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November 2, 2009
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Note:  This is a Pokemon fanfiction, which assumes the reader has some familiarity with the monsters found in the games and cartoon.  It also depicts a human turning into "Furry" versions of these monsters.  If you find any of these things annoying or disagreeable, click the "Back" button now.

Jenny tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for her friends to show up.  The sixteen year-old girl had bought tickets for all of them to go to an anime convention.  While she had arrived twenty minutes before the opening, here she was, thirty minutes after the doors opened, and there was still no sign of them.

  She had been sitting at the edge of a forest just across the street from the hotel where the convention was being held.  Sighing, she pulled her DS out of her pocket, and slipped a Pokemon Diamond card inside.  If her friends didn't arrive by the time the Treecko she had hatched yesterday evolved, she'd start without them.  

As her Treecko took out a few Bidoof, she thought about how she admired the kind of steadfast and calm, unflinching attitude Treecko and its evolutions were said to have.

As her Pokemon approached level sixteen, Jenny heard something rustling in shrubs behind her.  Jenny was not the easily surprised type, but when a foot-tall, white-furred squirrel jumped in front of her, she couldn't help but take a quick step back.  

The squirrel looked up at her for a little while.  "If I didn't know better," Jenny thought, "I'd say it was staring at my breasts."  Putting that strange thought aside, she bent down to look at it more closely, when it suddenly leapt up on her shoulder.  In a brief moment, Jenny saw the "squirrel" had blue and white markings in its fur, making it look a look a lot like the Pokemon, Pachirisu.

A painful electric jolt confirmed her theory.

Jenny let out a yelp from the shock, and threw her DS into the air.  The Pachirisu caught it and closed it with its tail, before dashing into the woods again with it.  Jenny took a few seconds to catch her breath, before glaring in the direction the squirrel Pokemon ran off.  "You did not just run off with a whole summer's worth of mowed lawns!"  She growled, before leaping into the forest after it.  She would worry about why this Pachirisu was real later.

The squirrel Pokemon was quite surprised to see Jenny following him, and dashed through an overgrown path, Jenny's DS still in it's tail.  Not about to give up chasing something she had paid one hundred and eighty dollars for, Jenny awkwardly ran though the tangled mess of branches and briars.  The pain from the spark was fading, but her skin was starting to feel very odd.  And though she was too focused on her pursuit to notice, the barbs on the briars weren't piercing her skin.

Tired of crawling through the foliage, Jenny wished she could cut the branches aside.  As if on command, three leaf-like blades grew on the sides of both her now green and scaly arms.  While she was certainly surprised when she saw this, she didn't stop her chase to try and figure out why it was happening.  She sliced her way through the path, not stopping for a second.

The Pachirisu was surprised at the girl's persistence, and just couldn't keep running much longer.  It quickly climbed a very large tree at the end of the path, taking rest on a thick branch. Then it started to change, taking on a more human-like form.  "I should be safe up here.  Plus I'll get a nice view if she happens to change into something too big for her clothes."  He thought, with a perverted grin on his face.

Jenny hissed in disgust as the Pachirisu climbed the tree.  After seeing it become more anthropomorphic, she figured it was probably responsible for her changes too.  She decided to climb up the tree and get some answers (and her stolen DS) from the squirrel.  

As she stared her climb, her hands and feet, already feeling odd from being covered in scales, started grow thousands of tiny spikes on their palms and soles, making the climb that much easier.  When her fingers and toes grew claws, she kicked off her shoes, which were already starting to get uncomfortable.

By the time she had reached the branch the Pachirisu boy was sitting on, she had a long, leaf tail sticking out of her left pant leg, her hair was joined into a long, dark-green leaf and her nose and mouth had become a short snout.  

"Hello there, Miss Grovyle." The Pachirisu said, trying to hide his fear.  She was still clinging to the trunk, and the branch he was sitting on was pretty sturdy, but he didn't want to fight her on it.

  "I see your change is over."  He looked at her now flat chest.  "Gotta say, I'm a little disappointed."  He mumbled.

"So you did this to me!"  Jenny hissed.  "Why?  How?  What's a Pokemon even doing in the real world?"

"Well, you see, there used to be a lot of Pokemon all over the world, but they all died out after a while.  Now we're trying to revive Pokemon by turning humans into them."  The Pachirisu said, feeling a little less worried, since Jenny seemed to believe him.  "By the way, my name is Kaz."

"I'm Jenny."  Perhaps it was the Grovyle's naturally calm demeanor, but Jenny just didn't feel all that worried about her sudden change in species. "Could you please give my DS back now?"  She held out her left claw while clinging to the trunk with her feet and right claw.  Kaz handed her the system, and she slipped it in her pocket.  "Thank you."  Jenny said.  "By the way, can I ask why you were disappointed with my change?"

Not really thinking about what he was saying, Kaz blurted out.  "Well, you see, whenever a girl gets turned into a Pokemorph, for some reason their breasts usually become nice and big.  But yours seemed to shrink.  I guess it's because you're a reptile.  But still, you're pretty hot."

"Oh…" Jenny mumbled, "Could you come a little closer?"

Kaz did so, and Jenny quickly gave him two slashes with her leaf-blades.  "Ow!"  Kaz cried.  "What was that for?"

"Those were for stealing my DS and changing me into a Pokemon without my consent.  And this…" She sliced off the branch he was sitting on, causing him to hit the ground with a dull moan.  "Is for doing both just so you could ogle me."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * *

A short while later, outside the hotel, Jenny's friends found an envelope with the convention tickets, and a note from telling them something had come up, and that she wouldn't be able to see them for a while.  "Boy," one them said, "that kind of makes me wish we were here on time."
A quick entry for my friend :iconapollo94:'s "Super-Collab" based on his Pokemon fic Life as a Lugia.

If you want to read Life as a Lugia click here. [link]
If you want details on how to join the collaboration go here. [link]
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Great story ds guy. It was pretty long tho
Actually, I find it disappointingly short.
Yes. I would have liked to go futher with it, but I just couldn't come up with a good idea.
Well I came up with many great ideas. Have you read any of my stories on Deviant art?
Not yet. I'll do that now.
Okay then. Did you had a good birthday?
Mostly. The only really bad thing that happened was I found one of the buttons on my DS was broken when I tried to play one of my presents.
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awesome story!!! i wish there was like part 2 or somthing :\
Thank you. What did you like about it?
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