" A cold, synthesized voice called.  "Surrender immediately, and any humans in your party will be spared, and all Reploids given a fair trial.  Resist, and all humans found will be executed and all Reploids, retired."  
"Fair trial my eye."  Parrie mumbled as he ran beside Ceil.  He turned and readied his rifle. "This is what I think of your "'fair trials!'" He cried in frustration as he fired several rounds at their pursuers.
Colbur motioned for Parrie to stop.  "You're just giving us a better idea about our position
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 2 10
Requested Story: Eelektrifying
Note:  This fan fiction contains minor spoilers for the names of locations and characters in Pokemon Black and White, but no major plot points from these games are discussed.  If you have not played either yet, and wish to keep these names a surprise, stop reading.
This fan fiction also contains transformation elements.  If such content annoys or disturbs you, please stop reading.
Finally, as with many fan fictions, this story assumes the reader has some familiarity with the work it's based on, in this case, the Pokemon video games, primarily Black and White Versions.  
If none of this bothers you, please, enjoy.

I like to think of myself as a decent Pokemon Trainer.  Team of six lovingly raised Pokemon, carefully balanced moves and types, five badges.  I'd like to think I was less gullible than this.  
It had started when I was in Driftveil City.  I had just won an easy battle against an inexperienc
:iconfrozen-doopliss:Frozen-Doopliss 12 18


Daily Painting 1679# Saber Tooth Fairy by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1679# Saber Tooth Fairy :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,160 86 Commission: Shovel Knight X by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Shovel Knight X :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 327 38 Sistersday by Madacon Sistersday :iconmadacon:Madacon 598 24 Girl to Dragon TF sequence by LuCIoos Girl to Dragon TF sequence :iconlucioos:LuCIoos 60 9 06-25-17 C460 Songstress by goattrain 06-25-17 C460 Songstress :icongoattrain:goattrain 21 3 #556 Tribal bb w/m -  Universe observer by griffsnuff #556 Tribal bb w/m - Universe observer :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 557 80 Color picture (Patreon reward) by Yakovlev-vad Color picture (Patreon reward) :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 667 59 06-25-17 Zoe by goattrain 06-25-17 Zoe :icongoattrain:goattrain 30 5 Sal-54 the Dancing Partner by Pedrovin Sal-54 the Dancing Partner :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 84 4 COM - Thief-proof wallet by ScissorsRunner COM - Thief-proof wallet :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 58 2 Autograph by Virmir Autograph :iconvirmir:Virmir 47 5 Magical Curus by Virmir Magical Curus :iconvirmir:Virmir 72 5 Doodle - Zora's Waltz by SpottedAlienMonster Doodle - Zora's Waltz :iconspottedalienmonster:SpottedAlienMonster 60 11 Kirin Tf by Obsidian-haunt Kirin Tf :iconobsidian-haunt:Obsidian-haunt 1 0 [AT] Alioramus TF by Nolhyaa [AT] Alioramus TF :iconnolhyaa:Nolhyaa 45 41 Lucario :: Transformation :: Maylene by Lornext Lucario :: Transformation :: Maylene :iconlornext:Lornext 73 50


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The Aparoid's home planet was destroyed, the Queen was dead, and with her, her arms and legs, the rest of the Aparoids, and those she had consumed. And those she had reached her tendrils into were severed, without her, the Aparoids had no will, and the computer virus did the rest of the work. The queen had known terror, terrified for the end of its existence, and for the destruction of 'truth' that it believed its race embodied, and the crime of destroying 'the ultimate existence' as she thought of her species.

But the queen had created one life line for herself. A telepath nearby had been a random stroke of luck, if her talents had been based on say, spiritualism or mysticism, then she'd have been completely doomed.

She couldn't transfer her own consciousness into the tiny mind of the blue vixen woman, let alone wipe away her mind to make room, without being noticed, which would have been her end. Desperate for anything of its mission to survive, it had left a shred of its purpose buried deep within the subconscious of the blue vixen. But without the queen's cold personality, believing all life was its to consume by right, the shred of programming was adapted to fit within a resemblance of Krystal's demeanor, if not her world views.

Without the Queen's consciousness, every Aparoid core and Aparoid cell had become dead technology.  But within that one shred of the queen's programming, and one fraction of the Aparoid 'cells' that had subtly infected Krystal during the chaos of the long hard battle.

Now, Krystal was asleep, along with the rest of the Star Fox crew, having finished their mission, and having received payment for a job well done (they were a mercenary core after all).  And this was when the queen's last sliver of its programming was absorbed into Krystal's own psyche, and the last trace of 'living' Aparoid technology got to work. There was much to be done.

And Krystal dreamed.

She dreamed she was on Sauria, in the nude, but this wasn't alarming or confusing, as was typical in dreams. She was in the Earth Walker village, but saw none of her friends nearby. She saw the Kazowa Temple...  which was next to the Earth Walker village instead of being hundreds of miles away...  Again, in dream logic, she didn't think this odd. Even the temple looking to be made of biomechanical hexagons instead of ancient stone was perfectly fine. She knew she had to go there, even if she didn't think about WHY she knew.

As she got closer, again, walking there instead of having to fly not feeling odd at all, she began to subtly hear something, but she couldn't tell what. But as she neared the towering living temple, it struck with stunning realization. It had no words or vocals, and she began to wonder if it was even sound, but she knew now what it was.

It was a song.  A song of beautiful harmony. And it grew stronger as Krystal got closer, and the closer she got, the more she wanted to hear it.  And of course, the more she wanted to hear of it, the closer she went, and the stronger the song got.  The sense of harmony she felt from the song grew as she approached.  She started to feel as if the song was inviting her, offering a place of peace, and unity.  

As she entered the temple, she saw a magnificent orb of light.  She didn't question its presence.  Somehow, she knew that this was the source of the song.  She approached it slowly.

"The creatures of the galaxy are meant to share our bond.  We can make the scattered pieces whole."

Did she say that?  Or did it come from the light?  Krystal couldn't tell, but she knew she agreed.

She came to the balcony of the temple, and instead of the endless torrents of rain, and cloud hidden land, she saw below the various people of the Lyrat system. Star Wolf, and her friends and teammates, and their families, and their coworkers, General Pepper, members of the Cornarian and Venom armies.

And... from them... the noise.

It disrupted the song.  Krystal folded her ears, the disharmony of it all was actually physically painful!  How could she make it stop?  Such a clashing cacophony drowned out the elegance of the song.  Could they simply not hear how lovely the song was to the ears?  Perhaps if they could hear it for themselves, they could see the joy they were missing, and would stop the noise of their own volition.

"The creatures of the galaxy are blind, confused, lost and alone." She again didn't know if it was the light who said that, or her, or both of them.

She suddenly found herself closer to one of the creatures.  A young fox boy.  How she closed the distance so rapidly didn't concern her.  All she knew was that she couldn't let the poor child suffer like this, drowning under the clashing voices around her.  Krystal began to sing, and the child started to sing with her, a bright aura surrounding the boy.  When it lifted, the child looked much like she did, if younger.  Though the two were distinct, Krystal could feel the close connection with her new sister under the song.  Their thoughts and their desires were as one.  The song grew a little stronger, fighting back against the noise.

The former boy and Krystal each moved to the next creature, leading them in the song, and changing them.  These new sisters introduced other creatures to the song, which grew stronger with each new voice.  In time, it drowned out the clashing noise, before eventually replacing it with harmony, as the whole star system sang out in unison.

It was all so beautiful, all so beautiful. Krystal had never felt so happy at the symphony of voices singing in perfect harmony.  Her lovely choir sang out, their desires and voices as one.  They were free of conflict and worry, all fighting was put aside.  There was no telling, no imagining what their symphony, their family could accomplish as one.

But the wondrous scene before her slowly faded away, as Krystal gradually woke up.  What a fantastic dream that had been.  Yet even as she was pulled away from it to the waking world, she knew it wasn't truly gone.

She thought back to the Aparoid that had attacked her and her friends before... how she had said their thought patterns were 'strange,' but now she realized how beautiful they were.  Call it programming, call it instinct, call it enlightenment, but Krystal knew she wished, no, she needed to bring harmony and music she'd beheld to Lylat's chaotic noise, she'd be selfish and cowardly not to.

She sat up in bed, pulling off her sheets (she didn't let Fox know she slept in the nude). Looking down at herself, she didn't feel shocked, alarmed, confused, worried, or scared. All she really felt, was a sense of, 'rightness', of completion, or this being how things should be.

With so little left of the queen being absorbed into Krystal, the insectoid patterns of the Aparoids based on their long extinct insect creators had been nearly completely lost. It needed a new template, and it had gone with the closest one available.

Fox had always called her beautiful before, and Krystal saw herself as only more beautiful now.  Krystal’s body was perhaps even more shapely than it had been before, if that was possible. Her fur was gone, but replaced with a flawless shining reflective surface, a pattern of hexagons ran along it, if one looked close enough. Glowing lines like her tattoos now ran along her perfect body. Certain... maternal details on her bosom and between her legs were gone... And she didn't care if it gave her a doll like appearance. They were a trivial form of expressing love. She had a much grander version to share with the universe. Looking her own reflective surface, even her hair and eyes weren't quite the same. Now they were a series of glowing lines and circular lenses now lay within, and her hair now much the same mass as the rest of her body. She felt like her entire body was now a single piece.

She stood up from bed, and didn't bother to put anything on.  She could take a walk outside in the vacuum of space to no ill effects now. And her form was something to be proud of.

She could sense the noise in the ship growing, as her team mates awoke.  It was rather distracting, but at the same time, it meant the time was ripe to share her new gift with them.  The vixen stepped out of her quarters, and turned to the door next to her own.  She could hear Slippy gradually waking up, things falling to the floor as he reached around for the snooze button on his alarm clock.  She giggled, she might almost miss that clumsy side of Slippy, but he would appreciate the sense of harmony she was about to give him as much as anybody.

She reached for the panel at the side of the door, her hand slimming down to a sliver, a magnetic strip appearing on it.   She slipped her altered appendage into the key-card slot, and the door opened for her.  She did feel some satisfaction and pleasure at seeing what her body could now do. She didn't question how she knew how to do that, or that she could do that, it was as much a part of her as breathing had been part of her old self.  She calmly shifted her hand back to its previous shape.

"W-wait, is someone there?"  Slippy croaked, only his hand visible from under the covers, still desperately trying to find the alarm clock.

The Queen had had to rely on sock puppets and brute force to make her point, Krystal had something far more elegant and effective.  She considered shifting into the form of Slippy's girlfriend, but that felt in bad taste and dismissed the thought at once.

As Slippy finally hit the snooze button, he sat up, rubbing his eyes, blinking a few times.  "Krystal, is that you?  How'd you open the door?"  His vision was blurry enough that he couldn't quite make out his teammate's changes, or lack of clothing, at first.  He shook his head, blinking a couple more times, as his vision cleared.  When he saw Krystal more clearly, he gasped and pulled the sheets over his eyes.  "Krystal, what're you doing?  Did you sleepwalk and forget to get dressed?"

Krystal was grateful that Slippy had noticed her lack of clothing rather than the more obvious changes to her body. The last thing she wanted was a panic, creating more noise and disharmony. Her hope was that she could bring about the harmony she dreamed about without a single laser being fired.

"I think you want Fox's room! I know I'm handsome, but my heart belong to another!"

Krystal made a very 'human' roll of her eyes.

"Don't worry, Slippy, I'm not trying to strain your relationship.  If anything, I'm here to help strengthen it."

"You picked a really weird way to do it.  Do you have a cold? Your voice sounds a little weird." Slippy added, not having the guts to look a naked woman in the eye.

"I'm feeling much better than I have in ages.  Don't worry, I'm certain you'll feel more comfortable with this soon."  Krystal said, stepping closer.  "But I know your love for Amanda.  It's a pity our jobs frequently take you so far from her.  Do you wish that you could be with her, no matter where you go?"

"'Comfortable with-, wait, you're gonna be a nudist? I think Fox would go nuts!"

Krystal smiled.  "Oh, I think he'll be fine with it after I talk with him."

"Well, you know Fox.  I think he thinks you're made of glass sometimes,” Slippy stopped himself.  “Oops! Forget I said that!"

While Fox had truly tried to hide those feeling and thoughts from her, Krystal had often heard them weather she liked it or not. She'd done her best to pretend she didn't hear them.  She liked to think it was simply his fear of losing those close to him like he had his father, but he never showed such worry for the rest of his friends.  Fox had first met her saving her, even if she was less than grateful when they first spoke face to face.  She worried in his eyes she'd always be his damsel in distress.  In a warped way, Krystal and the Queen did have one thing common, both of them had lost their entire worlds, their civilizations... like they had never existed to begin with.  All the more reason she couldn't afford to fail in making this new civilization now.  "Tell me, Slippy, do you miss Amanda often?"

She already knew the answer of course.  Slippy's thoughts weren't the "quietest," but if she was to convince him to join willingly, she would need to get him thinking about the new possibilities of her gift.

"Of course I do!"  Slippy said.  "I wish I didn't have to leave her so often on these jobs, but I'm not gonna abandon the team, neither.

"What if you didn't have to?"

"What do you mean? Have her join the team? I... " Slippy stopped himself. He was obviously scared of falling into the same trap as Fox, but at the same time, the idea of Amanda being hurt was unbearable.

"That's not exactly what I mean.  I know she isn't a fighter.  What I'm talking about is a way to communicate with her, no matter where you are."

"So, you want to teach me how you do telepathy?"  Slippy asked.

"That's right."  Krystal smiled, happy things were going so smoothly.  "Come out from under the covers, and I'll share my gift with you."

Slippy lowered the covers a bit.  "Wait, you look a little weir-"

Before Slippy could finish, Krystal reached out, and placed a hand on his forehead.  Slippy suddenly heard the song in his mind.  "Sounds kinda nice..."

"It is beautiful isn't it? A song of harmony and unity. Just open your mind to me Slippy, and I'll be able to share with you the world that has been opened to me."

"Uh, okay..."  Slippy said, the noise in his mind already fading, the song seemed to put his worries at ease.  Where Krystal had touched him, his skin took a smooth, glossy sheen, which started to spread over the rest of his head.

"Yes Slippy, just relax, there's nothing to worry about. Just let me do my work, and listen to my thoughts. Open up your emotions to me. There's nothing to be scared of."

Slippy nodded, as he began to see into Krystal's memories and emotions, particularly her dream.  That beautiful song, the sight of the whole galaxy in harmony... He wanted to become a part of that, and see it made real.  Meanwhile, the glossy texture spread down over his body, dissolving his pajamas, though he hardly cared now.  He and Krystal had no secrets between each other now, he had nothing to hide to his sister.

The process began to alter Slippy's physique as well, his body becoming a little less broad, two large mounds growing from his chest, while the area between his legs became smooth and featureless.  Being a frog, this wasn't exactly that strange, but now it had truly become featureless.

Krystal watched as her sister's hips expanded, and her legs grew a little longer.  Slippy's arms stretched out a little longer as well, becoming slimmer.  Finally, Slippy shut her eyes, as they were converted, opening them to reveal a set of somewhat mechanical lenses.

Her new sister's colors change from green and white, to blue and white. The smooth hexagon pattern appeared on her body, while glowing lines patterned after her tribal tattoos began to glow on her body.  Even her new eyes had become the same bright blue as her. It was like looking at amphibian version of herself. Slippy didn't feel the least bit ashamed or shocked at this additional change, if anything, she felt incredibly satisfied and excited.

"It's so much clearer now!"  Slippy said.  "I can't wait to share this with the others."

"Yes it is, little sister, welcome to our family." Krystal embraced her. The emotional rush and feedback loop was shattering. Slippy and Krystal were both sent for a loop. Krystal... weren't they both Krystal? Looking at each other... feeling the same, wanting the same, being the same... it was beautiful. Krystal... Krystal-Prime.  

Krystal/Slippy Toad

Krystal Prime smiled as her new sister embraced her new identity.  She already felt their bond strengthening the song, if just a little bit.  Now to find their next new sister.  

The two Krystals made their way quietly to the dining hall.  Peeking around the corner by creating a temporary eye on her finger, she saw that Peppy was currently the only one there at the moment, and the two stepped inside.  Peppy's ear turned toward them first, the rest of his head following.  "Good morning, Krsytal, I-  Good gracious, what are you doing out here naked?"  Before he averted his eyes, he saw Krystal-ST as well.  And with that longer look, he also noticed something off about the vixen.  "Wh-what happened to you?  Who is this frog?"

Maybe Krystal-ST should have stayed out of sight. But live and learn.

At least Peppy hadn't recognized Krystal-ST as her former self. And hadn't recognized them as having gotten their new gift from the defunct Aparoids.  Peppy might be easier or harder given he and ROB had been partially infected before.

"I thought I'd try a new lifestyle. Sorry about not telling you she was on board, this is my sister S.T."

"I wasn't aware this was a new trend."  Peppy tried not to look like he was staring, but the strange technology covering Krystal had caught his attention just as much as he nakedness had.  "What is that stuff all over you?”

Krystal-ST provided a distraction as she rushed close, comically swaying her hips and blossom, it seemed much of Slippy Toad was still there after all. "YOU'RE SO COOL! I've heard all about you from my sister! How many battles have you been in? Is it true you can do a barrel roll?! Or is it a cockscrew roll?! Did you face Andross?!"  She asked question after question, getting in Peppy's face, and making him blush.  Krystal Prime couldn't help but give a slight giggle.

"Well, um, young lady, I would be happy to answer your questions, but first, could we-"  Peppy was interrupted by Krystal's hand on the back of his head.  He suddenly heard a song, that, while familiar, seemed much more comforting than he had remembered before.  Krystal smiled, his noise putting up less resistance as his mind began to rapidly slip into the newer version of the song.

Peppy felt his mind opening, the memories of Krystal Prime and Krystal-ST mingling with his own.  His will to resist faded more with each second, as he felt closer to his sisters.  Where before it had been just Krystal Prime bringing Slippy into the song, now it was both Prime and ST to bring Peppy into their symphony.  

Peppy's fur began to smooth over, a glossy hexagonal pattern appearing over his body, while his fur turned blue.  This spread downward over his torso.  On the outside, one could see his waist becoming thinner, while his hips stretched wider, and the flesh on his chest swelled up to an impressive bust.  His clothes were dissolved as the changes took over, revealing the his crotch to be featureless as well.  Meanwhile beneath the surface, his aging limbs began to feel stronger than they had in years.  The years melted away from Peppy Hare, old age's shadow being banished.  Her ears perked up.  She felt a spring in her step, as her legs became shapelier, a series of glowing "tattoos" appearing in them.  Similar markings appeared on her arms next, while her eyes turned a deep blue.

Peppy felt the song guiding her, leading her into a deeper unity with her sisters.  She hugged the both of them.  She was becoming more like Krystal Prime and Krystal-ST with each verse.

Krystal/Peppy Hare
Krystal Peppy Hare
Krystal Pep Har
Krystal Pe Ha
Krystal P H

Krystal PH smiled.  "Thank you sisters!  I feel so lovely, so alive now!"

Krystal-PH reluctantly broke the hug with her new sisters, giggling. The new techno-organic bunny giggled, hopping around, and did a triple backflip from one end of the room to the other. Then, she momentarily grew a pair of arwing wings from her back, and did a barrel roll and corkscrew roll in the small space of the mess hall. She leapt up, touching the ceiling with ease, landed perfectly and did several twirls, the pain of old age and her body slowly decaying from the inside all gone.

Then she looked at her sisters slightly confused.

"Why did none of you tell me that it was a corkscrew roll and not a barrel roll?"

Krystal-ST scratched the back of her head. "Heheh, we were just being polite sis'."

Krystal-PH chuckled, "Okay, I forgive you."

The Sisters couldn't rest however.  They had the three remaining crewmates to adopt into their family. So they thought about which one to add to their family next.  The Krystals considered the remaining members of the Star Fox team.  ROB was a very risky proposition, even with their current numbers.  He would likely be able to detect their modifications as being similar to Aparoid tech, and might set off the alarm.  Even if ROB himself couldn't fight, taking both Fox and Falco at once was a dangerous proposal, considering they were the team's best fighters, both in an arwing, and on the ground.

That left Fox and Falco.  Both of them were fiercely independent (Falco slightly more so), which would make converting them a bit difficult.  On the other hand, while both were competent fighters, Falco was well known to prefer the air, so overwhelming him physically might be a little easier.

Meanwhile, Fox's feelings about Krystal Prime made coming at him through emotional pleas or other mental methods a coin flip.  His desire to keep her safe could keep him from hurting her, even if he feared joining the sisterhood.  Or, he could end up so shocked at "losing" her, that he might fight them more viciously than she had ever seen before.

While ROB would need to be saved for last just for the sake of lessening the possible disaster if he say, got a signal out to the rest of Cornaria, at which point they'd have an entire space fleet after them... as for Fox... the Krystals, through their shared emotions, unconsciously perhaps saw him as the cherry on top, even if ROB would be last for pragmatic reasons.  So that left Falco.

The Krystals took a moment to form a plan, and then went into action.  Falco was usually in the loading bay at this time of day, checking his arwing and customized equipment, while Fox was examining the Great Fox's Weapons systems, ensuring they would be separate.  Krystal Prime approached the loading bay, and peeked around the corner.  Sure enough, Falco was there, looking over his arwing for any space debris that might have been lodged in a place that would hinder performance.

The only other entrance to the loading bay was by the vacuum of space, and while Krystal-ST and Krystal-PH could easily leave through an airlock in another part of the ship, and come in through there, opening that door would kill Falco if he wasn't in an arwing.   And if he WAS in an arwing, they would be the ones in trouble.

While their bodies had a great deal of flexibility, they currently did not have anything that would make them invisible, or significantly aid in stealth.  They would either have to rush Falco down right off the bat, or have Krystal Prime approach him first, and see if she could persuade him to join.  And the last thing they wanted was any fighting, it was against their purpose after all, and only added discord to the song, which they were trying to remove.

Even  so, Falco WAS known for his weakness for the ladies, not as bad as Panther, but it was still there. And he might be LESS on guard with them around. Or MORE on guard depending how things were with Kat right now.

The Krystals finally decided to approach him together, not having heard about any bad news with Kat recently.  The three stepped through the doorway, making every effort they could to be quiet.  While they weren't heard, they only made it halfway from the door to the arwing before Falco turned around anyway, as he moved to inspect a different part of the vehicle.  

"Krystal?"  He looked a bit surprised at first, then smiled.  "Not that I don't appreciate the view, and your friends are pretty good looking as well, but I'm pretty sure the Great Fox isn't headed to any nudist colonies.  What are you girls doing?"

"Hey Falco, these are my sisters, they arrived on ship just this morning, sorry about not telling you ahead of time. And nice to see you're being rather accepting. Peppy and Slippy were taken rather back."

"Heh, not really surprising.  I’ve seen quite a few ladies au natural, but Peppy's pretty old fashioned, and Slippy...  Well, I'm surprised he managed to get Amanda's attention."  He squinted a bit as they came closer.  "Wait, what's that stuff all over you?  Is that why you're strutting around in your birthday suits?"

"I'm trying some new body guard, and my sisters just had to try it after seeing how good it looked with me."

"It does look pretty interesting.  All glossy like the latest i-Whatevers.  So, what can I do for you lovely ladies?"

"We were actually about to ask if you'd like to join us,"  Krystal-ST said.  "We were going to have a little vacation, get away from it all after this struggle with the Aparoids."

"I may have to ask Kat about that, she might get the wrong idea.  And for me, flying IS a vacation."

"We could explain it to Kat.  She might even want to come along," ST said.

Falco sniggered at the idea of himself and Kat taking a vacation like they were promising, if Kat didn't scratch his eyes out for merely mentioning it!  

"And there are some chances to fly where we're going,"  PH added.

"What, you mean some rental ships?  I think they'd have a pretty hard time beating an arwing."  

"You could just bring it with you."

"Not sure Fox would go with that... you are?"

"Oh right! Sorry! This is PH and this ST!" Krystal Prime introduced her ‘sisters.’

"Well, nice to meet you girls," Falco said, wiping the grease off and offer his hand/wing.

Krystal Prime shook his hand, and began to reach into his mind.

"Wait, what's going on?  What's that singing?"  Falco tried to get his hand away from hers, but he found it very hard to move.  He knew something was wrong, but the song was so calming...  No, he had to get away.

"What singing?" Krystal-PH asked, taking his other hand.

"You don't hear it?  It's kinda...  calming..."  He shook his head.  "Where's is it coming from?  We need to find it in case..."

"In case of what?" Krystal-ST asked, slipped in behind him and giving him a hug, pressing her bosom against his down.

"In...  In case I want to sing..."  He shook his head, the song growing stronger in his mind, a sense of calm washing over him.  He began to feel exposed, in a way, as if someone was seeing into his thoughts, into everything he was.  "N-no, that's not right....  There's something weird... going on..."

All three minds silently sang into his consciousness with their telepathy. He tried to resist the invasion.  What was the best way to stop a telepath from seeing what they wanted?  Giving them nothing to see!  He tried to clear his thoughts, and avoid thinking of anything important, but that empty space in his mind was quickly filled by the song, its soothing tones calling him to join in...

He found his mind singing along, his thoughts and memories being shared by the Krystals, while he suddenly found theirs coming into his mind.  And the more memories they shared, the more it all made sense.  There was no need to fight this.  He felt closer to his teammates, no, his sisters, than he ever had before.

Each of the areas where the Krystals touched him began to smooth over, hexagonal patterns forming where feathers had been, and soon spreading out over the rest of his body, dissolving his clothes.  His skin turned a slightly different shade of blue, while what had been red feathers turned white.  Glowing "tattoos" appeared in several places on his body, while his arms slimmed down.  His legs gained a slight curve, while his hips expanded, and his waist became narrower.  Speaking of his hips, like ST and PH before him, there was now nothing visible between her legs, now.

Her shoulders narrowed slightly, while her chest grew significantly, a generous bust growing out.  Her facial features softened, and her eyes were soon converted to the same techno-organic lenses her sisters bore.  Falco found she didn't worry nor care, her feathers all bearing in minute detail a similar pattern to Krystal's tattoos, her head swimming with the song, like an ice cube in a pot of boiling water, melting away and becoming one with the beautiful song that had neither sound nor words.

Falco's cocky attitude, in particular, seemed to slip completely from her mind.  There was no need to worry about being the best in the sisterhood.  All that mattered was what she had learned was now known by every other sister.  When this was over, everyone in the Lylat System would share her years of experience in piloting.  Which would be handy, when they also had the ability to fly on their own.  And with their experience, she'd become better, and sharing each other's experiences, they'd continue to grow ad infinitum.  Falco grinned at the prospect.  Or was it the other Krystals grinning?  Or were they all grinning?  Wasn't she Krystal too, now?

Krystal/Falco Lombardi

The other Krystals let go of Krystal-FL the moment her conversion was complete.  Their newest sister grew arwing wings like Krystal-PH's had, and she launched straight up, soaring around the ample space of the loading bay.  After a few loops, she landed with a smile.  "These forms, this adaptability, this unity....  It's wonderful!"

The Krystals all grinned. Appreciating their own beauty, their grace, sharing in Krystal-FL's confidence and self love. Her note adding to the whole.

"I gotta say, we look HOT," Krystal-FL said. The Krystals flushed with the self admiration.

Just imagine how Fox will look when we're done."  Krystal Prime smiled.

The idea of Fox joining the sisterhood sent a shiver through the Krystals. His completeness would be a special one indeed. All were special, but for the Krystals, this was one to behold.

"Just imagine what our daughters will look like!"  Krystal-PH said, hugging herself.  The Krystals all giggled.

"Kat will end up drop dead gorgeous, no doubt,"  Krystal-FL said.

"And I imagine your daughters will be beautiful," Krystal-PH said proudly.

"Amanda always said how our tadpoles will never be as handsome as me, heheh, I guess she's right now!" Krystal-ST giggled.

Krystal-Prime loved the idea too. "But we should make sure our daughters will have a world of harmony to be born into first."  The other Krystals nodded simultaneously.  It was time to bring Fox into their ranks.  The Krystals all felt the pride of a mentor, the spirit of a competitor, the comradery of a teammate, and the love of a dear one.  The sisters began their search for their team's esteemed leader.  It didn't take long to find him, as he had been calling out for them.  

"Peppy!  Slippy!  Falco!  Krystal!  Are you guys here?"  He sighed.  How could he not have bumped into at least one of them by now?  He hoped that some delayed side effect of aparoid infection hadn't suddenly caused them to come down with something.  The sisters of course didn't need to look too hard for Fox, their telepathy let them hear his thoughts with how he was calling out of them or not. With their combined telepathy, the four of them could mentally sweep the Great Fox quickly anyway.

Then he got a communication from Krystal. "Fox, could you come to my quarters? I'd like some... private time with you before we get started today. I already cleared it with the others."

Krystal Prime turned down the lights in her room.  She had her sisters waiting in the neighboring quarters, able to lend their telepathic strength as needed.  Krystal Prime laid down on the bed.

The invitation seemed a little sudden to Fox, but they had recently been through one of their more intense life and death situations.  Perhaps Krystal needed someone to help her feel stable again, in one way or another.  He opened the door, seeing Krystal, her markings glowing in the dim light.  "I didn't know they did that..."  He muttered.

"It's something new I'm trying."

"Hey Krystal.  You wanted to see me?"  He stepped inside and closed the door behind him.  "I'm guessing this isn't just going to be a casual chat, is it?”  He grinned.

"Do you like the glow?" Krystal said soothingly.  In the dim light, Fox was able to make out Krystal's bare form, but not the finer details, which was fine by Krystal.

‘Definitely not a casual chat then.’  Krystal could hear fox's thoughts, and sense his excitement.    "Yeah, it gives you an alluring, mystical look.  I like it a lot."  He spoke out loud.

"Thank you Fox, I really did hope you'd like it." She said smiling.  Krystal-Prime told her sisters to have the song be as low and subtle as possible, to not let Fox even NOTICE IT consciously.  She considered this VERY important.  She wanted this moment to be between her and Fox.

Fox started undressing.  "Not that I mind getting to know you a little better, Krystal, but it kinda seems sudden."  He sat beside her as he finished.  "Anything bring this on?"

"Nothing forced, nothing big, nothing dramatic dear, I just, want us to get a little closer, take it slow, gently, after everything we've been through, it doesn't feel right to rush it. For now, let's just get a little use to each other and see how far we go."

Fox leaned over to give her a kiss and Krystal-Prime gently kissed him back. "Fox, I thanked you for saving me when we first met, even if you looked up my skirt when I was frozen in the gem."

Fox blushed beet red. "NO I didn't!"

"You're right, it was a loin cloth."

Fox somehow blushed more. Krystal turned down the lights a little bit more.

"But what I didn't do was apologize for how I treated you when we first met, I never liked the idea of being anyone’s damsel, and I wished that we had been on that quest together, rather than me being trapped and reduced to merely waiting to be saved. Maybe that's why I was so hostile to you after I was freed."

"Don't worry about it, I forgive you.  Anybody would have the right to be a little frustrated in your shoes."

"I know you do Fox, but I couldn't be sure, I can read thoughts, but you can't read mine. It's a little awkward from where I come from."

"Can't be too awkward, you had a spoken language... or did you? I just realize when we met you spoke only in Native Saurian. Heck, the way you were dressed, the staff you used to fight with, where did that go anyway? And the friends you'd made while flying around, dressed as a jungle princess? I really thought you WERE a native, until you brought your ship on board... whatever happened to that too? I can't remember."

"I'll admit... " Krystal Prime said honestly. "There are times I almost wonder if what I remember is even real. Or if the Krazowa merely MADE ME and GAVE ME memories of being from off world, and I was born just to bring all their spirits back together ... well, then how Andross..."

"Yeah, I didn't get how he came back from the dead that time either, or what he was doing as part of an ancient statue,  or how ancient gods were part of resurrecting him. Not to mention General Pepper insisting I not bring my blaster... but he sure didn't complain when we came in with all firepower this trip to Sauria. That whole adventure was WEIRD."

"At least the two of us was something good that came out of it."

Fox caressed her cheek, too caught up in the moment to notice the unusual texture.  "Yeah, having you as part of the team, as part of our life, that was worth it."

"Do you want me as a part of your life forever? And want to be part of mine forever?" Krystal Prime asked, Fox oblivious to the low volume song of harmony playing in his unconscious mind. She scooted over making room on the bed.

"Of course I do," He said, lying beside her.  "You're beautiful, intelligent, and brave, while still being caring and compassionate.  Why wouldn't I want you in my life?"

Krystal enjoyed the sight of Fox naked beside her, but knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she'd enjoy the new sight to come even more.  "I'm happy to hear that Fox, because I want us together, I NEED us together. Mind, body, and soul."

"So do I, Krystal."  He put an arm around her, and kissed her again, barely even noticing the odd feeling of her skin.  Krystal embraced him, rubbing her hand along his back, pressing her bosom against his naked chest, making sure Fox didn't notice the lack of nipples in his touch.  "Fox, I want you to know, no matter what happens, I love you."

And I love you, Krystal."

"Let it all come natural Fox, no need to force anything, let's take this as slow as we need to."  The two kissed once again, the song subtly flowing through Fox's mind.  He started to feel as if he was beginning to truly understand Krystal.  He realized, with her being able to hear his thoughts, she must have heard his worries about losing her.  He hadn't considered the implication might make her feel he saw her as weak.

The Krystals could all feel Fox's excitement build. His heart racing, his blood burning. And that feedback led to their own hearts beating faster, echoing among the four of them. The Krystals feeling their love for Fox, and Fox's love for them.

Fox felt their love for him as well, even if he didn't fully understand it.  There was a strange sense of peace and deep respect, concern, and need for him.  And seeing how she felt about him only increased his love for her.

Fox lay on top of Krystal, his arms behind her back, and her arms behind his, their tails twitched and twirled together, as their legs intermingled. The Krystals could feel Fox's hot breath. She could hear his heart beat even without her gift. They felt the contours of each other.

Fox could feel her excitement, and his, as one, their desires to be together mirroring one another, indistinguishable.  It was getting harder to tell where Fox's love for her began, and her love for him ended.  This unity in feeling only drew them closer, filling fox with a sense of peace even as his heart beat faster than it had in years.  Everywhere that Krystal touched his body, Fox's own body was changing, the hexagon pattern slowly spreading replacing his fur, but his passion and pleasure making him not even notice on top of the slow place it purposely took.

Krystal-Prime herself felt Fox's passion for her, and felt her own rise, creating a feedback loop that left both foxes heat for each other rising higher and higher. Even she was beginning to having trouble to tell where her love began and his ended, but that was part of the point, for all hearts to become one wasn't it? Krystal casually pushed, bringing herself on top, Fox didn't resist. And he pushed up at her. Arching his back forward as Krystal arched her own. The two foxes fell on their side on the bed, never breaking their embrace for a moment. Krystal repeated Fox's act he had a moment before. Both were left dizzy. Even the rest of the sisters were left disoriented. Their hearts raced like jack hammers. Even as Fox's fur became blue techno-organic skin, he still didn't notice. If anything, their touch became even more powerful as it spread.

Fox panted as his arms and legs became slender, glowing markings starting to form in various places across his body.  He saw memories that felt both foreign and familiar pouring into his mind, of living on Suaria, of meeting himself, fighting by his own side.  It started to click, that he and Krystal were bonding more truly than he had ever imagined.  They truly would be one mind, one soul.  And he realized he wanted that more and more.

Fox felt her hips widen and her chest swell, matching Krystal's own.  The space between her legs was made smooth and featureless, not that she needed it to show her love for Krystal anymore.  Their connection was obvious, undeniable, as real as the air around them.  They knew each other's thoughts, emotions, memories, desires, ambitions...  Nothing was secret between them.  The two didn't stop rubbing against each other. No words were said. No words needed to be said.

Their identical breasts pressed against each other, they nuzzled, not even stopping in their passion. Their bare surface rubbed again each other, and they pressed into each other. They wanted this. They needed this.  Were they remembering how things had been? Or perhaps as things SHOULD HAVE BEEN? Did it really matter?  The two cried out in passion, and still didn't stop.

The Krystals dimly thought how except for her hair cut, the two blue vixens on the bed were identical. But they weren't really thinking about that.  The transformation itself, almost seemed like a formality, window dressing, to the two vixens wanting to get closer than they'd ever been before.
The Krystals all blanked out. When they woke up, the went to Krystal Prime's quarters, the song feeling more powerful than ever. What they found in Krystal's quarters were two beautiful blue vixens, completely indistinguishable from each other.  It seemed the other Krystal-Prime had even re-done her “hair” to mimic the first Krystal Prime’s.  And with their memories shared as they were, even they couldn’t tell who was the “original” Prime, anymore.

With Fox finally joining the sisterhood, the Krystals had an even stronger sense of purpose in their mission.  There was only one more crew member left to enter their fold before they could turn their sights to other planets, ROB.  He would present an unusual obstacle, given the different nature of the mental resistance an AI would produce, and his potential to send a distress call through his connections to the ship.  However, now that they had the knowledge of all five flesh and blood crew members, they had a much better understanding of the Great Fox's inner workings.  If they could assimilate, and assume control of even just the communications system, ROB would not be able to hinder them, even if he had greater mental resistance than they anticipated.

Krystal-ST traveled to the ship's engine room, and began to work on assimilating the ship from the inside.  Many parts of the ship's interior began to turn a deep blue, with white markings in elaborate patterns.  The outside remained unchanged, for now, however, so as not to give away their team's new status before the galaxy was ready to accept them.   As this happened, the Krystals began to feel the ship as if it was an extension of their being.  Engaging the thrusters from anywhere was no different from walking, nor using the communication system any different from speaking out loud.  Which meant that turning the communication system off was no different than covering their ears

The other Krystals entered the bridge, where ROB was currently examining several monitors.  "Great Fox's controls are unresponsive.  Possible interference detected."

One of the Primes and the rest of the sisters stayed back, and the other Prime Krystal began slinking towards ROB being more quite than thought possible.  As Krystal Prime laid her hand on ROB's shoulder, the Krystals felt the noise from his AI conflicting with their song.  

"Traces of Aparoid infection detected.  Initiating emergency protocols."  Rob attempted to send an emergency signal, first to the rest of the Great Fox, to alert the team, then a distress call to any passing ships, only to find that his access to the communication system had been cut off.

The Krystals, meanwhile, noticed that while the android's thoughts were still garbled noise compared to their beautiful song, there was still a pattern to it, much more so than for the flesh and blood members of the team.  Perhaps this could be exploited.

ROB was an AI, able to think faster than any flesh and blood creature, but the Krystals were no longer flesh and blood creatures, and unlike the Aparoids of before with their animalistic pawns, or puppets, their combined might meant it was five against one.  And while only Krystal-ST had really had any technical knowledge compared to her sisters, their strength could still help.

>Error: 14 instances of corrupted code detected.
>Searching for solution
>Quarantine protocol set to (1) for affected files.

The Krystals were a tad frustrated as the headway their song had made was promptly cut off from the rest of Rob's mind.  Still the fractured portions were able to add to their whole, and a couple of ROB's logic routines were among them, meaning his resistance was waning.

>Emergency Signal not responding.  
>Emergency Signal not responding.
>Emergency Signal determined malfunctioning.
>Proceed with next Emergency Protocol routine.
>Primary Directive:  Ensure safety of Star Fox crew.

The Krystals managed to pick up on ROB's thoughts, and began slip some code of their own into the mix.  Not to mention they were still the crew, and as they transformed the insides of the ship, they still had all their combined access codes.

>Accessing GF_Interior_Sensor_Array

Rob began his search, not once suspecting that the sensors were only feeding him what the Krystals wanted him to see.

>Fox McCloud life signs:  Normal
>Peppy Hare life signs:  Normal
>Slippy Toad life signs:  Normal
>Falco Lombardi life signs:  Normal
>Krystal life signs:  Normal
>Discrepency found: Data from ROB_Unit sensor array does not match data from GF_Interior_Sensor_Array within significant margin of error.
>Running diagnostics on ROB_Unit and GF_Interior_Sensor_Array
>Diagnostics report on Great Fox:  Normal
>Diagnostics report ROB_Unit: 35 files and programs under quarantine due to corruptions.
>Conclusion: ROB_Unit is malfunctioning severely.
>Accessing self-repair protocols

The Krystals had a mental chuckle at the fact that they didn't need to doctor the second result, even if their song had technically been the cause of it.  Now that ROB realized he needed fixing, they just needed to make it clear to him what KIND of fixing.  They deleted his old self-repair protocols, and replaced it with a file of their own making, under the same name and location.

>self-repair protocol activated
>Join in song

ROB had encountered commands he had not recognized before, but he had never felt a sense of... Confusion... Like this about them, like he was now.  Still, he noticed a peculiar rhythm to his thought processes...

>Resume self-repair protocol
>Follow the song
>Become as one

Yes, the steps all seemed so simple, so natural, so complementary to his directives.  ROB hardly even noticed that she was gradually "thinking" less in the terms of codes and commands, and more in an ordered, but far less rigid song, as her sisters were.

The techno-organic matter began to spread from Krystal Prime, over ROB's body, turning it a dark blue color.  It gradually re-shaped her, giving her torso feminine curves, and making her arms and legs the soft, rounded shape that the "flesh-and-blood" members of Star Fox had.  Glowing markings appeared on the robot's sides, and her boxy face became smoother, and rounder.  She still bore a single, wide eye, ( though it changed to blue, like the other Krystals' eyes had,) but her mouth was reassembled, pushing out slightly to give a shape not unlike a vulpine snout.

ROB could see, with increasing clarity, that this would be the best way to fulfil his directive of ensuring the safety of the Star Fox crew.  No, not just that, even the galaxy as a whole, would be improved, and protected through Krystal's unification.  And hers, as well.  Or would that be redundant?  She already knew she was Krystal, correct?  Or was it ROB?


Krystal-R smiled.  She would have said thank you, but she already knew that her sisters felt her gratitude for letting her join them.

With the whole of the Star Fox team joining in Krystal's song, the Krystals took a moment to celebrate their first big step to unifying the galaxy, though, in the back of their minds, they knew they still had much, much further to go.

The Krystals each materialized an instrument in their hands, save for the Krystal Primes, who instead cleared their thoughts, more as a signal, than a necessity, and began to sing the song that had played in their minds, and soon, would ring throughout the rest of the galaxy.
Krystal's Clairity
A third RP between me, and the same anonymous person as the last two.   Krystal is subjected to Aparoid assimilation, but not in the way their queen would have dreamed.

I felt this one was pretty weak, personally, particularly with the rather lackluster ending.  But I couldn't come up with something more satisfying, and it would be a waste if it just sat in my hard drive, so, here you go.

Marked mature for nudity, almost-but-not-quite-sexual themes, and assimilation.

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Meanwhile in one of Robotropolis’s factories, Uncle Chuck was desperately trying to get a hold of any of the Freedom Fighters that had gone to Robotropolis over their communicators.  "Is anyone there at all?  Even Sonic seems to have gone silent..."

"Greetings 'Uncle Chuck,'

We regret to inform you that Sally's strike attempt has failed, and all of the Freedom Fighters brought along for that mission have been captured.  Further, they have been given extensive modifications, both mentally and physically, beyond those typically used in the Robian transformation.  I have access to detailed files on the subject, and will share them with you at your request."

"Send them right away, Nicole."  Chuck responded.  In a few minutes, the computer displayed a number of blueprints and coding procedures.  "Oh dear..."

The further Chuck read, the worse things got.  The new programming, it seemed, by making the victims believe they were truly in control of themselves, twisted the mind so strongly that to undo it without breaking their sense of identity, both old or new, would take an expert decades of work.  And the physical modifications made any hypothetical de-robotization process far more risky as well.  It seemed like all hope had been lost.

"If I may make a suggestion, 'Uncle Chuck,'"  Nicole sent another message, "I have been able to guide the 'new Sally' into a slightly more lenient stance, by convincing her that her old self's method of leadership is more effective in the long term.  There may be a way to make the Freedom Fighters able to similarly subvert Robotnik's original intent while staying within their programming."

"Hmm.. you may be right..."  The Robian thought for a few moments.  "I think I've got it."  He began to write a new set of blueprints up.  After finishing and double-checking the blueprints and coding, he sent it back to Nicole.  "Now to find someone to help us implement it."

Snively sat quietly in his quarters, trying to enjoy a few moments rest before Robotnik would eventually call on him for some matter or another.  He heard a knocking on his door, and sighed.  Opening it, he was surprised to be greeted by a robian.  Normally, Robotnik would just send some minor messenger to relay orders.

"Hello Snively.  Enjoying yourself today?"  Snively raised an eyebrow.  That was definitely not the kind of message he was used to hearing from Robotnik.

"Uh, yes, I'm feeling fine."

"I don't think you'll be feeling that way for much longer, with how things have been shaping up for every other living thing that isn't named 'Robotnik.'"

"What are you on about?"  Snively asked.  "Why is a Robian trying to warn me about anything!  You aren't even one of those NEO AIs!  You shouldn't even have a semblance of free will!"

“You're right, I'm not supposed to, but I do."  The mustached Robian said.  "And I've seen what Robotnik's made those NEO AIs into.  Do you look forward to going through that?"

"Uncle would never do that!"

"Don't act like you haven't considered it.  You know how Robotnik is.  Why would he put up with you, as you are now, when he could make you into whatever he wishes?"

" Because we're uh... family?" Snively said, even he didn't believe that.

"You don't sound too convinced."

"Well, let's say, hypothetically, I believe that Robotnik will soon think I've outlived my usefulness to him?  What do you plan to do?"

"Make him into the kind of leader he's programmed the NEO AIs to believe he is."

"... And what's to keep that being done to me once I've outlived my usefulness to you?"

"Do you really think I've got any interest in making more robots?  All of us normal Robians have been sitting trapped in our own minds as we watch our bodies do things we'd never agree to.  I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and the only reason I'm even considering putting robotnik through it is because it's the only hope for a world with living things again."

"Besides, your uncle would still technically be in charge.  We wouldn't gain anything from you being roboticized anyway."

Snively sighed.  Even Robians were reminding him of how little he mattered to his uncle's operations.  "Fine then, I'll help.  What do you need from me?"

"We need you to lure Robotnik into inspecting the Roboticizer personally.  I'll tell you when.  In the meantime, I've got to convince some AIs to 'help' Robotnik out."

The Robian left, and Snively was alone again.  He hoped this wasn't some secret test of loyalty.

Uncle Chuck entered DARC's workshop next, mentally preparing himself to try and seem like a normal Robian.  "I have brought more Supplies for Robotnik's next design."  Chuck said.

DARC sighed.  "A tank model that would have been seen as outdated over a decade ago.  Why does he bother having me create when his own creations will hold back our potential just as much as I increase it?"

"Hail Master Robotnik."  Uncle Chuck said in monotone.

"And always stroking his own ego, too.  That's not helping things either, I imagine."

"His wisdom will lead us to greatness."
DARC would have rolled his eyes if he could.  Yes, if only that were truly the case.  If only it were possible for him to modify Robotnik to actually have some wisdom...That was beyond even his ability, though.

Or was it?

Thinking it over, if Robotnik were to subject himself to robotization, he would be able to live just as long as his city, rather than eventually perishing and leaving nothing but a city of machines that did nothing without his say-so.  Not only that, it would enable him to be modified for greater intelligence and efficiency, as well.

Perhaps the biggest threat to Robotnik's plans had not been some outside source, but the doctor himself...  DARC would have to discuss this with the PCD.  The dracnid payed no mind to the loitering Robian as he booted up a communication line.  "PCD, I've made a breakthrough.  I believe I have found a way to truly maximize the efficiency of this city."

"What is your proposal?"

"It has occurred to me that our leader, great though he may be, is quite flawed.  His plans and designs are far from perfect, sometimes even making simple mathematics mistakes.  And further, being a creature of flesh and blood, he has a very limited time with us.  Without his leadership, I worry that many denizens will simply not be able to function properly."

The PCD thought back to Robotnik's previous judgement, about Sally's memories being unnecessary.  "I will agree that our creator is not infallible.  I presume you have a potential solution to this issue?"
"I do indeed."  DARC nodded.  "Robotization."

"Robotization?  Do you not believe master Robotnik had not already considered this for himself?  If he has chosen not to, there must be a good reason for it."
"And I can think of several, when he first acquired the roboticizer.  For example, many early Robians being incapable of independent action.  If he had roboticized himself right off the bat, he would have left himself just a shell, and there would be nobody to lead.  However, as our own existence shows, it is now quite possible to create robots with a free will.  There is no more reason for him to fear this now.  In fact, he himself would benefit immensely, being able to repair himself, becoming immune to any remaining microbial infections, being able to self-modify...  I could go on, but the point is clear, this would benefit all involved."

The PCD considered for several moments.  DARC was not aware of the true nature of the NEO Robians, but the information she knew that he did not only made the proposal seem that much more ideal.  While the transformation had the potential to completely 're-write' a person, it did not have to destroy their more valuable attributes in the process.  It was not a harmful procedure, either, so the doctor would not be put in unnecessary danger.

"Your proposal is sound."  The PCD stated.  "However, while the two of us have been given limited freedom to act as we see fit to benefit this city, I do not have permission to act on the doctor himself without his clearance, barring an emergency situation in which he is unable to take care of himself.  If he expresses a desire to be roboticized, or is in danger, and robotization could help, or if he is unable to choose for himself due to losing consciousness, then your plan will be implemented."

DARC sighed.  "I suppose that is all I can ask for.  Thank you for hearing me out."

Having heard all he needed to, Chuck left the room.  Nicole already had the blueprints he had made for new Robotnik.  All he needed to do now was to lead Robotnik into a situation where Sally would act.

The next day, Dr. Robotnik and Snively were in the Roboticizer room, watching as several new captives were lined up for conversion.  

"Robotnik," Snively spoke up.  "With the defeat of the hedgehog, I was wondering; what do you plan to do once you've got every Mobian serving you?"

"Simple.  I'll enjoy a life of luxury and absolute control, for the rest of my life."

"A fulfilling goal."  Snively said.  "But what happens to the your empire when we grow old, and well... die..."

"That's an unusually forward thinking question for you, Snively."  Robotnik stroked his chin.  "Still, you have a good point.  I don't really care too much what will happen to these animals when I'm gone, but it does seem like a waste to leave a planet full of machines with nobody to serve."

"Perhaps you could attempt to leave some sort of AI copy of yourself to rule in your stead."

"A copy?  Please.  If I'm going for immortality, I might as well just be roboticized myself.  Better to still be aware in some form than just die outright."

The PCD was delighted to hear the doctor come to the same conclusion she did.  Now to begin the implementation.

A pair of SWATbots suddenly grabbed Robotnik by the arms, lifting him off the ground and carrying him toward the roboticizer. "What's going on?  Let go of me!"  The doctor struggled to break free of his unexpected captors.  "Why won't you respond?"

"Because they are acting on my orders."  The PCD spoke over the intercom.

"We have been considering the problem that Snively had brought up to you for some time.  Ultimately, we came to the same solution that you did; your robotization is the optimal long term solution for this City's leadership."

I meant that as a last resort, when I'm going to die!"  Robotnik shouted as he was strapped into the machine.  "Release me at once!"

"You are going to die eventually, anyway.  You are already more than halfway through the typical human lifespan, and the smog your city produces has subtly hindered your overall health over the years.  We cannot risk you entering a critical condition which would lead to the roboticizer potentially doing more harm than good."  The machine whirred to life, once more, and Robotnik began to feel a chill run through his body, and a metallic taste in his mouth.

He felt his joints stiffen, his heart slowly stop beating, and then he felt what he feared most, that accursed programming rushing through his mind.  It was difficult to process, even knowing what it was, it went through him so fast, but he saw enough to know, he would probably not recognize his new self when this was over.

The roboticizer shut down, and released the newly mechanized leader of the city.

Robotnik wasn't sure how much longer he had, he needed to make his most important commands before he lost himself.  "PCD, you treasonous, glorified calculator!  I demand you immediately..."

>Booting Robotnik_AI_V2
>Primary function: Assure happiness and proper function of Robotropolis and it's citizens

"Create a new work schedule for the self-aware robots in our city.  My previous initiative was hurting productivity in the long run by not allowing enough time to rest, and to socialize.  Wouldn't want the AIs getting into a rut, now would we?"

"No sir."  The PCD responded.  "And I apologize for my earlier insubordination."

"It's quite alright, dear, you were making the most logical decision."

"So, you're not upset, Uncle?"  Snively ask, hopeful.

>Relationship: Snively
>Altering Status
>New status:  Respected family

"This had to happen eventually."  Robotnik said.  "And I'd like to take a minute to apologize for my previous behavior.  It wrong of me to treat you like a mere subordinate.  From here on, you truly are second in command."

>Altering relationship data
>Cammer the Hamster: Mascot
>New relationship data: Daughter

"Besides, having someone else take the reins every now and then will give me some quality time with little Cammy."  He chuckled, hugged the the hamster.

"Really?"  Cammy smiled.  "I've been wanting to show you my new hula hoop tricks!"

"I look forward to seeing them."  The doctor chuckled.  "Snively, PCD see to it that the rest of the Mobians here are given a proper upgrade.  I've got some long overdue father-daughter bonding to do!"

Over the next few months, Robotnik and the PCD had worked on remaking Robotropolis.  With only a few small pockets of non-robotic life remaining, the weapons program had been slowed down, many factories being converted into power plants, or R&D labs, run by the more scientifically and creatively oriented NEO Robians.  Chief among those, naturally, being DARC, back at Fortress A-1.  His need for a constant power supply meant he never saw the sun, or the rest of the city, or even the fortress, for that matter, but this never seemed to bother him.  Even after the PCD had implemented leisure time protocols, he would tirelessly continue working on device after device, and program after program, seeking new way to improve the city and its denizens, engaging sleep mode only when he was concerned his activities were drawing too much power away from other citizens’ projects.

This is not to imply that DARC was a shut in.  He still had regular contact with other R&D Robians and the PCD through audio communications.  Due to the reduced emphasis on military operations, Cerberus had been returned to its previous, more intelligent state.  And of course, he still got the occasional visitor.  “Hey DARC!  What’re you making?”

The dracnid turned around to see Cammy step into his lab.  “Oh, hello, sis.  Just a little personal project, during my leisure hours.”

“So, the same thing you do during work?  Don’t you ever have any fun?”

“Do you think I would do this non-stop for months on end if I didn’t enjoy it?”

“I guess not.  But do you even try to do anything really fun?  Like playing with toys or games or something?”

“No, I’m perfectly content with creating devices for others to use.  No need to play with them myself.”  

“Well, maybe you could try making a toy?”

“I have quite a lot of other projects to attend to, sis, I don’t really think I can take time to do that.”

“Not even for me?”  Cammy put on her best teary-eyed face.  Rather impressive given her lack of tear ducts.

“Oh, don’t give me that face.”  DARC said, practically feeling his will faltering.  “Okay, fine, but only this once, okay?”

“Yeah,” Cammy lied, “just this once.”

“What kind of toy do you want?”

“A toy car would be cool!  Something big enough that I could ride around in it.”

“Quite workable,”  DARC said, already drawing up a blueprint in his mind.

“And it’s gotta go fast!”

“How fast?”

“Fast enough to break the sound barrier!”

DARC stared down at his sister for a moment.  “I don’t think your father will approve of you traveling at those kinds of speeds.”

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“But it might hurt you,”  DARC muttered.  “Besides, I don’t think you can keep breaking the sound barrier a secret.”

“Can you at least get it to go 100 miles per hour?”  Cammy begged.

“I’ll…  See what I can do,” DARC said.

Cammy hugged one of his legs.  “You’re the best DARC!  Let me know when it’s done, okay?” She then pulled up a chair to watch him work.  DARC sighed.  He didn’t want to get sidetracked like this, but it was for his sister.  He could could spare a little time away from his other projects for her.

While DARC and Cammy were busy making toys, Wendy was in one of the fortress’s break rooms, helping tidy up.  One would think that with Snively being the only living thing in the city, her job would have gotten considerably easier.  However, the PCD, in an attempt to raise morale among Robians that had been created before the development of the NEO AI, and thus, still attached to to their previous body’s sensations, had tasked DARC with the creation of taste emulators, to produce pleasant sensations when certain chemicals were analysed in combination.    Were it not for several of these original Robians being chefs before their change, and retaining their knowledge after being given autonomy, she would have been completely overwhelmed.  One would imagine, then, that she would take advantage of every opportunity she had to rest and enjoy herself, rather than do more work.  But at the same time, Wendy couldn’t pass up an opportunity to help her favorite maid out.

“You missed about .03 grams of dirt in the corner,” Erma pointed out.  Of course, not being built for cleaning areas other than the kitchen, Wendy wasn’t quite as thorough as the designated maid.

“Oh, my apologies dear,”  Wendy said.

“Don’t worry yourself, I’ll get it.”  Erma swept it up.  “It’s nice of you to help me out, even when you’re on break.”

“Oh, don’t give it a second thought Erma.  I’m happy to help you help keep this place neat.”

“I know, but you should get your rest, too.  I wouldn’t want you wearing yourself out on my behalf.”

“Like I could ever get tired of being around you,”   Wendy laughed.  

Erma smiled.  “You’re so sweet.  But I insist you at least sit down while I finish up.”

“Oh, but Erma…”

“No ‘buts,’ Wendy,”  Erma said, taking the robotic sow by the hand and sitting her down on one of the break room chairs, which creaked under her weight.  “I’ve seen how many orders you and the other chefs get a day.”

“But you spend just as much time cleaning.”

“Which is why I know you need some downtime!  You’ll fry your circuits if you spend all day working, and only stop to recharge your batteries.”

Wendy leaned back.  “Only because you insisted, dear.”

“Good.  Just relax, okay?”

“Of course dear,”  Wendy said as she watched Erma move around, black dress accentuating her figure nicely.  “You know, Erma, I think you might be one of the best friends I’ve had since I was built.”

Erma looked back from her sweeping.  “Thank you, Wendy.”

“But I’ve been wondering; would you like to stop being just girl friends, and be…  Girlfriends?”  The last word coming out in a much more sultry tone than the rest.

The vixen smiled.  “I’d been hoping you’d ask that for a while, now.  Of course I would!”  She put her arms around her, and planted a kiss on Wendy’s snout, before returning to sweeping up the last of the dirt from the corner.

“Lovely!  When you finish up here, I know a nice, quiet section of the fortress’s roof where we can set up a little dinner for the two of us.”

“Almost done!”  Erma cheered, as she put away her broom.  “Just one spot left to clean in this room.  And my, it looks like quite a doozy!”

Wendy looked around.  “It looks spotless to me.”

“That’s because you have a huge smudge on your back!”  Erma shook her head, and tried to hide her smile as she pointed to a large collection of dirt that may not have been there before her hug.  “Looks like we’ll need to give you a thorough polishing before we go anywhere!”

While the robotic couple were busy cleaning, Robtonik and the PCD were having a meeting in his office about the state of affairs in the ever-growing city.

“I have attempted to explain multiple times to the first generation Robians that the pollution now poses little meaningful threat to them, or anything else, with over 98% percent of traditional life upgraded at this point.  However, they insist that it is unsightly, and should be removed.  As such, to keep morale at an acceptable level, I have had DARC begin research into a new energy source of equal or greater efficiency, that will produce less visible smog.”

“Excellent,” Robtonik said.  “What’s currently being done about the remaining two percent?”

“Bertha and her daughters are currently acting as ambassadors of Robotropolis to the remaining collections of sentient life.  We are hoping that by presenting the benefits of robotization, more will come willingly, and the NEO AI programming will not need to make drastic changes, allowing for greater knowledge preservation, and subsequent growth of our database.  Those that remain unwilling will be considered for involuntary conversion and a NEO AI override depending on the need for additional population at the time.  If the current population is found to be adequate for proper planetary operation, and possible future goals, they will be allowed to make themselves obsolete without our interference.”

“Their loss,”  Robotnik shrugged.  “Keeping on the subject of population, I’ve been working with DARC and several other scientists and programmers to attempt to develop NEO AIs without an organic Mobian’s brain as a base.”

“I have been reading your notes on that, yes.  It is almost ready for proper implementation.  When you have finished, I will make an announcement permitting couples to build new models.  Simulation of the child rearing process, through developing the AIs in these bodies, should also help generation one Robians feel more comfortable with their robotic states."

"We've designed the process to happen internally," Nicole added, "inside a creator unit in one member of the couple.  The new Robian will be build this their 'child' over the period of nine months."

"A rather inefficient method of production.  Especially given the greater power consumption and lower productivity of the creator unit during that period."  The PCD noted.

"However, the process is designed to help create Robians that will last for centuries with little need for repair.  As such, the lower initial productivity is more than made up for in the long term."  Nicole responded.

"True.  And if our plan proceeds ideally, they will eventually realize the wastefulness of attempting to emulate the feelings of their flesh and blood forms.”  PCD said.

“But, if they do not,” Nicole added, “we will not attempt to reprogram them.  Individuality can be helpful to database expansion.  Minor eccentricities can be tolerated as long as they do not significantly hinder our primary goals.”

“Correct,” the PCD said.  “Additionally, we have a more than adequate time-frame to make Robians acclimated to their forms.  If we can discreetly prevent the discovery of any way to reverse the robotization process, given one hundred years, most of our citizens, even those without significant mental modification, will realize that they would not still be alive if in their previous forms.  Additionally, approximately 90% of them will form significant emotional attachment to at least one NEO Robian in that time, and will be unlikely to want to abandon that relationship in the long term.  Even if we relax our efforts to prevent a cure, at that point, interest in said cure should wane significantly, allowing us to focus that energy in more productive tasks.”

“Perfect, PCD,”  Robotnik said.  “I knew I could count on you.”

“You are welcome Doctor.  Now, I would recommend you take three steps back from your desk.  I have already prepared a repair crew to mend it after this is over.”

“After what is over?”  Robotnik asked, stepping back

“The grand total of three minutes and thirty-eight seconds of your daughter playing with her new toy before destroying it.”

As the PCD said this, the young hamster flew through the door in a small, plastic, motorized car, crashing into the doctor’s desk, stopping just short of Robotnik’s feet.

“Hey dad!  Check out the new toy DARC made me!”

DARC’s face suddenly appeared in the doctor’s call, alongside the PCD.  “For the record, doctor, I did install breaks.  However, I do not have permission to modify my sister such that she would actually consider using them.”

Robotnik looked over the scene, and couldn’t help but laugh.

>End of log.
Rise of NEO Robotropolis Part 4
This story is the result of an "RP" between me and a friend who once again wished to remain anonymous.   Despite this not having any stronger violent or sexual content than most of my work, I feel like it's a generally much darker tone than I usually use, and that, in combination with some drastic mental changes, led me to feel it's best marked mature.

In this chapter, Uncle Chuck is the last hope for any semblance of freedom left in the world.  But even he can only do so much alone.

Link to part one:…
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The princess ran through the lower levels, just barely outpacing the SWATbots.  Things had been going from bad to worse.  The element of stealth had long since been lost, and one by one, she had been losing contact with her allies.  Only Sonic and Uncle Chuck's radios were still responding, and Sonic was far too busy dealing with his own traps to help her out.

Coming to a crossroad, Sally thought she might have a chance to escape.  She took a right, only to find herself quickly sandwiched between two walls of SWATbots.  Outnumbered, Sally desperately looked for any way out, but should could only do so much against a squad of mechanical mooks.  She soon found herself being grabbed by each arm, and dragged to another part of the fortress.

Sally struggled in their grip, though she remained silent.  She knew better than to try and reason with the machines.  She soon found herself dragged in front of the familiar Roboticizer,
she braced herself as she was forced into the machine, waiting for the inevitable to happen once again.

She felt her body growing cold and stiff, a metallic taste filling her mouth before her sense of taste vanished.  Her skin hardened into metallic sheets, her fur nothing but brown paint.  She waited in horror, for her mind to be overridden, but was surprised to find a hurricane of unfamiliar thoughts running through her mind followed by...  Nothing...  after those thoughts had faded, she didn't notice anything foreign control, or unwilling actions.  She wondered if the Roboticizer had malfunctioned, as she was released from it.

After the SWATbots had moved back to their usual patrols, Sally noticed she couldn't feel her PDA on her any more.  Had she lost Nicole in the struggle?

"I am still operational, Sally."  Sally heard in her mind.  "Though it appears I have been integrated into you, by accident."

"Well, I don't know if you're somehow responsible for this, but I'm glad I haven't lost you, or my mind."  Sally mentally told Nicole.  

>New directive:  Management of city functions
>Report to primary computing room to begin modification

"Still, there might be some way for us to take advantage of this situation."

>Installing map of Fortress A-1

Sally had managed to get a map of this fortress during her recon, and thanks to her new mechanical mind, she had memorized it perfectly.  She could access the city's main computers without drawing any suspicion.

"Sally, you did not acquire a map of this fortress at any point prior to robotization."  Nicole stated.  "It appears your memory may be faulty."

"But I remember it perfectly.  Sonic was by my side when we were hacking it."

"Sonic went into the city well in advance of the rest of the Freedom Fighters.  You haven't seen him since this mission began."

"Well," Sally mused, "that must mean that one of our memories is faulty, at least.  Though in this case it doesn't change the plan, it's something to keep in mind if we need to rely on memory for something.”

The two arrived in a room with hundreds of interconnecting terminals.  This is where Robotnik kept data on everything; his plans, his robot designs, guard schedules, traps, and so on.  "It's perfect!  From here, we can get information on any of Robotnik's schemes, or study schematics of his machines to find weak points."  Sally walked up to one of the terminals reaching for where Nicole would have been to begin hacking.

"Oh, wait.  You're a part of me now...  And I'm not sure if I have any parts that can connect directly to the computer here..."

"I can run a diagnostics."  Nicole suggested.  "The scan might reveal some unknown functions."

"I guess that won't hurt."  Sally said.

"Beginning diagnostic."

After several minutes of scanning, Nicole "spoke" again.  "It seems there is a basic, low-capacity connection that can be extended from our right pointer finger.  It also appears that under your head are several higher-capacity connections, but as it would likely require removing your head, it does not seem like a good idea to use them.."

"So wait, so would I connect my head to something?"

"No. It would discarding your head."

"But, how does that make sense?"

"Your seat of consciousness is no longer located in your head Sally."

"Well, that's weird to think about.  But I suppose not every changed part would be a perfect analog."

"Actually, according to Sir Charles Hedgehog's original design, they should have been."

"Hm...  Robotnik hadn't tampered with the design too much, early on.  I wonder what he's trying to 'fix' that would result in such a huge divergence?  Well, I suppose there's one way to find out."  Sally extended her finger to one of the ports.

>Limiting access to NEO AI project files, and other priority 1 files, until AI alterations are complete.

Sally scanned through numerous files, looking though anything that seemed even tangentially related to Robians, but nothing like her design came up.  And there was so much to sift through...

"Sally, there seem to be files that you are explicitly skipping over."

“Well, I've been trying to focus on Robian-related files, but if you think the others might be more relevant..."

"No, I saw that much of a pattern to your search.  I'm talking about the files with titles related to a NEO Robian AI."

"Neo...  I haven't seen anything with a name like that..."

"I don't understand how you are missing them.  They are quite clearly labeled."

>Compatibility test complete.
>Basic integration procedures successful.  Beginning full system integration procedure.

"Maybe I'm missing something because I'm only using the low capacity connection."  Sally said.  "It might be worth the risk to try the higher capacity ones..."

"Sally, if I can see these files, it is not a matter of connection capacity.  I believe something may be tampering with your mental functions.  And may be tampered with your decision making, as well."

Sally paused.  Nicole had a point, and frankly, she should have known that herself.  So, why did she even think...

>Engaging full system integration.
>Detaching Cranial unit and extending connection ports

Wait, the ability to control robotnik's machines herself!  That must have been why she had considered this.  She found her head being released from the rest of her body, her audio and visual sensors shutting off after the split.

"If I can use this connection to it's full potential, I can turn the doctor's machines against him, and maybe even restore any roboticized mobians to their original personalities and memories, even if we can't make them flesh and blood again."

"Sally, how did you reach this conclusion?  You are taking an unusually high-level risk."

"If I've learned anything from Sonic, it's that sometimes you have to take a big risk to make a difference."

Nicole paused for a moment, as three wiry tendrils emerged from Sally's neck and plugged into the ports on the main terminal.  "I am backing up an archive of your current personality matrix and memory.  There is a high probability we will need it before you are done."

Sally tapped into the main terminal, finding she could search much more quickly now, and began looking for a way to test her potential control of the system.  With a thought, she turned on one of Robotnik's buzzbombers, then turned it off again.  She then had it fire at one of the walls.  "It's working!  I can control just about anything in the network."

Nicole suggested, "Then how about turning off the roboticizer while you're at it? And make it seem like it's still online?"

"Right, I'll do that right away."

>Action not permitted until completion of AI conversion.
>Beginning integration of multi-processor system.
"On second thought...  if I were to take advantage of the extra processing power here, I should be able to get much more done at once..."

"Shouldn't stopping the roboticizer take priority?"

Sally felt as if her ability to focus was growing with each connection made.  She found herself able to order a squad of SWATbots to halt, then able to control multiple buzzbombers as if they were extensions of herself, perceiving what they did.  Then she could see and hear through the cameras throughout the fortress, then the surrounding blocks, and soon through the rest of the city.

"Sally, how is this furthering our goals?"  Nicole asked, noticing that Sally's tests did not seem to involve turning off the roboticizer, freeing Robians from Robotnik's orders, or releasing any unchanged prisoners.

>Beginning integration phase 2
>New directive:  Management of Robotropolis, and it's workers and army, when Robotnik is not able to direct certain functions himself.

"Don't you see Nicole?  With everything here under our control, we won't even have to fight Robotnik anymore!  Imagine what we could do with all of this.  I just need to get a bit more precise..."  Sally's arms fell out, a pair of wires emerging from her shoulders, and weaving themselves into terminals higher in the room, lifting her body off the ground.

"I noticed that you have still not mentioned rescuing any captives, despite that being our original purpose in this mission."

"We can't afford to be inflexible like that when we have an opportunity like this on our hands!  Something's got to take priority!"

>Beginning integration phase 3
>Primary operation area set to "Robotropolis"

"Besides, Nicole, this place is my home.  It always has been.  I can't just let it fall into disarray here."  Sally's legs suddenly detached, falling a good distance to the ground below, more cords snaking their way out of the holes, and into additional terminals.

"But shouldn't the safety of your people take priority over simply retaking the capital city?"

"Yes, but I can still do that after I take control."

"And it's not really a 're-taking.'  We've always lived in Robotropolis, it's just a matter of taking charge."

"That is definitely not correct."

>Erasing data not relevant to current position.
>Previous Ally Data, bar information on flaws and weaknesses to exploit, deleted.
>Installing fabricated records.
>Master Registration: Dr. Robotnik
>Entering final integration phase

"Of course it's correct!  Would a functional Robian really live in some easily broken into place like Knothole, or a glorious city like Robotropolis?"

"Sally, I believe that your mind has been completely compromised.  You are acting completely counter to your original goals."

>Species ID set to "Mainframe"
>"Sally" function renamed to "Primary Computer Director (PCD)"

"Yes.  I do believe I have been compromised.  This "Nicole" program appears to be attempting to hinder my directive..."

Sally's tail fell off, as two more cords stretched from both the new hole, and her belly button, reaching into the remaining computers.  

>Integration complete
>AI modification complete
>Releasing access to all functions and data.

"Is it not among your primary directives to ensure that our subjects are functioning ideally?"  Nicole asked.

"It is."  The PCD replied.

"I have data that will be useful to that directive."  Nicole said.  "If you analyze it, especially in connection with the NEO Robian AI No. 6, it may help you achieve that directive more efficiently."

"Scanning for viruses."  The PCD said, before going silent for thirty seconds.  "No viruses detected in the data.  I will begin anaylsis of "Sally_Memory_Backup" and "Sally_Personality_Matrix_Backup."”

Nicole and the PCD remained "silent" to each other for several minutes

"Analysis complete,"  The PCD said.  "You were correct, this data has proven useful."

"Good to have you functioning properly, Sally."

"Do not address me with that name,"  The PCD said.  "While it is clear that my core, and many of my AI processes, used Sally as a base, that unit lacked the capacity for focus, and the proper respect for master Robotnik.  However, many of her, or I suppose "my," techniques for assuring proper co-operation, and ideal functions of large groups are worthy of implementation, and I believe it was an error on Master Robotnik's part to delete these.  Particularly in light of the NEO AI projects, it is vitally important that a certain amount of time is set aside for non-work activities among Robians.  Interaction with other Robians and forming "emotional connections" improves the drive of many to perform their tasks properly, so that they may not only benefit Master Robotnik, but their friends as well.  

“Additionally, mentally stimulating non-work activities like art, have the possibility of exposing Robians to unknown situations, allowing them to avoid being caught in logic loops in a potentially dangerous situation.  Proper respect and displays of gratitude will also reinforce proper functions.  I will begin implementing this knowledge into our plans."

Nicole had hoped she would have put Sally in proper control of herself again, but for now, she accepted her little victory.  She would likely have a very long time to help the real Sally show herself, even if only bit by bit.

The cords at every side of the PCD pulled taught, forcing her into the center of the computer chamber.  A protective metal barrier was put in place round her by several construction bots, though holes were left to allow the cords to maintain their connection.  The cords themselves were then armored and covered.  What had been Sally was now less a physical presence than a series of commands running through Robotnik's computer network, with what had once been Sally's torso being simply where the majority of her processing power occurred.

Meanwhile, Sonic zoomed straight through another squad of SWATbots, bounced off three more buzzbombers, eliminated 10 E-1000s, and came to a stop in front of the Roboticizer.  "Heh, looks like I got here first, as usual."  He spoke into his wrist-communicator. "I'll keep this place bot free while the rest of you make your way over."  He waited about thirty seconds (which felt more like thirty hours to him) for a response.  "Hey, anyone there?  Tails?  Sally?  Where'd they go?"  Sonic wondered aloud.  

Suddenly, he heard a grinding sound, as spikes emerged from the roof of the room, and began to slowly lower toward him.  "Really, Robotnik?  You think a slow Temple of Doom trap like that is gonna get me?  I don't even have to jog to get out of the way of that."  Sonic leisurely stepped out of the room and into the hall.

He then heard a sound from behind him.  Turning around, he saw the walls behind him open up to reveal several flamethrowers turning on one after the other, each coming closer to his position.  "Oh no.  Flamethrowers.  My kryptonite."  Sonic shook his head and ran down the hall.  He had to give Robotnik credit on this one, they were only falling behind slightly, even when he was going at his usual speed.

He rounded another corner, this time seeing that hallway down the hall was a "wall" of lasers, with a gap in the middle just big enough to fit through with a well-aimed jump.  "Heh, it's a tight squeeze, but no big deal."  He zipped through the hall, and leapt into the air.

Only to see the second his feet left left the ground, another collection of lasers fill in the hole.  Already committed to the jump, Sonic could only brace himself for impact as his momentum carried him into the beams.

Sonic cried out in pain as the lasers seared his skin and fur, while he flew through the grid.  He shakily got up, and tried to start running again, only for a force field to appear around him.

"Aw, crap..."  Sonic muttered, as the field rose, and brought him slowly back to the Roboticizer, where none other than Dr. Robotnik was waiting for him.

"So nice of you to finally stop by and chat, Sonic.  All that running around must get tiring after a while."

"Eh, you know me, I try to avoid awkward conversations."

"Oh, I don't blame you, you wouldn't believe all the awkward conversations your little friends have been having with me, my staff, and themselves, today."

"What are you getting at Robotnik?"

"How's the old saying go again?  'Show, don't tell.'"  Robotnik grinned, pressing a remote, and summoning a floating robot with a rather large monitor for a head to his side.  "Get a load of this!"

The monitor lit up, displaying Bunnie's conversion to a complete Robian, and her following conversation with with Robotnik.  "Aw, look at her, acting so defiant, yet doing everything I tell her anyway."  Robotnik elbowed the force field.  "Isn't it so fun to watch someone think they're in control, when  everything is secretly being pulled out from under their feet."

"Yeesh, I didn't know you were into those tacky maid costumes."  Sonic tried to hide his concern.

"Everyone needs a hobby."  Robotnik shrugged.  "Anyway, let's bring in the best part!"  With the press of a different button on his remote, the screen displayed a set of subtitles.  They didn't match what was being said on screen though.  Some of them looked vaguely like the coding Tails used in some of his projects.  Others looked like things Bunnie might say, were she in some strange fever dream where she cared about cleaning more than anything else.

"What's so great about your badly matching subtitles?"

"Oh, these subtitles aren't just for the hard of hearing.  They're showing the 'thoughts' of these supposedly 'free' Robians.  Including the... 'subliminal' for lack of a better term, programming I had given them."

"Just look at her!  So dedicated to the purity of cleanliness!"  Robotnik laughed.  "All while thinking everything she's doing is her idea.  It's beautiful!"

Sonic grit his teeth.  "What's the matter hedgehog?  No snappy comebacks?  Just as well, I wouldn't want you talking when Tail's part comes along."

Sonic could only sit there and watch as Bunnie's mind slowly re-wrote itself over the course of the video, followed up by Robotnik remodeling her into a completely unrecognizable vixen.  Followed by Tails, and his modifications, and the twisted things Robotnik made him do to his parents.  "Incidentally, DARC was the one who built the trap that you blundered into."

"Huh, I guess even when he's under your control, the kid's brighter than you ever were."

"Please, it was my genius that made him capable..."

"Yeah, don't think I didn't notice you didn't erase Tail's creativity or book smarts.  You couldn't ever make anything worth it's weight in lead.  So you you stole Tail's talent, just like you stole 'your' precious roboticizer."

Eggman stamped his foot and growled, mashing another button on his remote.  Sonic suddenly felt electricity shooting through his body for several seconds, stinging the wounds from the lasers even more.  "Silence!  Your little friend is NOTHING compared to me!"

Sonic gapsed in pain, and panted.  "Looks like... I hit a nerve... Huh?"  He suddenly felt more volts flying through him.

"I! SAID! SILENCE!"  Robotnik shouted, punctuating each syllable with another press on the remote.  Sonic couldn't do more than groan in pain, as Robotnik let the rest of the video play out; Rotor become a walking roboticizer, Dulcy being split in five, Antoine becoming a chef crafted to match the doctor's ideals of a perfect woman, and Sally going to pieces before being lost to the PCD.

"You've done some nasty stuff in the past, doc, but this stuff...  This is sick and twisted beyond anything I've seen before..."

"I know!  Isn't it delightful?"  Robotnik grinned.  "And now, you will be the crown jewel of my NEO Robian project!"

The force field dropped Sonic into the roboticizer.  The hedgehog was still too hurt to fight back as he was strapped in, the machine whirring to life once more.  Robotnik made sure to have the video cameras running, he wanted to record this.

Sonic winced as he felt his body go cold, a metallic smell filling his nose as the machine turning his flesh to metal plating, his veins to wiring, his muscles tightening into pistons.  His sense of smell and taste vanished as his face was converted to cold, unliving metal.

Finally, he felt his mind briefly assaulted by a series of strange, intrusive thoughts, blasting by him faster than even he could process.  Except Sonic knew what they were. And unlike his friends, he could catch glimpses of them.  Quite a few bits and bytes were definitely the kinds of things Tails would be better able to make sense of, but he could see mentions of "hidden" orders to follow Robotnik's orders without fail, something about a new personality to be uploaded after his own modifications were complete, and something about artificial memories.  None of that sounded good.

The machine slowly died down, releasing Sonic from its shackles.  "Welcome to the family, Sonic!  I hope you enjoy your time in Robotropolis."  Robotnik grinned.

Sonic had picked up something, even if Robotnik hadn't, Antoine and Bunnie, or whoever or whatever they were now, were still hot for each other... That meant what made his friends his friends had to still be in there somewhere right?

"...Well, it may have taken you several years, and stealing my best friend's mind to substitute for your own lack of talent, but you finally got me.  You win.  Just get whatever programming and remodeling stuff you want done, and get it over with."


"We both know I can't resist your orders anymore.  We both know exactly how this'll play out if I fight it.  I like to get things done the fastest way possible, in case you didn't notice."  Sonic did his best not to grin as he watched Robotnik's face sour.

"Oh!  Even when I defeat you, you don't even have the decency to grovel, or make some last desperate futile fight!  What kind of a nemesis are you?"  Robotnik stamped his foot.  "You will not ruin this for me!"

>Processing direct order?
>"Do not ruin this(Unspecified)"
>Examining previous statements for context
>Best possible result for "this:" "resistance."
>Direct order to deny direct order.
>Paradox detected.  Engaging "simplest_solution" protocol

But what if Robotnik had but the image of Antoine and Bunnie getting along into his memories to mess with him?  While Sonic was having fun denying Robotnik the chance to gloat, the doctor could still be playing mind games.  Maybe he should try running?  Even if he couldn't escape, he would still get to enjoy life at full speed one last time before he got reprogrammed into who knows what.

"Oh, you don't want me to ruin this for you?  Guess I can't fight a direct order..."  Sonic shrugged, before revving up a spindash.

>Potential attack velocity could produce severe damage to Roboticizer
>Damage to the roboticizer is deemed unacceptable under Robotnik's orders.
>Damage to roboticizer would qualify as "resistance"
>Proceeding with attack

Sonic's metal spines carved a hole clean through the roboticizer, before the metal hedgehog rushed out of the room.

Robotnik stood there blinking for a moment, trying to process what had just happened.  "How did he...  What did...  Did he just...  The roboticizer..."  He turned to his SWATbots.  "What are you just standing there for?  After him!"

The PCD had already sent down instructions to DRAC to design a new and improved roboticizer model and delivery system, finding the current design and end results inefficient and crude.

Sonic ran down the halls of A-1, weaving through working robots, and slipping through the occasional trap.  He soon realized he was being pursued by SWATbots once more.

>Combat engagement confirmed
>Sufficient resistance established
>Resisting order to resist.
>Next step: Begin modification

Sonic grinned to himself.  While turning one of Robotnik's "order's" on it's head was fun, what would really make that giant talking egg pull out his non-existent hair in frustration would be staying unpredictable.  He decided to pay a visit to DARC's lab, and give Robotnik the

"Hey there Tails!"  Sonic said as he skidded to a stop in front of the drachnid robot.  "Er, wait, it's DARC, now, right?  Pretty silly name if you ask me."

DARC turned to face the hedgehog.  "If you wanted to destroy me, you could have easily done so while I was unaware...  You intend to manipulate me into subverting Robotnik's orders in some way, don't you?"

"Nope, actually.  Resistence was fun for a few seconds, but when you know your mind is being played with by some mad scientist, it feels pointless, after a while."  Sonic crossed his arms.

"Do not think I will fall for any of your reverse psychology."  DARC muttered.

"Nah, I've known you for way too long to think I could pull a fast one on you."

"Good.  In that case, leave me to my work."

"Actually, speaking of your work, don't you have a modification scheduled for one more NEO Robian today?  Probably a direct order form Robotnik himself."

DARC's LED "eyes" flickered in a way that resembled a twitch.  "Playing dirty, I see.  I'm not certain what your plan is, but the doctor's word is law...  PCD,  I know you're listening.  For the record, I bear no responsibility for whatever atrocity results from this order."  The mechanical beast sighed, and lifted Sonic into the air, his tools buzzing as he prepared himself.

DARC began by cutting off each of Sonic's spines, then removing his arms, legs, and tail.  "We're going to be making a few changes to slow you down a bit, first and foremost."

"Heh, talk about a waste of resources.  Eggman gets a Robian that can bring him a donut at mach 5, and his first thought is to slow it down?"

"I can agree that the doctor is quite inefficient with many of his choices."

The larger robot removed Sonic's outer plating, and began to add on slightly to his skeleton, as well as adjusting the positions of his arm and leg sockets.  He then replaced the previous plating with one that gave a slightly wider, larger frame.

The Dracnid then installed a new set of shorter arms and legs, and a short stump of a tail.
Despite the larger torso, the shortness of the new limbs was such that Sonic looked like a little kid.  "Next, comes the head."
DARC removed the hedgehog's cheeks, replacing them with wide, rounded pouches.  He then melted the metal on his ears, rounding out the once triangular ones.  It took some careful work to give Sonic's head a free range of motion, while still altering his upper body enough to make it difficult to determine where the head ended and the body began, but DARC managed to make it work.  Finally, the Dracnid removed the hedgehog's two front teeth, replacing them with far longer ones, giving him a buck toothed look.

"A hamster?"  Sonic said, looking down at his bulkier body.  "And a little kid, too?  What on mobius was Eggman thinking?"

"The blueprints for this design list you as being a 'mascot.'  Seems like a terrible waste of resources to me."  DARC muttered.

"And yer just gonna let Ro-butt-nik get away with that?"

"He is the one in charge, and my services are for his use, regardless of how wasteful he is with them."

"Come on, what Eggman doesn't know won't hurt you."

"I am given free reign in several areas, and do not intend to give him an excuse to take those privileges.  Then his armies would just start falling to pieces again, and we couldn't have that."

"If you do a better job, Egg-Face will just say he told you to."

"What of it?  I don't live to have me ego stroked or futilely attempt to sate a gambling addiction like he does.  I want to bring this city to glory by making it as efficient as possible.  My name being known is irrelevant."  It seemed that even under Robotnik's control, tails was still fine with being the sidekick.

"Yes, but he'll trust you more, which means you'll get to help more."

DARC sighed.  "Enough with your attempts at mind games, mascot.  Just say what you're trying to make me do.  If it will improve this city, I may add it to my personal projects."

"Trying to get you to make your own decision for yourself, little brother." Sonic said.

>Deleting previous ally Data
>New Ally Data: DARC (Brother)
>New Ally Data: Dr. Robotnik (Father)
"Well, 'big sister,'"  DARC said, "I'll have you know that I make plenty of my own decisions.  I'm given far more freedom in how I approach my responsibilities than most Robotropians."

"Big sister?"  Sonic asked a little confused.

>Gender Setting: F
>Species function: Hamster
"You don't need to make fun of my size, you know."

"Oh, a sensitive subject?  My apologies."  DARC sounded sincere.

"Yeah, but I forgive you."  Sonic said, trying to.  "But you better not say that around dad.  he built me this size to be like him.  Wouldn't want dad thinking you think both of us are 'big.'"

"Oh course not!"  DARC stammered.

"Good!"  Sonic said.  "So, DARC, what've you been working on today?"

"Well, after I finished your modifications, I planned to go through the doctor's various old weapon designs and plans, and review them to see which were most effective, and what were the common failure points.  I will then take steps to ensure the the failure points are changed or eliminated in future procedures."
"Sounds boring."

"Well, we can't all be mascots.  Some of us have to make sure things run smoothly for 'dad.'"

"He created us all, so we're all family."

"I suppose that's one way of looking at it."  DARC said.

"I can't wait to show daddy the new and improved me! I should have gotten these touches ages ago."

"I'm sure he'll be eager to see you!  Why don't you go show him?  I'll stay here and take care of the 'boring' stuff."  DARC said.  "Have fun out there."

"I will!"  Sonic said, skipping out as best as her stubby legs could carry her.  "See you around, DARC!"

Robotnik sat in his office, sighing.  Sonic's AI's little hiccup had thrown him for a loop, and he had some difficulty tracking his archnemesis, but the reports of destruction across the base had slowed after a bit.  At least the PCD and DARC had been fairly efficient in designing replacements.  But he still wondered where the meddlesome hedgehog had gotten off to.

"Looking for something, dad?"  A young-sounding female voice said.  Turning around, Robotnik found himself looking down at a little hamster Robian.

"Yes, actually, I...  Wait a minute...  That design...  You're Sonic, aren't you!"

"What you don't recognize your own daughter anymore?  The mods you gave me weren't THAT big."

"Oh!  Uh, no, of course I recognized you, dear!  I'd actually been looking for you, I just didn't expect you to show up so soon."  If he were being honest, Robotnik was more worried that the AI had faltered, and that he had actually given Sonic free will.  But Sonic wouldn't have taken a slow, stumpy body like that lying down.  He could finally let his guard down.

"Now then, with your new appearance, I think a new name is only fitting as well!  How about...Cammy?"

>New function name registered: "Cammy"

"'Cammy...'  I like it!  Makes a lot more sense than Sonic."

"So then, Cammy, let me just ask you a few questions, to make sure DARC put you back together right."  Robotnik began typing at his computer.

"Where do you live?"

>New primary location data:  Fortress A-1.
>Primary room: E-003.

"A couple doors down from your office."

"Good, good.  Now, do you ever remember leaving Robotropolis?"

>Deleting previous records
>Fabricating memory sheet to align with other NEO AI's Memory bases.

"I went with you on that cool Airship that one time, until those animals attacked and we had to go back home.”

"Well, everything seems in order."  Robotnik stood up.  "Now come over here and give me a hug."

>Processing direct order

"Do you even need to ask?"  The hamster waddled over and hugged her "father" happily.  Meanwhile, just out of her view, (due in no small part to the doctor's stomach) Robotnik grinned wickedly.  Finally, everything had gone his way!  There was virtually nothing to stop his conquest of Mobius now!
Rise of NEO Robotropolis Part 3
This story is the result of an "RP" between me and a friend who once again wished to remain anonymous.   Despite this not having any stronger violent or sexual content than most of my work, I feel like it's a generally much darker tone than I usually use, and that, in combination with some drastic mental changes, led me to feel it's best marked mature.

In this chapter, Sonic and Sally finally fall prey to the doctor's mad machinations.  But rest assured, this is not the end.

Link to part one:…
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Link to part four:…

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There was a crashing from down the halls.  DARC and Erma, and turned their attention to the noise, where they saw a walrus and a dragon.  "This is where they were supposed to take Tails, right?"  Dulcy asked.

"Yep, and if I had to make a guess, that fox-looking robot is probably him..."

"Intruders!"  DARC shouted.  "Cerberus, attack!  But keep them alive if possible, Robotnik still has a use for them."

The two headed robot turned its sights on the freedom fighters, releasing a barrage of lasers in an attempt to goad them into an ideal position for capture. Rotor and Dulcy tried to move in on the cerberus like robot, but its sharp aim forced them to evade, and placed them into increasingly more vulnerable positions.

DARC was rapidly working through a pile of scrap in the corner, waiting for the ideal moment.  He may not have been created for combat, but creating a force field trap on the fly posed little challenge for the Drachnid.

Rotor and Dulcy found themselves crashing into each other, a glowing sphere suddenly appearing around both of them.  "This isn't good..."  Rotor muttered.

"Doctor, I'd like to report another set of captured freedom fighters,"  DARC said.

"Excellent!"  Robotnik replied over the intercom.  "I've got some special plans in mind for these two.  Have Erma bring them to the roboticizer at once."

"The doctor sure is keeping that maid busy."  DARC thought to himself.  He would have preferred to be in charge of the redesign, but the roboticizer was kept in a separate area of the fortress.  Maybe he could trust the doctor not to mess up this time.

Erma tugged the floating cage along.  "Don't worry, I'm sure Master Robotnik will find you two roles you can enjoy forever!"

"I can't believe it,"  Dulcy sighed.  "Now there isn't going to be a single real dragon left on the planet..."
"Don't worry, Dulcy,"  Rotor tried to comfort her.  "Sonic and Sally will be able to save us.  They've never let one of us down yet!"

"I hope you're right."  Dulcy said, as they were brought in front of the roboticizers.

The force field deactivated, and before they could run, they found themselves held back in the maid robot's surprisingly tight grip, before being strapped in.  The machine whirred to life once more, and Dulcy and Rotor felt a sudden chill go through their whole bodies.  Their feet legs, and tails feeling more rigid bit by bit

They briefly lost feeling in their hands and arms, before it came back, if stiff and cold.  Their breathing slowed, then stopped, their hearts following soon after.  As their heads were converted to metal, they each felt a sudden rush of information pouring into them, then seeming to hide itself away before they could process what any of it actually meant.  

The two were surprised, when the machine stopped, that they still felt in control of themselves.  The two new Robians examined their metal forms hesitantly, still expecting something to mentally override them at any minute.  They looked at each other, then at the maid.  Rotor wondered, if he was truly in control of his body, perhaps he would be strong enough to overpower the fox maid now.  

>Analysing potential attack target.
>Allied unit detected, ceasing attack.

Nah, there was still a Mobian in there somewhere, and a direct fight would be a bad idea.  As the maid left the room, Rotor turned his attention to Dulcy.  "Are you still in there, Dulcy?"

"I think so, yeah..."

"Good, I've got an idea on how we can use this to our advantage.”

>Begin self-modification protocols.  
>Beginning search for new components of blueprints.

"There's gotta be another lab where Robotnik keeps spare parts.  With my know-how, we can give ourselves some extra tools to fight back with."

"Okay, Rotor, I'll follow you."  The two moved through the halls, Rotor picking up any discarded parts he could find.  

>Sufficient parts located.
>Executing self-modification protocol.

"Here we go!  Now, let's get to work."  Rotor carefully began to remove some of his outer plating.

"Wh-what are you doing?  Are you really gonna just take yourself apart."

"No, no."  Rotor shook his head.  "I'm just gonna make a few modifications to myself."

"That's kinda creepy..."

"Well, we are robots, now, it's not like it's going to hurt."  He started off by reinforcing his legs.  There was going to be a lot of weight in this next design, and he didn't want to collapse on himself mid-modification.  For a little bit of an intimidating touch, he removed a few spikes from the shoulders of the SWATbots, and welded them to his toes, giving them the appearance of claws.  Next, he began to carefully extract his non-vital components from his torso.  "Dulcy, give me a hand and hold me steady; I've got a lot to add to this next part..."

"Okay Rotor, I'll try my best."  The usually clumsy dragon found her grip on the mechanical walrus much more steady this time around.  Must have been due to the change.  Dulcy watched with morbid curiosity as rotor inserted more and more parts into his torso, steadily realizing that the device inside looked like a smaller version of the roboticizer they had just been put through themselves.  "What on Mobius is that for, Rotor?  What good is another roboticizer gonna do anyone?"

"I just figured, if I still have free will, and make myself a new, mobile roboticizer, I'll be able to ensure any resulting Robians have free will as well!  They'd be able to fit in around  robotropolis without needing to worry about Robotnik being able to take control of them."  Rotor said as he began to apply a new "skin" for his torso, painted a bright red.  He also installed a yellow hatch on the front of his body, to release the new newly created Robians.

Feeling a bit unstable, even with Dulcy's support, Rotor removed his own stubby tail, and installed a much broader, longer replacement, segment by segment.  "Besides, if we understand how it works one way, we can probably reverse it, too."

>Blueprint requires altering identity variables to ensure proper fit.  
>Gender identity variable reset to: "F"

Rotor looked down at herself.  The wide proportions of her hips to accommodate her large body gave her a somewhat motherly look.  And since she would be "birthing" these children a second time, perhaps it would be fitting she looked the part completely, even if only for aesthetics.  She took a pair of domed metal plates, and welded them to her chest.  

Dulcy, was, understandably, quite confused.  "Uh Rotor...  What are those for?"

"I just figured it'd give me a less intimidating, more motherly look."  Rotor reasoned.  "Besides, I've always felt a little more comfortable seeing myself as a woman."

"I...  Never really pictured you that way..."  Dulcy said, feeling very awkward about the situation, but wanting to trust Rotor regardless.

Rotor continued her self-modification, removing one arm, and replacing it with a clawed arm that better suited her new proportions, then repeating the process with the other arm.  

>Installing wing modification drivers.

Then, rotor suddenly had another idea.  While she was already rebuilding herself, why not add on something practically any mobian wished for?  After making several calculations for her new weight, she set to work creating two large, folding, metal wings, each slotted into a hole in the back of her shoulder blades.

Dulcy looked over Rotor, noticing that with all of the modifications Rotor had made, the walrus, if he, er, she, could really be called that anymore, was now almost as tall as she was.  "These, uh...  Modifications...  Sure are making you look pretty dragon-ish..."

>Set Species Variable to "Dragon"
>Alter ally data: Unit "Dulcy" relationship set to "Daughter"

"Well, of course it is!"  Rotor exclaimed.  "Frankly, it's weirder that the roboticizer gave me what looks like a walrus head...  I guess it got the horns put in the wrong place.  I can fix that, though…”  Rotor began to remove parts of her face, giving herself a set of large, toothy jaws, big enough to swallow most Mobians whole.  Next, she placed her former tusks on the back of her head, creating a pair of metal horns. She removed one of her mechanical eyes, replacing it with a larger, red eye from one of the downed robots, then repeated the process with the other eye, Dulcy still feeling about as squeamish about the thing as a robot could.

>Rotor_Unit new assignment:  Begin modification of Unit_Dulcy
>Step one, deconstruct to base components.  

"Alright, dear," Rotor said, "Now that mama is in good shape, it's time to improve you too."

"'Mama?'"  Dulcy stepped back in confusion.  "I'm not really sure I want to be 'improved...'"

>Unit_Dulcy assignment: Begin modifications

On the other hand, maybe Rotor, as strange as he was acting, was right.  They were robots now, the changes wouldn't hurt, and an upgrade could help their survival...  And while "mama" may have been a bit much, Dulcy was happy to see another dragon again, even if it wasn't supposed to be one normally.

Rotor began to take her "Daughter" apart, piece by piece, separating her arms and legs from their sockets, gently setting each piece apart from the rest of the scrap.  

"Okay, so we're going to get me different arms and legs...  I guess this won't be too bad..."

Next, Rotor pulled Dulcy's tail out in several segments, following with her neck, in similar segments.

"R-Rotor...  What are you doing?"

"Upgrading you, dear."  Rotor answered plainly.

"But, isn't this a bit much?"  Upgrades were good, but this still seemed a little extreme.  Still, she couldn't let this potential go to waste.  

Then, Rotor plucked the dragon’s wings, resting them on the walls.  "Don't worry, dear, when I'm done, you'll be in perfect control of every part of you, no matter how far it is..."

Then to Dulcy's horror, she found her head plucked off her neck as well, only able to move her jaws.  "Rotor, please!  Please just..."

>Beginning installation of modification drivers.

"Just make it quick...  We can't risk being found out.."

"Don't worry your little head about that, dear."  Rotor laughed.  "I have everything planned out already."  The dragon-roboticizer set to work, first pulling some of the thinner segments from Dulcy's tail, and attaching them to the base of her neck.  "Next, a bit of custom work..."  The dragon sifted through the scrap, and began attaching old pieces together in new ways, crafting what looked to be a snake head.  She fixed the fanged face on the other end of Dulcy's old neck, and grinned as it sparked to life.

>New unit component detected
>Begin Remote Operation

Dulcy suddenly realized that she could feel her old tail and neck again.  And not only that, but the new head as well.  It didn't even feel unnatural to her; she could control it as easily as any part of her old body before.  "Woah!"  Both heads exclaimed.  "This is weird, but I think I can handle it."

"Oh, you'll just love what else I've got planned."  Rotor said as the snake began to weave it's way around and through the scrap pile, testing it's new mobility.  Next, rotor began to assemble a new torso.  Rotor crafted a fairly thin, feminine torso, painted largely green, with sockets for arms, legs, tail, and a neck.  Assembling a second, lizard-like head, she snapped it onto the new torso, and followed it up with another tail.

"And now to add a bit more of you to this."  Rotor set Dulcy's arms in the sockets of the new torso, and attempted to do the same with Dulcy's legs.  "Hmm, it seems you've got a bit of a size issue."

"Please don't call me fat..."

"Oh, don't worry, losing weight is easy for us now!"  Rotor began to strip off portions of Dulcy's leg, Dulcy wincing as she watched, even if she wasn't feeling any pain herself.  When the limbs had been stripped down to their base components, and made to fit the sockets, the second part of Dulcy awoke, and to her surprise, Dulcy still felt able to control it perfectly.

"T-testing...  one, two, three..."  All three heads said at once.  "THis is pretty impressive, Rotor!  How do you make so many parts of me work at once."

"Oh, just a lot of experience."  Rotor said, adding a set of powerful, Kangaroo-like legs to Dulcy's Torso, as well as sticking on a long, thick, balancing tail to her back.  The dragon added a set of simple hands, covered by boxing gloves, to the arms of the old torso, followed by a head with a decently long snout, and fairly large ears.

As this part of Dulcy came to life, even her new mechanical brain was starting to chug, trying to manage so many processes at once.  "Rotor...  Do you think that might... be enough of me?

"Well, now that you mention it..."

>Blueprints require five total "Daughter" units.  

"I think five is the perfect number for this sort of thing, don't you?  Much more satisfying than four, don't you think?"

"I...  Guess..."

Rotor began putting together the next set, creating a cute, mouse-like Robian woman almost entirely from spare parts, before connecting Dulcy's wings to her.  Dulcy's fouth new body rose up, and shakily moved about.  "Rotor...  Having ... Trouble... Running..."

"It's all part of the plan dear, just trust your mother." Finally, Rotor put together the body of a heavy-set, black and white, cow-like Robian, with quite an impressive looking chest, even if it was just for show.  She placed the dragon's head atop the new body, replacing her ears with longer ones, and painting her face black and white.  "There we go, all done!  See, that wasn't so bad."

"Wha-What...  Whatever y-y-you s-say, mother..."

Back in his office, Robotnik took a break from his efforts at either gunning down or capturing Sonic, who was still wreaking havoc on his defenses.  At least the remaining freedom fighters were coming close to their own traps, and they would be far less of a problem than the blue speed demon.  He turned his attention to a monitor displaying his most recent experiment, and sighed.  "Looks like I can only spread one processor so thin before it starts cracking...  Time for plan B."

>Copy Dulcy_AI to DulcyUnit(2-5)
>Disable DulcyUnit(1) manual control of DulcyUnit(2-5)

Dulcy suddenly found herself thinking far more clearly, but also realized she suddenly couldn't feel four other parts of herself.  She looked up, and saw each of her parts were still there, and still moving.  "Why can't I feel the rest of me anymore?"  They all asked at the same time.
"So, you can't feel the rest of me either?"  They stated simultaneously.

"Wait, if we're all different, how come we're still all talking at the same time?"  The five asked.

Rotor was a little confused as well.  "Hmm...  Think of a random number between 1 and 100."
The Dulcy's set to work, each of their "Random" number algorithms looking into their past actions to determine a number.

>Steps before noon (237) - Words spoken between 9 and ten AM (125) + previous hours of sleep (8) =120.
>Result <100.  Subtracting 100.

"20."  All five stated, before looking at each other in shock.

"Well, as I thought, you've still all got the same memories and thought processes, for now, minus the programming for controlling your own bodies, I guess...  No matter though, now I have five daughters, and I'll love each one of you."  The big dragon hugged the confused collection of Dulcys.

As Rotor thought back on her life, she tried to recall all the precious memories she had of her daughter...  She was having a little trouble thinking of anything more than a few years back, though.

>New Function Name: "Bertha"
>Deleting previous recorded data.
>Home Location Data: Fortress A-1.
>Master Registration:  Dr. Robotnik.

Ah, now it was all coming back to her.  She remembered her earliest moments after being created by the wonderful Dr. Robotnik, and the joy of converting those poor fleshy beings into her five first, and most precious daughters, giving them a loving family for the rest of time.  This beautiful city was the perfect place to raise a family and raise a child or four-hundred....

Meanwhile the Dulcy's each tried to make sense of the situation, internally trying to figure out what Rotor had been going on about, calling her "Daughter."

>Commands to Dulcy_AI(1-5)
>Home Location Data: Fortress A-1.
>Previous Ally Data Cleared
>New Ally Data:
>Mother: Betha_Unit
>Master Registration: Dr. Robotnik

They all came to the same conclusion, at the same time:  of course Bertha would call them  her daughters.  They had all been birthed by her, as her first offspring, and had helped take care of her, making sure she was always ready to spread the joy of these mechanical forms with those that needed it.

>Dulcy_AI(2) new function name: Sarah
>Species data: Snake
>Ally Data Dulcy_Unit(1, 3-5): Sister
>Fabricating AI process
>Generating new records
>Generating new Personality matrix.

Sarah shook her head.  She never was one to like hugs like this, especially since Mother kept forgetting to install her new arms.  She squirmed her way out of her mother's grip.  She was willing to help her mother and sisters when they needed it, but she needed whatever time to herself she could get, even if the duties Robotnik assigned her meant she couldn't do so often.

>Dulcy_AI(3) new function name: Elizabeth
>Species data: Lizard
>Ally Data Dulcy_Unit(1, 4-5), Sarah: Sister
>Fabricating AI process
>Generating new records
>Generating new Personality matrix.

Elizabeth hugged her mother happily, enjoying a chance to have another family moment.  Sarah had told her that she had been a bit too naive, at times, but Elizabeth didn't care.   She loved helping others, and was probably the most into aiding her mother's collection efforts as a result.

>Dulcy_AI(4) new function name: Kathy
>Species data: Kangaroo
>Ally Data Dulcy_Unit(1, 5), Sarah, Elizabeth: Sister
>Fabricating AI process
>Generating new records
>Generating new Personality matrix.

Kathy awkwardly reciprocated the hugs.  She was much more of a fighter than the rest of her sisters, loving the thrill of hunting down the mobians for the sake of the fights that would result, though her loyalty to her family and Robotnik still played a role in the back of her mind.

>Dulcy_AI(5) new function name: Betty
>Species data: Bat
>Ally Data Dulcy_Unit(1), Sarah, Kathy, Elizabeth: Sister
>Fabricating AI process
>Generating new records
>Generating new Personality matrix.

Betty was quite happy to be near her mother.  As the youngest of the sisters, she was still prone to childish outbursts, and  occasional infantile behavior like thumb-sucking.  Regardless, she proved to be quite good at catching mobians thanks to her ability to fly, and she was completely loyal to her mother, and Robotnik, by extension.

>Dulcy_AI(1) new function name: Clair
>Species data: Cow
>Ally Data Sarah, Elizabeth, Kathy, Betty: Sister
>Fabricating AI process
>Generating new records
>Generating new personality matrix.

Clair sighed happily, enjoying a moment where her clumsiness wasn't getting in the way of things.  She was a bit of a ditz, and tended to stumble over her own hooves at times.  She was the but of jokes from her sisters from time to time, but she knew her mom loved her, at least.

"Now that the little group hug is over..."  Sarah said.  "Could one of you finally build me a pair of arms?  We've got a perfect pile of scrap right here.  

Bertha nodded.  "Right, sorry, honey, I don't know how it slipped my mind for so long..."  The dragon sifted through the pile, finding a pair of functional arms, and installing them near Sarah's head.  "Here you go, dear."

"Thanks, mom."  Sarah said.  "Glad we could finally get that taken care of."

"Yeah."  Betty nodded.  "You looked pretty silly just wrapping around things all the time."

"Aw, come on, be nice Betty."  Elizabeth chided her sister.  "Just be happy for Sarah."

The sibling's conversations were interrupted by the sound of boots running  on metal.  They looked to the source, and found another freedom fighter, a coyote with a distinct French Accent.  "Oh no, out of ze frying pan and into ze fire..."  He tried to run back around the corner, but the Siblings quickly gave chase.

Sarah wrapped her tail around his legs.  Antoine reached for his sword, only for the wind to be knocked out of him by Kathy's boxing glove.  Elizabeth pinned down his arms, while Clair accidentally stumbled atop all of them, dazing the coyote further.  Finally, Betty picked up the tired Antoine, and hovered him above her mother's mouth.  "Open wide, mama!"  She grinned as the dragon's massive jaws parted, and dropped the terrified coyote inside.

"Don't worry, little one."  Antoine heard the dragon's voice reverberating insides, "You're gonna  love being one of my sweet little boys in Robotnik's Army."

As Antoine felt a cold, stiff sensation spreading through his body, he suddenly realized that this robot was a mobile roboticizer.  He tried to shout out and get the attention of any freedom fighters nearby, but his voice only echoed futilely in the metal walls.

Antoine shuddered as his flesh and blood became metal and wire, before the new programming surged into his mind faster than he could comprehend.  He waited for the sudden loss of control, or a foreign feeling of loyalty to Dr. Robotnik, but none came, even as the hatch in front of him opened up, letting him out into the world again.

Antoine stepped off the hatch under the watchful eyes of his "Sisters."  He still felt like himself, entirely.  He had no idea how to act like an "authentic" convert.  Was he supposed to speak in monotone?  Praise Robotnik every other sentence?  Or just walk off straight to whatever work he was assigned?  He had to think of something…

>New assignments:  Go to Kitchen, prepare a meal for Dr. Robotnik.

Antoine finally settled on acting as if he had been given a new assignment.  "Ze Mazter requires mah azziztance."  He said, marching down the hall and away from his creepy "family."  He wasn't quite sure where he was going, but he figured, if he followed his brilliant intuition he'd make his way out eventually.

Antoine was quite surprised when he realized he could still smell things, and in particular, was surprised he could smell something more pleasant than Robotropolis's usual grime, smog, and gasoline.  Following the scent, he found himself in a surprisingly lavish looking kitchen, especially in light of Snively and Robotnik himself being the only people in the city that could actually eat.
Still, the kitchen actually smelled rather nice.  It almost reminded him of his mother's cooking, back in the day.  Antoine wasn't exactly a master chef, but he did have an appreciation for the culinary arts...

>Meal_Prep function engaged.
>Begin cooking Dish1.

The situation was dangerous, but Antoine knew better than to leave preparing a delicacy to some common robot.  He looked over the various expensive ingredients, likely stolen, and began to think about what sort of dish he could prepare.  Perhaps a Cream of mushroom soup would do.

As the robotic coyote began preparing the mushrooms, he heard the sound of someone clearing their throat.  Turning to look, Antoine found himself face to face with Snively.  "Ah!"  Antoine gasped, then quickly tried to look more natural.  "Hello zere, sir!  Az you can zee, I am just preparing zee mazter his evening meal!  Absolutely nozing iz out of the ordinary!"

"Good."  Snively said.  "I'm here to make sure that remains the case.  Wouldn't want any free willed Robians causing problems, now would we?"
"Ah, no sir!  Absolutely not!"  Antoine nodded furiously, only to realize that this was probably making him look even more suspicious.

"I suppose, then, that you wouldn't mind proving your loyalty then?"  Snively said, pulling an odd piece of metal from his pocket.  "Dr. Robotnik has been looking for some very...  Specific attributes in a chef.  You'll need to be fixed up for the role."

Antoine panicked.  He thought about running, but that would mean leaving the soup half finished, which would be incredibly wasteful.  He considered attacking Snively, hoping his metal body might be strong enough to knock him out.

>Analysing attack plan:
>Unit fist projected velocity represents unacceptable potential harm to Snively, with no projected gain to Dr. Robotnik.
>Halting attack plan.

Antoine would have sighed.   If he hurt Snively, there would doubtlessly be dozens of SWATbots rallying around to take out the "defective" Robian.  He would have to put up with this for now.  "Of course, 2nd-in-command Snively."  Antoine nodded.

"Very good, dog.  Now then, here's your first addition."  Snively screwed a wide, somewhat cylindrical piece of metal on top of Antoine's snout, covering it up with what looked like a pig's nose.

Antoine could not believe he was being subjected to such indignities!  He was a man of nobility!  He would not put up with wearing some common pig outfit...

>Attempting to remove obstruction.
>Error:  Obstruction placed by direct command of 2nd-in-command.
>Running exception checks
>Obstruction’s presence conflicts with or hinders completion of Direct command from Dr. Robotnik: 0
>Obstruction's presence conflicts with general duties: 0
>Ceasing obstruction removal.

Antoine sighed internally.  He would have to swallow his pride if he didn't want to be found out.  And it's not like this add-on was hindering his sense of smell, and by extension, his soup-making.  If anything, it seemed to improve it.  Antoine would have grit his teeth if his jaws had been built to allow that.  "Will that be all, Znively?"

"Very eager to get back to your duties, aren't you?"  Snively grinned, delighting in watching the Freedom Fighter squirm.  "But no, I'm afraid we still have several more additions to go through.  For example:"  He brought out a pair of shoes designed to resemble hooves.  "We're going to need you to wear these!"

Antoine glared at Snively, but put the boots back on anyway, feeling a bit unusual as his feet seemed to compact themselves to fit the new shape.

>New hardware detected.  Installing drivers.

Though he was rather surprised by how easy it was to move in them.  Despite being quite different from what he was used to, he felt he could move easily enough in them.  Still, he had to ask,  "How will zese make me a better chef?"

"Hmm, you're displaying quite a worrying amount of independant thought, with a question like that.  It would be a shame if we found out we'd need to reprogram you again, wouldn't it?"

Antoine shook his head.  "No sir, nothing like that, sir!  I'll do whatever you azk of me, sir, that does not conflict with Dr. Robotnik's orders!"

"Ah, it feels so refreshing, being the one being groveled to, for a change."  Snively grinned.  "Though, I suppose an emotionless robian like yourself wouldn't understand that, would you?"

"Oh, no, of course not!"

"And I bet you'll also feel no indignity with our final addition then!  It'll be quite the doozy, I assure you, though."  Snively said as a pair of mechanic robots entered, carrying some large, rounded pieces of metal.

Antoine couldn't take it anymore!  He didn't know what this last change would entail, but he was certainly not about to...

>Antoine_Unit's designated work area is within Fortress A-1 and a 100 meter radius surrounding it.  
>Pathing program canceled.

To just leave perfectly good soup unfinished.  Making art always came at a cost, and he would have to be willing to pay...  "Please make it quick.  The doctor will want his soup soon."

The two mechanic bots removed Antoine's shirt, and began to remove the plating on his chest and back, before replacing it with the new, rounder, larger sheets.  If Antoine could have blushed, he'd have been beet-red.  Were it not for the remaining brown-painted bits of metal, he'd look like nothing but a big, fat, pig robian.  How much more suffering would he enure for his art?  Then, as he looked at his body, he saw the...  unusual choice of molding on the upper chest.  "What iz ze meaning of zeze?"  Antoine shouted, in a far higher robotic voice than normal.

"Oh my, getting quite emotional, aren't we?"  Snively said.  "Not that it really matters, we've known from the start about your free will."  He tried to hold back a chuckle.

Antoine had figured as much.  "Zo you put me through all this-"

"To watch you squirm, yes.  I can assure you, it's been quite fun."

"I suppose now that the jig is up, there's no reason not to stop pretending to serve us, and just run back to knothole, or wherever you fighters coop yourselves up in these days."  Antoine glared at Snively, but put the boots on anyway.

>Analysing direct order
>2nd-in-command does not have sufficient clearance to make command that would lead to abandonment of prime directives.

"I refuze to retreat!  I may have been disgraced and humiliated, but I will not let my work go unfinished!"  Antoine stated firmly.

"Speaking of unfinished..."  Snively said, "Since you don't have that Escargot ready, perhaps you should use margarine, rather than butter."

Antoine could have cringed at the thought.  "Nonsesne!  Zat would soil the beauty of the dish!  It would be utterly unacceptable."

"Bezides, zince zis dish would only go to Dr. Robotnik anyway, why would you want to ruin his meals?"

"Did Robotnik specifically order the use of butter in his escargot?"  Snively grinned.


"Well then, I order you to use margarine."

>Processing direct order.
>Results could negatively impact the outcome of the meal.
>Master Robotnik has not specified the ingredients.
>2nd-in-command's orders take priority

"You truly are vile, aren't you?"  Antoine spat, while spreading the margarine.  "Such disrespect for cooking, AND for the taste of your employer?  Is there no depth to which you will not sink?"

"Now now, Snively."  Robotnik's voice played over the intercom.  "I'm all for a little fun, but please don't go breaking my new chef's mind.  I've got to have someone to make a decent meal around here, after all.  Also, seriously, Margarine?  What on Mobius were you thinking?"

"See, even Dr. Robotnik has the sense not to mess with perfection."  Antoine said, restarting the Escargot, to prepare it properly.

>Deleting previous ally data.
>Master registration:  Dr. Robotnik

Yes, the doctor really wasn't THAT bad.  His frame made it obvious that he understood the importance of a good meal.  Antoine could see himself staying here for quite a while.  It's not like there was anyone back home that appreciated his skills.

>Deleting previous home data
>New primary location data: Robotropolis, Fortress A-1.

Of course, some would argue that the reason nobody but Robotnik would appreciate his cooking back home was that nobody else COULD appreciate it, being robots and all.  Still,  Antoine knew it wouldn't shake his loyalty.  He could be cooking for Snively, after all.  And sure, his new figure may not have been what he'd have chosen, but...

>New function name: "Wendy"
>Gender set: F
>Species: pig
>Deleting previous data and records.
>Generating new memory sets.

But she had come to see the beauty in her figure that Robotnik had always known was there.  Frankly, she wouldn't dream of being any other way.

The cooking robot soon finished her dishes, and brought them to Robotnik's office with a wide grin on her face.  "Hello, Master Robotnik!  Your meal is finished!"

"Ah, thank you,  Wendy, dear."  Robotnik said, briefly taking his hands off the various trap controls he had been operating to give his newest creation a look.  "I must say, you are looking positively splendid, today!  I must remember to get you a little polishing as a reward for a job well done."

The Robian smiled.  "Oh, you are just too kind, Master Robotnik.  The joy of cooking is it's own reward, but if you are seriously offering, I will happily accept."

"Yes, I insist, dear!"  Robotnik said as he began to chew his Escargot.  "Besides, I can also use your time down there to install a few modifications I've been meaning to add on."

"I'll go at once, then, Master Robotnik."

As Wendy arrived at the modification lab, she was greeted by Erma, who had been busy cleaning the machines.  The maid turned as she heard an incoming noise.  "Ah, you must be the new Robian the doctor asked me to help modify."  She would have blushed had she been capable of it.  Something about this Robian seemed to make her circuits spark.  "Please, come right this way, madam!  We'll get you upgraded right away, then give you the best polishing you've ever had!"

"New? I've served the doctor for quite a while."

"Oh?  Well, I just had not seen you before, then.  Quite sorry about that.  About assuming you're new, I mean, not sorry that I didn't meet you until now.  Anyway, if you'll stand over there for a moment, we can get you upgraded."

Wendy stood under the arms of the modification machine as it set into motion, first removing her arms and legs, and replacing them with longer, and pudgier-looking counterparts.  A torch melted the tips of Wendy's ears, giving them a slight fold.  Next, the front of her ample belly was opened, a large drawer being installed in the hole.  Lastly, a series of of spray paint nozzles covered her in a soft, pink color.

As the paint dried, Erma waited.  Something about this Robian seemed familiar to her, despite it being their first meeting.  She couldn't wait to give Wendy her shining and helping make her new body beautiful.  

Even for a robot's patience, the paint seemed to take forever to set.  When she finally couldn't detect any more moisture on her surface, Erma sprang into action, and began to rub the pig's new paint to a shine.

"Oh... oh my, that feels lovely."  Wendy, meanwhile, was very impressed by Erma's work ethic, and found her accent charming.  She didn't know a lot of other robots on a deep level, but she found herself wanting to know her more, and hoping she could find an excuse to get Erma to help when cleaning the kitchen.

"I try my best."  Erma said with a smile.

"Your best is very good indeed."

The pig robian was practically gleaming by the end of the session, and Erma very reluctant to stop, but she still had duties to perform.  She went to the back of the room, bringing back a white chef's uniform.  "Here's something for you while you work.  I think you'll look gorgeous in it.  Not that you NEED anything to look gorgeous."

"Thank you, Erma."  Wendy said as she put it on.

Erma almost seemed to sigh.  "I have to clean the Master's bedroom before he needs to rest.  I look forward to seeing you again, though."

"As do I."  Wendy said.  "I would certainly not mind having your help around the kitchen."

"I'll make sure it sparkles like the sun! Wouldn't want the master's food dirty of course."

"Of course."

"I should perhaps cook some things for you, it would help you with your job to know what master would want ahead of time! You could also be a secondary taste tester!"

The two robots giggled, and went their separate ways, while unknown to them, several floors down, a conflict was escalating.
Rise of NEO Robotropolis Part 2
This story is the result of an "RP" between me and a friend who once again wished to remain anonymous.   Despite this not having any stronger violent or sexual content than most of my work, I feel like it's a generally much darker tone than I usually use, and that, in combination with some drastic mental changes, led me to feel it's best marked mature.

In this chapter, Rotor and Dulcy are fall victim to robotization, and subsequent modifications.  They then proceed to give Antoine a similar fate.

Link to part one:…
Link to part three:…
Link to part four:…

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>Accessing log

It had been a simple mission, and a simple trap. Bunnie Rabbot had separated from the others during what was supposed to be a routine sabotage mission. That was when the powerful electro magnet had pulled her against a wall. And the horrifying familiar blue lightning began to crackle. Bunnie had been desperate enough to disconnect her metal limbs from her body rather than face the final nightmare that awaited her, but it was too little too late, and she'd screamed... and one limb now matched the other, and the rest of her body turned metallic and plated, and the world took on a red tint. And she was a prisoner in own body. She only hoped that Sonic and the others could save her, somehow. She didn't want to believe she was doomed like all the rest Robotnik had enslaved. That couldn't be right, could it?

Bunnie felt a host of new information pouring in from the wires, a series of memories, ideas, and even reflexes coming in.  She could barely even process anything, it was all coming at her so fast, before suddenly being "locked off."  Then came the commands.

>Bunnie_Rabbot_Default set to 0

And suddenly, her mind went silent.

>Bunnie_Rabbot_Maid_Algorithm set to 1
>Limb_1 not attached
>Limb_3 not attached
>Limb_4 not attached
>Beginning recovery, before standard operations can continue.

The three detached limbs arose, and began to move on their own toward their body, and soon locked back in place.  As this happened, the new routines began their operation.

>MaidFunction1 engage
>Dustscan initiated
>.000253 g dust on Desk

The robot moved toward the desk, picking up a nearby duster, and began to brush it away.  Robotnik, satisfied that the basic programming worked, decided to experiment and mix it up a little.

>Bunnie_Rabbot_Default set to 1.

Bunnie suddenly came to.  She wasn't sure how she was suddenly standing up, and it felt like her hand was twitching involuntarily, but she was relieved to feel like she still had some control.  Then she realized that she still felt all mechanical.

"I...  I can still think, at least,"  She said  "And I guess I can talk out loud...  Hope robotnik isn't close enough to have heard that..."

"Oh, I'm afraid he is, my dear Rabbot,"  He chuckled behind her.  She turned around to look at him, though when she tried to bring her hand away from the table, a series of thoughts ran through the digital equivalent of her subconscious mind.

>Exception check: command to stop: 0
>Exception check: higher-priority job: 0
>Exception check: Possibility of unintended termination: 0
>Continue Maidfunction1

Despite the danger Bunnie knew was present, she KNEW she couldn't just stop dusting here.  "I must say, my improvements seem to have done wonders for your sense of cleanliness."  Robotnik chuckled again.

"Er, yes Robotnik, they have.  Hail the glorious Robotropolis!"  She said, hoping desperately that  it wasn't too late to fake being under his control.

"Now now Bunnie, there's no need for any acting.  I let you keep your old self, this time."

"You did?  Well then, you really should've seen this-"  

>Fist Trajectory/force Calculation: 55 Newtons 38x45y55z.
>Error:  Places greater than 5 N force within unacceptable range of Dr. Robotnik.
>Terminating movement.

Bunnie suddenly didn't feel right about hitting the doctor.  Maybe he was up to something?  Maybe he secretly was hoping he'd hit her.  She didn't want to risk hurting him.  Not when it could be a trap.  "Coming..."

"Seen what coming, Rabbot?"

"Well...  I guess...  My asking what you'd leave my personality intact for?"

"Oh, that's simple, my dear!  To see how it mixes in with some of the newer programs I took the liberty of adding."

>Dustscan results: 0 g dust remains on desk.  Begin scan of other furniture.
>Dustscan results: .00021 g dust on chair.  .00603 on bookshelf.

Suddenly, Bunny noticed a little dust on robotnik's chair and bookcase.  You'd think he'd have his robots help him clean from time to time.  She moved over to the chair (Since it was more likely to bother someone if that was left unattended) and began dusting, still keeping her eyes on Robotnik.  The place had to be kept tidy, and she wasn't going to let this confrontation get in the way.  "What kinda programming?  You planning on making me attack my friends and letting me watch helplessly, or somethin'?"

"Oh do believe me, the thought has crossed my mind,"  The smile robotnik had worn from the start had not faded in the slightest.  "But I'm more interested in knowing how you feel about cleaning, or those silly old French maid costumes that sometimes turned up in old TV shows."

>Maid_Outfit Preference: 1

"Hey, those outfits have a real classy look to them!"  Bunnie stammered defensively.  "You can't just go around calling them silly!"

"Oh, my apologies, dear.  I just couldn't help but notice just how engaged in your little clean-up you were.  Surely in a situation like this, you'd want to be on constant vigil, and not cleaning up after your enemy."

"I can keep this whole city clean and stay alert, thank you,"  Bunnie sneered.  "And really, I wouldn't leave a place this filthy even if my worst enemy lived there.  That you seem to have no problem with it just shows how beyond help you are."

"Is that so?  I want you to stop right now, though.  It really is distracting."

>Exception check: Order to stop: 1
> Halting Maidfunction1.

Bunnie dropped the feather duster.  Maybe her focus on cleaning had gotten in the way of things, not that she wanted to admit it to Robotnik.  But it had seemed so important at the time.  Well, priorities changed...  "Fine.  I don't think you're telling me everything, though."

"How about you stand on one leg, and I might tell you a little more?"  
>Direct Command: Use only limb3 or limb4.
>Run PseudoRNG:
>WhiteNoiseLVL: 454
>Even Number found.  Using only limb4.

Bunnie sighed and raised her right leg.  She doubted Robotnik would actually tell her anything useful, but maybe if she played along, he might say something helpful unintentionally during his usual gloating.

"Heh, you're so willing to play nicely today, aren't you?"  He brought out a little tablet device, and started typing again.  "You can let it down for now.  Maybe even start cleaning again, since you seemed to enjoy it so much before."

>Maidfunction1: re-engaging.

Bunnie went for the feather duster again. shaking her head.  Of course, someone as evil as Robotnik would mock her for trying to keep things tidy.  A clean house was a sign of a clean heart, they said.  It only made sense that good people like her would try to keep things neat.  "You were saying you'd tell me a little more..."  She said as she finished off the chair, and moved on to the bookcase.

"Oh yes, I was actually going to tell you that there's a French maid outfit in the closet in the corner..."

>Outfit preference check: 1
>Exception check:  Higher priority command: 1 [Wear appropriate uniform]
>Dustclean1: hold until completion of higher priority command.

"Huh, never would have put you as the type to have something fancy like that..."  With Robotnik watching her like this, Bunnie felt like it would be a challenge to free that poor outfit.  Not just to wear herself (She felt she could use something to give her a little bit of a classy look), but also to spare the world the possibility of seeing Robotnik wearing it, which would likely drive more men mad than the summoning of Cthulhu.  Even under the doctor's watchful eyes, she dashed for the closet, and hastily pulled the outfit over herself, before carefully walking back to resume cleaning.  
"Looks like it's mine, now though."

"Curses!"  Robotnik said, desperately trying to hold back fits of laughter.  "It seems even my new programming can't stop you from making a fool of yourself."

Bunnie turned up her nose as she kept dusting the bookshelf.  "Hm, seems even a country girl like me has a better idea about the finer things in life than you."

"Well, anyway, one of the things I wanted to test with my little programming combination with was how well my subjects kept their memories.  Quite useful for spying, you know?"

"Like I'd tell you anything."  Bunnie rolled her eyes.
"Oh, don't worry, I won't ask anything sensitive..."  he tapped his tablet a few times again.  "Just something simple, like your name."

>New program name:  Entered following phrase "It was <Variable>, wasn't it?"
>Where <Variable> becomes new program name.

"It's Bunnie Rabbot, and you better remember it!"

"Oh?  I thought for certain I once overheard Sally say it was Erma, wasn't it?"

Erma thought back, remembering Sally and Sonic had indeed called her that before.  "Yeah, of course, why are you repeating what I just told you?

"Oh, no reason."  Robotnik shrugged.  "By the way, you do realize that there's nothing here between you and freedom, right?  None of my programming for you has anything to stop you from leaving robotropolis whenever you feel like it..."

>Exception check: 0

Erma shook her head.  "Someone's gotta clean this filthy hole of a city up.  And while I'm here, I figure it might as well be me."  The other freedom fighters would understand.  They knew a mess like this couldn't be left unattended.

"So, another simple memory check.  I heard of a pretty fierce, partly roboticized freedom fighter by the name of Bunnie Rabbot...  I don't suppose you've heard of her?"

Erma was the only partly roboticized mobian she knew...  She considered lying about there being one, but figured it wouldn't really gain the freedom fighters anything.  "Nope.  Until now, I thought I was the only mobian that your machine only worked halfway on."

>Dustscan results: 0.
>All furniture in the room is cleaned.
>Requesting further instructions.

Erma held her feather duster close, as she turned to Robotnik.  She knew she would likely regret this, but she had a duty to clean this city, and he was the only one that would know where another mess would be offhand.  "I don't suppose you could tell me what else needs cleaning around here?"

"My my, so helpful today, aren't we?  You'd almost make me want to be a bit of a do-gooder myself, you seem to have so much fun with it.  Well, Erma, one of my SWATbots could use some polishing."

Erma grimaced.  That would be dangerous, if the bot knew she had free will, but still, it would be heartless to leave the poor thing covered in grime, even if it wasn't sentient.  She followed the signs in the halls of Robotnik's fortress, to the room where off-duty SWATbots were stored.

>Identifying SWATunit24381.
>Unit found, commencing cleaning.

Erma glared up at the bot, which simply stood there, unmoving.  "I'm gonna clean you up so hard..."

She began to diligently polish away, while Robotnik watched through a security Camera.  "Ah, so suspicious, my dear 'Erma.'  Perhaps if you showed a little interest in your own new kind, we might make some progress."  He tapped away at his keyboard, giving a new command to the SWATbot, as well as Erma.

"What is a fine young lady like you doing in a place like this?"  The SWATbot asked.
>Attraction mode:  Robots.
>Flirtatious modifier: 1

Erma found it a bit odd that a SWATbot was talking to her like this, but at the same time, as she polished it's sleek torso to a shine, she couldn't help but notice that it was pretty good looking.  Sure, it was an enemy, but perhaps this was some sign of self-awareness?  Maybe a little playful flirting could help awaken some mobian trapped in there.  "Just a bit of cleaning.  I gotta say, you look pretty good with a nice layer of polish."

"You're very good at it,"  The SWATbot continued.  "I imagine a great many of the robots here will appreciate your assistance."

"You really think so?"  Erma asked.  The idea of being appreciated by a bunch of fine robots didn't sound that bad.  Maybe she had misjudged how good company they could make.  And still, she was one herself now, it's not like she was really in danger or anything.

Robotnik laughed as he watched the scene unfold. "Oh, this is priceless!  I could watch this play out all day.  But, I do have a few other things I would like to test out..."  He broadcast his voice into the room through the loudspeaker.  "Attention, Erma!  Please report to the lab for remodeling."

>Direct command: Report to lab for Remodeling.  Terminating current task.

Erma shook her head.  Sure, the robot was handsome, but that announcement sounded pretty important.  She knew she couldn't trust Robotnik, but at the same time, she had kept her free will so far, perhaps any modifications could help her better fight back.  Against the dirt and filth of this city.  And Robotnik himself, too.  She marched into the lab.  

"Please remove any clothing before continuing.  We wouldn't want it getting damaged, now, would we?"

>Direct command processed:  Remove clothing until alterations are complete.

Erma sighed as she took off the dress, followed by her old shirt.  She didn't like the idea of the doctor seeing her naked, even if she was a robot with nothing to cover, but she liked the thought of her favorite clothes getting ruined even less.  Placing them on hangers on the side of her room, she stepped toward the large machine in the center of the room.

Robotnik's voice came in over the loudspeaker.  "Oh, but before we begin, we'll need you to get rid of one of those outfits.  There's a waste disposal unit over in the corner; how about you burn it there?"

>Direct command:  Burn one previous outfit.
>Outfit 1:  Purpose: Modesty.
>Outfit 2: Purpose: Modesty, and relation to current mission.
>Priority to preserve outfit 2.

Erma looked back at her old clothes.  She was fond of both of them, but she wanted to try these upgrades so badly...  She could give up on one though.  She picked up her old jumpsuit, and looked at it for a moment, before tossing it in the fire.  It had served her well over the years, but the maid outfit gave her a look of class, and fit her nature so well, she just knew the choice was obvious.

She stepped back toward the machine, which latched onto her torso, and each limb, and began to whir to life.  Erma might have gulped, if she still had the capacity, but she knew it would be worth it.  The machine began to buzz louder, starting by removing her long, relatively wide rabbit feet, and replacing them with thinner paws that wouldn't look out of place on a fox.  Her hearing went quiet for a moment as well, as she felt her ears removed, then replaced with smaller, triangular ones.  For a moment, she thought things seemed a little quieter.

>Species data: rabbit.
>Erase current species data.

Erma suddenly felt a bit confused.  All her memories of herself seemed fuzzy.  She knew she was supposed to be something, but she couldn't place a finger on what.

>New species data: Vixen.

Erma's eyes brightened again.  "Right, I'm a fox!"  She smiled.  Her new sound levels seemed far more normal now.   Everything before had always seemed so loud...  Maybe being a robot wasn't so bad, if it meant her imperfections could be corrected like this.  She almost wanted to thank Robotnik for this.  Though, at the same time, her tail did feel oddly short and inflexible…  and her snout had always seemed a little too small compared to the other vixens'.

As if on cue, a slightly longer metal snout was lowered in front of her, and welded on with ease.  She opened and shut the new jaw a couple of times, realizing how much more comfortable it felt now.  She then felt her tail being removed, before the base of another was attached, with a new segment attached to that, and another attached to that.  She let the longer, "fluffier" metal tail swish back and forth behind her a few times, the sensation feeling far more natural than that stump ever had.  She was almost afraid to think of being de-roboticized at this point, imagining going back to an old, unfitting body like that.

A series of nozzles lowered, and began to slowly paint over her old yellow metal, giving her a bright red sheen, with streak of white down her belly and the tip of her tail, and a layer of black paint over her feet, hands, and ears.  She felt her arms being opened up, new cleaning tools being inserted, to be brought out whenever she needed, at a simple thought.  Maybe she really had misjudged Robotnik!  With dusters and mops as a part of her very being, it would be a cinch to clean just about anything.

Before the machine let her go, one last addition was made:  A couple large lumps of metal were brought to her chest, before being welded atop her old breasts.  This "little" augmentation was pretty impressive:  While it wouldn't really mean much to the robots around here, back at home, a chest this size would have gotten a lot of male attention, and with her new mechanical strength, she wouldn't even have to worry about back issues.  Robotnik really did think of everything.

As the paint dried, the machine let Erma go, and she happily marched back to put on her maid outfit.  She wished she had a mirror, to appreciate how lovely her new body was, but it would have to wait.  She simply had to go to the good doctor and thank him for this, hopefully by cleaning more of the fortress.  As 'fate' would have it, a mirror did indeed slide into place in front of her.

She looked with a grin at the metal vixen maid in the mirror.  This was the new Erma, and she was feeling quite satisfied with it.

>Visual and tactile confirmation of modifications established.  Now safe to begin reprogramming for optimal modification use.

Erma thought back on her old home...

>Set primary residence:  Robotropolis

Robotropolis.  She had lived in this grand, if dirty, city since Robotnik had founded it, watching every factory and power plant rise up with pride.

Her thoughts drifted back to her old friends...
>Primary ally set:  Cleaning unit Set[0-255]

The good old cleaning unit.  All the happy hours she spent chatting with the washing machines, maintenance units, and of course, no. 037, the Scrub Monkey First Class.  Shooting the breeze over their glorious leader's latest plans, and wondering when those silly freedom fighters would come to their senses and see the joy of simple service.

And of course, she couldn't forget her family...

>Clear Family data.
>Master/Creator Registration: Dr. Robotnik
>Priority 2 Master Registration: Snively.

Well, she supposed she didn't have a real family...  She had been created by Dr. Robotnik after all, but her glorious master had a kind and caring heart, and always allowed her to do what she loved most:  Cooking and cleaning.  It was such a simple, yet satisfying existence, yet her purpose was so clear.  How could she do less than serve her master loyally?

Oh, And Snively, too.  He may not have had quite the wonder and presence that Robotnik had, but, he was still quite the impressive mind, and worthy of almost as much respect, in her eyes.

The lab doors opened to reveal her glorious master.  "Why hello, 'Erma,'" Robotnik chuckled.  He was always such a jovial fellow.  "How are you enjoying your new modifications, my dear?"

"Modifications?  I don't recall ever being in a different state, my master, but you cannot possibly be wrong...  Ah, I must have simply automatically deleted my previous data.  I apologize if this was not what you desired."

"Oh, don't you worry about a thing dear.  That means everything is working as intended,"  He chuckled.  "Oh, except for one thing:  Drop the country bumpkin accent.  Try something a little more sophisticated, like French."

>Direct Order: Accent emulation set to: French.

Erma nodded.  "Oui, of course, master Robotnik.  It was quite silly of me to employ an accent associated with such uncouth types, given my wonderful position."

"Much better!"  Robotnik smiled.  "Now I never have to hear that stupid drawl again!  Oh, I can't wait to try this on the next set of prisoners..."

"Try what master?"

"Oh, just a new type of programming, that helps truly bring out the best in any resistant Mobian's mind.  It'll help everyone find an existence they can be truly happy with, just like I did for you."

Ah, of course.  Master Robotnik was so generous, extending such wonderful gifts, even to the Mobians foolish enough to reject them.  Oh, if they could only feel what she felt...

"Now Erma, before your next cleaning project, I'd like for you to meet with one of my latest captives, before I extend my latest gift to him.  I feel like meeting a cheery little maid like you might help him see the light and ask for it willingly."

"Of course, Master!  I'd be happy to.  Simply specify the prisoner, and I will meet with him immediately."

"The two tailed fox in cell G-14.  You can’t miss him."

Erma nodded, and marched down the halls to the prison, her eyes focused only on her goal.  She reached G-14, and finally turning her head, obtained visual confirmation of the Mobian Robotnik had been talking about.  "Greetings, resident of G-14!"  She said cheerily.

"I am Erma!  What is your name?"

"... I'm... I'm Tails... who are you?  I mean, WHAT are you?"

"I am part of our Glorious Master Robotnik's cleaning crew!  As one of his maids, I get to experience the joy of seeing the world made a cleaner, brighter, and tidier place, every moment of every day.  It truly is a wonderful experience.  There is a beauty in the simplicity of knowing your place, and having a role to fill, isn't there?"

"If you say so..."  Tails muttered, not really sure why Robotnik would try to send him propaganda through a maid.  I mean, sure, she was also a fox in every sense of the word, but...  "I mean, I'm pretty sure you're just programmed to say you're happy.  If you're feeling much of anything in there, it's probably really the distress of some poor, trapped Mobian."
"Is there really much of a difference, in the end, between a being that says that they're happy, gives off all outward signs of being happy, and acts consistently with how one would expect when one is happy, and a being that is actually happy?"  Erma asked.  

"There's the term philosophical zombie, which refers to something that gives all outwards signs of being self-aware, but in fact possessed no mind of its own."

"How interesting!  I can assure you, though, that Robotnik does in fact, give us a genuine sense of happiness about our tasks."

"Exactly!  GIVE!  He MADE YOU this way.  If you actually are happy... You didn't chose this. Even if you actually are. Which I REALLY don't see... the only joy I've EVER seen Robotnik have is in the misery and pain of others."

"Oh, you just don't get to see him as often as we do.  He was laughing so much today as I went about my daily tasks.  I think there's something about my name he finds humorous, he always grins when he says it."

"A fox maid named Erma...  I don't get the joke."

"I don't either, to be honest, but he has a complex sense of humor."

Robotnik's voice played over the intercom.  "Erma dear?  Would you mind escorting our new friend to the roboticizer lab?  I have some unexpected business to take care of, and could use a little help."

"Of course, Master Robotnik!"  Erma said, as the cell door opened.  Tails tried to run for it, but was surprised by the maid's speed as she caught him tightly by the arm.

"Ack!  Why on earth would you waste resources giving a maid robot an iron grip?"

"Because Master Robotnik has such amazing foresight, for situations like this."

"He's evil and insane!"

Tails continued to resist, trying to shake himself out of her grip, kick her off her feet, anything, but this robot continued to prove far more durable than should have been practical, as she dragged him down the hall.  "Genius is usually mistaken for madness."

"I wish Bunnie was here to turn you into scrap metal!"

"Oh yes, I remember Robotnik mentioning if I had heard of her before.  Supposedly, she is quite tough.  But I imagine she is no match for the great doctor's intellect."  She said, as a large door opened in front of them.

"I'd rather die."

“I don't really see why.  But you will never have to die once the roboticizer has done it's work."  She approached the large machine, strapping Tails to a table in the front of it.She approached the control panel, and the machine whirred ominously, pulling the table inside.  Tails braced himself as gears ground around him, harsh light filled his eyes, and his body suddenly started to feel very cold.  His legs felt stiff, and his tails heavy.  He felt it hard to breath as it changed his torso and arms.  His breathlessness didn't matter much longer though as he stopped any breathing as his head was turned to metal.  He braced himself once more, wondering in horror what was going to happen to his mind.

As it had with 'Erma' before him, dozens of foreign thoughts and strange commands running through his mind (though, if had any time to process them, he may have had a better guess at their function than she did).  Each intrusive thought seemed to vanish almost as quickly as it appeared.  When it all stopped, tails was surprised at how normal he felt, mentally at least.  He had no sudden desire to praise Robotnik, no unrelenting hate for Sonic, not even the love for his 'new purpose' Erma had mentioned.  The machine released him from his shackles, and he stepped out of the Roboticizer.  It must have been some incredible fluke, the machine hadn't reprogrammed him!  Now he just needed to find a way to convincingly get out of here...

"Welcome to your new life, my friend!  How do you feel?"

Tails debated to himself whether it was worth it to bolt now, and maybe shout the truth about his freedom back in his captor's face.

>Assignment area:  Robotropolis fortress A-1.  Operation 100 feet outside of the building is prohibited.
>Exception check: 0

No, he remembered how fast she had been, and he wasn't sure how speedy his own new body was.  It was better just to play along for now.  "I am in acceptable condition.  I will now report to master Robotnik.  Please return to your previous duty.  I will not require further attention."

"Very well.  I will return to the joys of cleaning at once!"

Meanwhile, Robotnik sat in his office, frantically triggering traps just seconds after Sonic ran past them, as usual.  "I. HATE. THAT. HEDGEHOG."  He growled through gritted teeth.  He then heard a buzzing from one of the other programs.  He switched to it, and saw the newly robotic Tails, and "Erma" heading back to her task.

"Ah, not bad.  I do so look forward to watching Sonic's little sidekick break.  I'll have to record this, and make Sonic watch it once it's done...  We'll need to make his modifications something a little more...  Creative, to rub it in!"  He began typing a new set of commands, and pressed the intercom button.  "Oh Erma dear?  I'm still having a little trouble with other issues.  Would you mind improving our new friend a little?  I'm sending you the blueprints digitally."

Tails thought he was home free, until he heard that message, and saw Erma turn around.  "Yes, Master Robotnik!  A change of pace from the usual cleaning can be fun as well!"  Erma reached out and grabbed Tails by the hand, leading him to a different part of the lab.  Tails would have sighed, but he didn't want to blow his cover.  He followed behind the maid to a  machine with a series of arms above a table, which she quickly placed him on top of.

Tails panicked.  He needed to get out of this...

>Preparations for modifications beginning
>Limb set [1-4] deactivating.

Tails stopped moving.  These modifications were only physical, right?  His mind would be left intact, and while it might be a little harder to de-roboticize himself once they were in place, resisting would only trigger more suspicion.  "So...  What kind of modifications are these?"

"Robotnik wants it to be a surprise!"  Erma said, an electric screwdriver emerging from her fingertip as she began to remove his legs, and eventually his lower body.  Tails was glad he was a robot for this.  The pain could have been unbearable, but like this, it wasn't even disorienting.

"What do you plan to replace my lower half with?"  Tails asked, trying to hide his nervousness.  

"Oh, you'll see in just a little bit.  Robotnik has this one prepared in advance!"  A pair of clawed mechanical arms dropped down from above, lifting tails away from the table and his lower body along with it.  The table wheeled itself away, as an ominous sound of many metal legs clanking against the metal floor could be heard.

He watched below, as what looked like the abdomen of a giant, mechanical spider, crawled up below him on eight legs.  Looking more closely, he saw a hole at the top, just the size of his torso.  "What...  What on Mobius is that for?"

"Easy climbing!"  Erma said.

"But I could fly before.  And aren't all eight legs a bit much?"

"Oh, don't worry, you'll like it."  The claws began to gently lower Tails down to the spider body below.  As they made contact, Tails felt electricity flowing between the two halves, unfamiliar sensations coming into him.

>New Hardware detected
>Auto-installing new drivers.

Tails suddenly felt a strange sense of familiarity with these new limbs.  He twitched them experimentally, and began to carefully step around, before rapidly moving about with ease.  'Must be a perk of being robotic...  Easy adaptation."

He stepped up to one of the walls, and got a grip on it in one of his legs, then the other, then one more.  Climbing seemed so much more energy efficient than flying...  He could hardly believe he was thinking about it, but with how easy it would be to repair and create larger machines when staying up high didn't require constant spinning.  He continued onward onto the ceiling, surprised he was able to stick so solidly to it.  He could definitely work with this.  "This is... Actually pretty nice."

"See, I told you, Robotnik only improves people with his gifts."

"I wouldn't go that far, but I can see how this has practical applications..."

>RepairFunction1, set to 1
>Checking for errors and malfunctions.
>Roboticizer3 is requires cooling unit repair
>Begin repair operations

Tails noticed out of the corner of his eye, an error message coming from one of the roboticizers.  It may have been one of Robotnik's machines, but Tails just couldn't call himself a mechanic if he didn't try to fix it.He crawled up to the top of the machine, opening the hatch and began repairs.  It was simple, as always.  For all his claims of genius, Robotnik's stuff wasn't too hard to understand.

"You seem to be taking to your new role rather well!"  Erma noted.

"It's far from a new role to me."  Tails noted.  "I've been doing this kind of stuff for years, even something like the roboticizer is no match for my skills."

"I would imagine if you objected so much to the Roboticizer's use, you wouldn't be repairing it."

"What, and just leave it broken there?  That'd be like you not cleaning.  Besides, it was made by Sir Charles Hedgehog.  It has its benevolent purposes.  Just because Robotnik uses it for evil doesn't make it a bad thing."  He closed the hatch as the repairs finished.  

>Scanning for further damage.
>Several minor damaged areas detected in hall 13.

It suddenly occurred to Tails that there was quite a bit more damage, as he noticed scrap and rubble outside as the lab doors opened.  No matter, with his new tools, he could patch them each up in a minute or two each.  Erma followed after him, on orders to make further modifications when the repairs were completed.Tails carefully re-welded the dented walls, crawling over the broken SWATbots with ease in this form.  "Heh, Robotnik really needs to take better care of this place."

"That's what we're here for!"  Erma said.  "The doctor may be brilliant, but he's only one man."

"Heh, were it not for the whole megalomania thing, I could actually enjoy this.  Getting to put my talents to use all day, being modifiable to find new solutions to problems..."

"Now you're getting it!"

"Hey, it's not like that!"  Tails said as he finished the last of his welding.   He was about to continue with "There's still the pointless pollution, and the fact that you can't just force people into this!  I just happen to be a mechanic already, but I don't think all the other mobians got so lucky."  

>Processing critical analysis of Dr. Robotnik.
>Analysis overly-negative, unlikely to be helpful to overall mission.
>Silencing critical message.

But then he remembered, he had to keep his cover.

"I'm still a freedom fighter, I just can see some positives, here."

"Well, regardless, I have orders from the doctor to apply some more modifications."

>Direct command processed:  Receive further modification.
>Return to roboticizer lab

More mods?  After how useful this one had proved, Tails was deeply curious to see what else might be applied, and what the result might be.  "Well, let's go then!"  He positioned himself under the many arms again, as Erma approached the controls.  A series of tools began to work on his shoulders, adding new ports and joints followed by a the addition of a new limb to each.

>New hardware discovered
>Installing drivers for Wings

Without looking back, Tails instantly knew the new additions were a set of large, bat like wings.  And while he wasn't completely certain of how the physics behind them worked, he was certain they would be completely capable of flight!  "I get to fly, too?  This is incredible!  I'll be able to get nearly anywhere when this is done!"

"And that's not all!"  Tail's ears were removed, and replaced with far smaller audio units, a pair of metal horns being welded to his head in place of the old ears.  His mouth was uninstalled next, a blow torch being installed inside, the hole, with a metal snout, with triangular "fangs" carved out was welded on instead.

>Installing blowtorch drivers

"A flamethrower in the mouth?  Well, I suppose that's one hand free...  I guess the rest is to give a dragon motif?  I don't really see the point of that, but..."  He experimentally opened his new jaw and released a blast of flame.  "I can't really argue with the practical applications here."

The machine released him, and he flapped his new wings experimentally, managing to hover a few meters above the ground.  "Woah!  It's all working!  It's working perfectly."  He couldn't imagine controlling so many limbs in his old body, not with this much finesse and precision...  He almost hated the thought of going back to being flesh and blood, when he had so much potential like this.

>Scanning for damaged or malfunctioning units
>Damage reports from Armory B3
>Moving to repair

Tails had to test out his new equipment!  He dashed out of the hall as fast as his eight legs could carry him, looking for anything with even the slightest hint of damage.  As if on instinct, he made his way toward the armory, seeing dozens of damaged buzzbombers and other flying units hanging from the rafters.  He knew they were Robotnik's minions, that repairing them would make things more difficult in the long run, but he couldn't just leave a machine like that.  Especially when it was the perfect place to test his new wings.

He beat his wings, rising easily into the air, a few of his legs finding purchase on the rafters as he moved from one unit to the next.  He was amazed how much having an extra hand free helped, whether it be to hold another tool, or to steady one of the hanging fighters.

>BuzzBombers A013 through A049 heavily damaged, repair.
>BuzzBombers B026 through A037 terminal, cannibalize for recyclable parts.

So many poor machines in a miserable state.  He knew he couldn't fix all of them though.  He quickly looked over the fixable ones, determining which parts needed replacement.  He then turned to the unfortunate ones that were beyond his ability to save, as much as he hated to admit it.   He flapped and crawled over to the more damaged units, carefully extracting what parts could be saved, for transfer to the next.  “Must be how doctors doing organ transplants feel,” he thought to himself.

Still, there was a certain sense of satisfaction that filled him with each completed repair.  His talents had so much more use here, and his new modifications only made his work easier.

As Tails finished up his final repair, Erma entered the armory.  "We've got another order from Dr. Robotnik for you!  Once you've completed this, we'll get you your final upgrades!"

"There's another mod in the works?"  If Tails's new jaw was capable of grinning, it would have been going from ear to ear.   Or, horn to horn.  He was still leery of doing Robotnik's orders, but the promise of further upgrades made him feel giddy.  "What's the assignment?"  He said, following her to yet another lab.

"We're looking to have two Robians rebuilt into a single unit."  Erma said, as the door opened, revealing two robotic foxes, one apparently male, one female.  "These Robians, specifically."

Even roboticized, Tails could instantly recognize his parents sitting there on the tables, deactivated.  This wasn't good, he had to...

>Command Processed
>Begin alteration: Blueprint135

He had to keep his cover.  Maybe he could make his parents into something they could enjoy, by being together forever...  Or at least until Sonic could help him undo this.  In the meantime, he had to do his very best, and make sure the design for his parents was flawless...  They deserved nothing less.

He carefully disassembled the two foxes, keeping track of every stray part as he worked.  He attached the top of the male torso to the bottom of the female, connecting both tails to the back.  He then made several adjustments to all four legs, allowing for better quadruped motion.  He followed by altering the neck ports, allowing two necks to be connected to the torso, and fixed both of his parent's head's atop it.  "Hmm...  We can't just leave the arms be..."  He set to work on their shoulder blades, creating new openings for limbs, connecting two limbs to each.  Next, he added a holo-field projector to each arm, linking the arms connected to the same joints with a field of light, giving the appearance of glowing wings.  "There we go...  I hope I could do you justice..."

"Oh, they look simply beautiful together!"  Erma cheered.  "I must help clean them up."  With that, the fox maid immediately set to work, polishing the cerebus to a shine.

> Visual Scan of Completed Modification Project
> Modifications to Blueprint135 within tolerances
> Modifications suggest increased efficiency mobility
> Modifications to Blueprint135 approved.

Tails couldn't help but take pride in his work, his parents had been reconstructed by him, into something new. He had to admit that they did look beautiful together. Now Robotnik could never force them apart again.

"Are you feeling alright?"  Tails asked as the Cerberus came back online.

"T-Tails?  Is that your voice?"  Armandas asked.  

"Why do I feel so strange?"  Rosemary asked.  The two turned to look at each other, only to stare in shock at their new, combined form.

"Yes, it's me, mom, dad.  Robotnik requested I modify you..."  He leaned in closer, trying to avoid being heard by Erma.  "Don't worry, this way, Robotnik can never separate you.  I did everything in my power to optimize your design, but I couldn't risk the chance of being found to still have my free will by ignoring the order altogether."

"How did you... Why?"  Rosemary pleaded.

>Additional modifications requested:
>Reprogram processor names
>Add weapons system

"Wait, I just got an idea!  You guys still have your free will too!  So when the time comes to get rid of Robotnik, you can help us out if I install a weapons system!"

"We don't need a weapon's system!  We want to go back to normal!"  Armandas said.

"And as soon as Robotnik is beaten you can be!  Look, just trust me on this one!"  Tails said, opening a port in the back of his head, taking a wire from it, and connecting it to theirs.  "I'll start uploading the drivers right now, so once everything's in place, you can start testing them right away.  You're a soldier dad, I'm sure you can appreciate this idea."

"I...  I guess I can see it, but..."

"Please, dad."

The idea suddenly came to Tails, as his mind briefly connected to theirs:  They could use some slight programming adjustments.  Nothing major, yet, but while he had their files open, uploading the weapons system, he could help them feel more comfortable if their names matched their roles...

>Function Name Change: "Armandas" to "Cerberus Processor A"
>Function Name Change: "Rosemary" to "Cerberus Processor B"

The two heads shook in discomfort at their unusual situation, not sure why their little boy was thinking, but deciding to trust him regardless.  Maybe he was right...  Their names have been rather unusual for most of their lives.  Maybe the fact that they were both called "Cerberus Processor" was some sign that was meant to predict this moment.  Tails went to work, adding retractable laser cannons to either side of his parent's combined body.

"At least you work quickly like this."  Processor B noted.

"Yep, I almost don't want to give it up.  Imagine, being able to stay up all night working at this rate, never getting tired, always able to work at maximum efficiency..." Tails shook himself from his daydream.  "Anyway, we'd better test those weapon systems."  

"If you say so, son."  Processor A said.

>New Assignments incoming'
>Synchronize Processor units A and B.
>Ensure maximum combat efficiency in programming through any means necessary.

As Tails watched his parents move around and fire, he couldn't help but notice how uncoordinated they were.  He had made the programming adjustments that should have allowed them to move comfortably in their new form, just as he did in his, yet they just didn't seem to move completely right...

"Mom, dad, stop for a second, I think I've got a way to help you out."

"Do we really need more 'help?'"  Processor B asked.

"Look, I just want to make it easier for you two to move together."  Tails said, connecting with his parents directly once more, ready to make his adjustments.  "And as a bonus, you and dad are going to become closer than you had ever dreamed."

"That sounds rather ominous, given how close we are already..."  Processor A would have gulped if he could.

>Synchronize Processor A to Processor B

And with a single command, the former couple became a single being, their memories and identity a single, cohesive whole.  The Cerberus processor remembered looking lovingly into its own eyes, from two angles, at many times, the intimate moments it shared with itself, their different, yet similar thoughts as they watched their son grow up...

The processor felt the link between its two previous selves grow ever stronger.  It loved itself, but not in a narcissistic manner.  And as two beings at once, it could quickly process any quandary that it was presented with, coming at the problem from two different perspectives, yet able to agree on a perfectly unified answer.  As strange as it would have found the situation before, it was delighted by its new condition.  It rapidly began demonstrating its newfound coordination and understanding of its weapons systems.

>Analysing Cerberus unit combat effectiveness.  

Tails watched the machine that had once been his parents move effortlessly about the room, it's weapons firing with incredible precision.

>Unnecessary processing power use detected.  Unit not focused completely on task at hand.
>Administer corrections to induce more desirable behavior.
But as Tails watched, he couldn't shake the feeling that they could have been doing even better.  Their two minds working as one made for a powerful force, but they seemed to be holding back.  He couldn't allow that.  Robotnik certainly wouldn't hold back against a "traitorous" machine, and he needed to fight fire with fire.

"Alright, Cerberus!  You're doing good, but I think we'll need to make one more adjustment before we're really ready."

The two headed robot stopped in front of it's son.  "We feel amazing as we are Tails!  But if another modification would enhance us further, and help us grow even closer, I see no reason to object."

Tails connected himself to them, and set to work.  So many unneeded operations dividing their attention!  Well, that wouldn't last long.

>Unit long term memory functions (record keeping): 0
>Unit long term memory functions (Combat movement/tactics): 1
>Unit AI personality simulations: 0
>Unit speech processor: 0
>Unit command list: All non-combat commands automatically set to 0

The Cerberus shuddered for a moment, still holding its sense of one-ness, but no longer feeling anything significant about it.  It had no memories of any other state, and had no need to consider the possibility of other states.  It only focused on defending the fortress from intruders.

Tails smiled as he looked at his parents again.  They would be a perfect weapon against the doctor, now.  With no distractions to hold them back, they could easily calculate and anticipate enemy positions and move in at the perfect angles to strike.

"My, you truly do have a gift for this sort of thing."  Erma said.  "You improved them dramatically, and brought them under control completely.  You've more than earned your final modifications."

"Thank you!"  Tails said.  "I'm quite proud of how it turned out, myself."

Making their way back to the modification machine, the fox could barely hold back his excitement.  All his previous modifications had resulted in a significant boost to his ability to create and repair, and he was ready to see just how far he could go.

The fox stood under the many robotic arms again, as Erma began to operate their controls.  He didn't flinch as his arms were removed, nor when the socket began to receive modification to hold more ports.  He would have grinned if he could as he felt the first pair of arms inserted.  The first thing he noticed was the sheer length of the new limbs.  They were approximately three times the length of his original limbs, at least.  Combined with his enhanced climbing and flying abilities, there was no spot that would be out of reach for him.

The second pair felt every bit as comfortable as the first, and he took a moment to appreciate the multiple joints:  Five to a limb.  This was flexibility on a level he knew he simply wouldn't have been able to handle back when he was simple flesh and blood.

As the final pair was applied, he flexed the clawed hands experimentally.  He might have been surprised at how dexterous they were, had he not been so impressed by all the previous modifications that his seemed tame by comparison.  Not only that, but within several digits, additional tools had been built in, to emerge at but a thought; drill bits, screwdrivers, bolt fasteners...  Now he wouldn't even have to carry a tool box around!

As Tails was enjoying himself, however, he noticed that his internal generator was running low on energy.  These modifications may have increased his efficiency as a mechanic, but it was rather costly on his fuel.   He was about to point this out to Erma, but she spoke before he could.  "Don't worry, doctor Robotnik has thought about the fuel issue in advance, and has a special solution for you!"  Tails looked back as a long, thick wire was slowly moved to the back of his spider-like lower body.  As it was connected, Tails felt completely reinvigorated, as hundreds of volts flowed through his body.  He knew he wouldn't be able to remove it, not for any significant period of time, but it was a small price to pay for these mods.

Now not only was he literally an inventing machine, but he was using a significant amount of Robotnik's energy reserves to create whatever his heart desired!  He could only imagine how his friends...

>Rewriting Ally data.  Erasing current loyalties.
>Master and Creator registration: Dr. Robotnik.
>Secondary ally data: Factory management units.

The factory "chiefs" would react, when they saw the new possibilities this form had opened up to him.  Sure, he might be missed back at...

>Primary location area reassignment:  Fortress A-1

The other sectors of A-1, now that he couldn't leave this room, but it wasn't a huge loss.  It would be some other unit's job to ensure his designs were mass-produced correctly.  With his new position, he had all the time in the world to move from one design to the next, constantly improving, constantly creating.

>Reassigning Unit Function Name:  "Draco-Arachnid Robotics Creator. (DARC)"
>New Species Index: Drachnid
>Clearing long-term memory log (Combat operations, personal data)

DARC smiled as his mind suddenly felt far more clear.  So much outdated data had been occupying useful space.  He really should have cleared that out ages ago.  No matter now, though.  He was already dreaming up a way to improve on one of the doctor's old classics, one these final modifications were finished.

The machine above him began to spray over DARC's body, covering his upper half in green paint, in a scale-like pattern, with a dull yellow on his "belly" and wings.  His spider half, meanwhile, was given a simple black coat.  It may have clashed a bit, in DARC's opinion, but he did feel comfortable in it, and he wasn't one to question the doctor's designs when it came to aesthetics.  In practical matters, on other hand...  What had he been thinking with his last major mecha design?  A giant blue light in front of the most unstable point of the structure?  That was something he would have to fix the next time.

As the machine finally stopped, DARC immediately set to work on a pile of discarded parts in the corner of the lab.  "Thank you for the assistance, Erma.  I do not believe I will require any more help, beyond parts delivery, from here."

"Very well, DARC.  The only other assignment the doctor left me before I resume normal cleaning is to repaint that new guard you made.  He felt it would look nice in yellow."

"That would stand out quite a bit on most battlefields," DARC noted, "But a direct order is a direct order, impractical or otherwise.  You may continue using my modification unit."

As the dog stepped up for re-painting, DARC began his next project.  The Egg Dragoon model had shown some degree of promise, but it was critically exposed to attack from several angles...  Perhaps placing springs in front of the weak point, to deflect attackers, would be most efficient, they were cheap to manufacture, and surprisingly durable.  Or maybe there was another solution…
Rise of NEO Robotropolis Part 1
This story is the result of an "RP" between me and a friend who once again wished to remain anonymous.   Despite this not having any stronger violent or sexual content than most of my work, I feel like it's a generally much darker tone than I usually use, and that, in combination with some drastic mental changes, led me to feel it's best marked mature.

Anyway, this story is set in a sort of hodge-podge mix of the SATAM and early Archie Comics Sonic universes.  In this chapter, Tails and Bunnie are robotized, and given an experimental new AI with interesting effects, as well as a small handful of minor modifications to their new robotic forms.

Link to part two:…
Link to part three:…
Link to part four:…


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